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Ordinary fathers will get a chance to take on extraordinary events in an attempt to win cash, prizes, and their kids' affection.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Dan Cortese
Announcer: Austin Keyes
Creator: Jon Hotchkiss
EP: Mark Burnett, Howard T. Owens, Mark Koops, Jon Hotchkiss, Mike Nichols
Packagers: Mark Burnett Productions, Hotchkiss Industries, Reveille
Origin: CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA
Airs: 8p ET Mondays on NBC

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February 18

It's been said that any man can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad. Surely no one is going to begrudge the men you're about to see of that title, but what will they put themselves through for their kids? Find out in our forum, Dad Stadium. This is the premiere of... "My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad!"

Dan Cortese welcomes you to Dad Stadium as we prepare four teams of kids and their fathers to take on physical and mental tasks the likes of which they've never seen before.

Team RUTHERFORD: Dean Sr. is a service manager at a car dealership. Dean Jr. says they have great teamwork.

Team KIRBY: Daniel is an architect. Sarah is ready to beat the competition.

Team KANG: Su Bang is an engineer. Evelyn is in the third grade.

Team FIER: Jim's a tax consultant. Mark's a third-grader.

With your kids' pride and $50,000 on the line, the father of all game shows is about to begin.

The Test of Strength: Happy Hour

One objective: total destruction of your desk. Winner will be determined by weigh. The loser of this round will be penalized in the next round.

Two minutes on the clock, and GO!

(Fastfoward two minutes). Here are the results...

Rutherford: 13 lbs
Kirby: 15 lbs
Kang: 8 lbs
Fier: 10 lbs

Which means that Team Kang will be penalized going into the next game.

The Test of Speed: Human Dartboard

This dartboard is 40 feet high and half a block wide. The kids are going to be tossed by their fathers (while harnessed) on this dartboard. They'll have two minutes to score as high as they can. The team with the lowest score will be eliminated and head out of the Dad Stadium garage.

Rutherfords score 110.
Fiers score 185. They're safe.
Kirbys get 105. Rutherfords are safe.

Now to the Kangs, who go into this event with an added penalty. That will be a 15 second penalty, giving them 1:45 to score 105.

Kangs score... 110! Team Kirby is eliminated, but, as they say in the business, "no one goes home empty handed". Team Kirby is heading out the garage with an Xbox 360.

The Test of Smarts

All you have to do is answer three questions correctly. First two that do that will move on. Here's the twist. The KIDS are on the buzzers.

If you're watching a Monster Jam between Grave Digger, High Roller, and Jurassic Attack, what are you watching?
a) a Rob Zombie concert
b) the Guitar Hero World Series
c) A monster truck show
d) Pro wrestling's Main Event

Evelyn fires, and Su Bang goes with C. That's right for 1.

In the movie "Over the Hedge", which nutty star provided the voice for Hammy the Squirrel?
a) Will Ferrell
b) Colin Farrell
c) Steve Carell
d) Carol Burnett

That's Evelyn again. Su Bang goes with A. No. Mark fires, and Jim guesses C... Right for 1.

What does the "J" in Harry Potter scribe JK Rowling stand for?
a) James
b) Joanne
c) Joshua
d) Jennifer

Junior fires as Dean locks in C... Wrong. Evelyn picks up the board, and Su Bang goes with B. Right for 2!

Which of these sports has a striker, a midfielder and a goalkeeper?
a) kickball
b) soccer
c) quidditch
d) hockey

Evelyn goes for the win. Su Bang locks in B... YES! Team Kang is moving on to the finals.

In the movie "Herbie Fully Loaded", what kind of car is Herbie?
a) Mini Cooper
b) Dodge
c) Toyota
d) Volkswagen

Junior hits it. Dean goes with D... and they're on the board!

Sea monkeys are what organism?
a) tiny tadpoles
b) really tiny chimpanzees
c) brine shrimp
d) amoebas

Mark hits it. Jim guesses C... Right on. That's 2.

If your mom is going to get some Acrylics, your dad knows she's going to get what?
a) Hair extensions
b) Manicure
c) Facial
d) Massage

Mark is going for the win here. Jim guesses B... and he's right! Unfortunately for the Rutherfords, it's time to hit the garage, but waiting on the other side, an Xbox 360.

Now it's Team Kang vs. Team Fier in...

The Test of Bravery: Paperboy Shootout

On one end of Dad Stadium... windows with point values. On the other, a high-velocity air cannon specially designed for breaking said windows. One dad will shoot, the other will defend the house with a pan and a tennis racquet. Each will have two minutes to score as many points as they can. The team with the most points will move on for a shot at $50,000 and the right to tell the world... "My dad is better than your dad!"

First to shoot is Team Fier, who scores 3000.

Team Kang needs to beat that score in order to win the game. They get... 2600. They're just short. Team Fier is tonight's champion of "My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad"

Now Jim will have to prove that he knows his son the best. If he can do that five times, he wins $50,000. Even if he doesn't, though, for winning the game, he's getting Mark a Cannondale bike and an Xbox 360.

The Final Round

We asked Mark some questions. For each matching answer, the team gets $10,000. Five answer correct... $50,000.

1) According to Mark, what is his favorite saying?
a) Bon appetit!
b) You're killing me, smalls!
c) LOL!
d) The horror. The horror.

Jim goes with the one from "The Sandlot." "You're killing me, Smalls." That's right for $10,000.

2) According to Mark, where did you go on his favorite family vacation?
a) Disneyland
b) Las Vegas
c) Hollywood
d) Hawaii

Jim goes with A... but it's B. The good news, he can miss one and still move on, but if he misses two, it's game over. The even better news, whatever he wins in this round is his to keep no matter what.

3) What is Mark's favorite number?
a) 1
b) 7
c) 25
d) 50,000

Jim says Mark is always going for #1. He goes for #1... and it's worth $20,000!

4) According to Mark, which of mom's dishes does he like the best?
a) Spaghetti
b) Hamburgers
c) Plain omelette
d) Fresh-baked bread

Jim is torn between A and C... He goes with A... but it was C. But Team Fier is still going home with $20,000, the bike, and the Xbox.

Come back next week when four more kids are given the chance to say "My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad". See you then!