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Any dancer of any age, any size, and any background can go into the Dance Dome... and come out a winner.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Andrew Gunsberg
Judges Paula Abdul
Travis Payne
Kimberly Wyatt
Creator Shine Group (based upon "Got To Dance")
EP Anthony Dominici
Elisabeth Murdoch
Howard T. Owens
James Sunderland
Paula Abdul
Robin Ashbrook
Packager Princess Productions
Origins Los Angeles
Web cbs.com/livetodance
Airs 8p ET Wed, CBS

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Auditions 1
January 4

Live to Dance. Paula Abdul is somewhat involved. That's all I know. Thanks, CBS pub. But thanks to actually watching the show (and our crack team of researchers - AKA Gordon), we find out the following...

- It's hosted by former "Australian Idol" host Andrew Gunsberg
- It's based on the original British format "Got to Dance" hosted by "Million Pound Drop" host Davina McCall. Girl gets around.
- The winner gets $500,000.

Now... this is an igloo-shaped dome. In the context of the gameplay, it is called, simply... the Dance Dome. Hidden inside, primal beasts that pound on human flesh. I speak, of course, of the judges. Joining Paula on the panel, acclaimed choreographer and producer Travis Payne, and singer/former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt. She was a judge on the original "Got To Dance".

NOW, once a dance act has performed, they will be judged with no conferring. A seal of approval is a gold star. You want to see TWO of them, because that means you make it to the Short List. TWO red stars and it's game over. In the Short List round, the experts will have to choose 18 to perform in the live shows... but that comes later.

First up...


First up, Jalen (Seattle), who's been dancing for 4 1/2 years... and has not taken one class. Add that to the fact that he's only all of 9. (SWEEP)

One Night in Havana (Las Vegas) are a group of Latin dancers from Cuba who all have different backgrounds, but the same passion. (SHUTOUT). It was not clean AT ALL. They didn't even rehearse as much as they should've. That kicks off a montage of the dumped.

Hap & Bev (Los Angeles) are next, as they say that dancing has kept them together and alive. They soft-shoe to "Moon River"... and James Brown. (SWEEP)

Jill & Jacob (Los Angeles) are ... best friends. But they do have some ... history. Basically they in the "friend zone", but they care a lot about each other. She's classically trained, while he's more a b-boy. The end result... about as complicated as their relationship status. (SWEEP). Kimberly is awed by the story told through the dance.

Du-Shaunt (Las Vegas) thinks that he's going to be the next Ne-Yo. Well, he does go to LVA, where he used to go. That would be Las Vegas Academy. He is a pop'n'locker. (SWEEP). Joining him: Tap Sounds Underground (Los Angeles), Supatrix (Los Angeles), Dance in Flight (Valley Village, CA), and The Vibe (Lindon, UT).

Next, Inside the Box (Los Angeles), which is about as... cartoony as it gets. (SWEEP). Pace Dance (Westminster, CA), Hollywood Hot Shots (Los Angeles), Rob Lee Thornhill (San Rafael, CA), Anakh Punjab Di (North Hollywood, CA)... not so much.

Stone Fleshman (Woodinville, WA) is a flight attendant who learned how to dance from Paula Abdul's videos. He's a bit of a fan. He's also a bit... disturbing (SHUTOUT).

Lilphunk Girlz (Boston) get razzed... Island Dolls (Midvale, UT)... also. Arleen Hurtado (Long Beach, CA)... also. So the women aren't representing. What about Single Ladies Remix (Orange County, CA), a group a kids? (ONE star, Kimberly). Now Paula or Travis CAN change their vote at any time. They... don't.

Also part of the "change" montage... Tara Palsha (Las Vegas, ONE)... Jittin' Genius (Detroit, TWO)... Dorothy Dale Koss (Palm Springs, CA, ONE).

Next up... REAL LIFE Solid Gold Dancers, dancing together for the first time in 25 years. I recognize Darcel Wynne... The other two... not so much. Here's Beyond Gold (Los Angeles). Will we hit the top of the pops with this group? NO. One star. And it's Paula's... Travis CHANGES his vote!

Day 1 ends with... Kendall Glover (Phoenix), an 11-year-old who dances in her room. She has moves of people twice her age, but will she have the stars? (SWEEP)

Now we move the Dance Dome to...


First up, 90-years-young Bonnie Buchner (Fultonville, NY), who started dancing when she was 4. When she was 17, she auditioned for the Rockettes, but then WWII broke out. She hasn't danced actively for 43 years until her husband died. Now she's back on the stage doing what she loves. (ONE, Paula)

RoBros (Bronx, NY), Da'Mone Morris (Erie, PA), and Remix Theater (Medford, NJ) also fail to make the short list.

Next up... game show zombies. No strippers, because they're under age. Together, they're Shore Thing (Cape May, NJ). They tell the story of being stuck in a mausoleum. Will they go back to being dead, or will they revive themselves to the next round? (SWEEP)

Joe Bananas (Queens, NY), Kristina Vensko (Alexandria, VA), Leighanna Kennett (Canastola, NY)... who took a hard fall... are not so lucky.

C-Bunny (Millstone, NJ) has been hearing-impaired since she was born. Growing up was difficult for her, but dance was her outlet. She breaks out some MJ-borrowed moves.... (ONE, Paula). Kimberly didn't see enough of the moves.

Peaches (Long Island, NY) is a soccer mom and apparently a robot. (ONE, Travis) Does not compute.

ICONic Boyz (Englishtown, NY), Lilphunk Boyz (Boston), and Roosevelt Anderson (Brooklyn, NY) all see gold. Will Chi-Town Finest Breakers (Chicago)? They were living out of their father's car, but now this band of brothers (and sister) wants to give back to their community through breakdance. (SWEEP)

Dax & Sarah (Los Angeles) swing... and hit one out of the park! (SWEEP). What about Twitch (Miami)? Anthony's the only guy in the group... and the rest of the group all have a crush on him. What will that translate to on stage? (SWEEP) Gold.

The longer the Shortlist gets, the tougher it is to get on it, as FULL OUTT (New York City), Venom (Brooklyn, NY), and NERDZ (Philadelphia) learn the hard way.

Jazz Unlimited (Marlton, NJ) have a secret weapon... their dance teacher. When she was 12, she was in an accident that required stitches. She got getter, though, and was able to attend a backstage with... guess who. So she's passing the love onto her students. Did we mention that they all look like old-school Miljoenenjacht case girls? That... doesn't help. (SHUTOUT).

And Andrew actually had to remind Paula about who her dance teacher was.

And our day in NYC ends up with Amanda & D'angelo (Miami), kids who have been dancing for five years. They don't want us to know but... they're totally in a relationship and they totally want to get married when they're older. Say... 24? (SWEEP)

And that'll do it for the auditions. Is there any more room on the short list for more dancers? Find out tomorrow.

To see this episode in its entirety, go to cbs.com/livetodance.