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If we had a joke to describe the joke-on-joke battle between comics, it would go in this little box here.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

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Round of 10
July 12

We've spent weeks trying to figure out who our Top Ten Comics are. It's NOT going to be Craig Robinson (who unfortunately is on my TV screen right now screaming at me). However, it will be one of the Top 10 comics. You, the voters, will decide who will stick around and who won't. And me, the recapper, will tell you who I'd be voting for...or against.

The hard part for me is that I've worked with 3 of these comics (none of whom probably remember me, but whatever). It's going to be VERY hard trying to be unbiased. But I will do my best...

We start with Laurie Kilmartin, who talks about forgiving cheating, bad spelling by the exes and returning correspondence with 'Feck off, you miserable batch.' Then we go into treating women with respect by teaching her son to be gay, and finishing off The Little Engine that Could by derailing it and killing a 'batch'. And we have no judges reactions. That's her skit. There you go. It was there.

Felipe Esparza is next up. He wants to be the best. 'Forget about Pedro. Vote for Felipe.' He talks about the cops helping him out of his car with ride-a-longs, getting degrees via scanners, and Mexico needing a rids overseas to help in the Middle East. He ends the set with stretch marks he claims he got from a mountain lion. That was the funniest joke in the set, as I don't find denigrating racial jokes too humorous.

Roy Wood Jr. is hoping that time #3 is a charm (he failed in 2002 and 2007). He talks about how his Izod Alligator is being mistaken for a Florida mascot. He makes fun of swimming with fantasy swimming leagues and put in a gator chasing Michael Phelps. Roy talks about needing failures because America needs people who make hamburgers and lap dancers. The Florida joke was a bust, but the last set were funny (albeit repeats).

Maronzio Vance wanted to be a super hero, but couldn't afford it. He'll be Pay Attention Man! He will come to the rescue when you're not moving on a green light. He also considers himself an ass when he spells diseases over the phone - and screws up the joke while speaking it. Ugh.

Rachel Feinstein talks about her mom going to MC battles, emulating Sandra Bullock on The Blind Side as she recreates a scene with it. She ends the scene with her grandmother discussing booty slapping. I liked the delivery but not the material (again, not a big racial joke fan). I hope there's a lot of Rachel Feinstein fans out there that remember her earlier funnier material.

We start the second half with Tommy Johnagin, who chats about mom with cocaine in her hair and using grandma in poor health as an excuse to come visit, grandpa hitting a hair salon that grandma was in, lobbying on hoe 80 year olds should drive. He also calls the Better Business Bureau on a strip club when the next thing he wants removed is his glasses. Heh....eh.

Johnathan Thymius blows into his microphone about his wife, his maid, his 3 kids (and 3 kids with his wife). He's been on a diet for 2 months and lost...2 months. He got spun around for a helicopter ride. He then burps and wants the audience to give him juggling balls, or Plan B. The sad thing is that despite what it sounds like, he's the best comedian so far.

James Adomian talks about Aesop and writing about his failures. 'The negative critic sitting under the tree misses the big picture'. He talks about Ben Franklin and George Washington getting razzed by John Adams, It's an ok set, but I don't know how the audience skews, and I don't know if they get into Aesop, Presidents, or anything older than Britney Spears.

Mike DeStefano talks about the wrong people having self-esteem. My friend says 'I've got women banging the door down...from the inside?' He also talks about perceptions. Black Guys = Music. White Guys = Insurance. A guy worries if he's gay when he's sleeping for Crack-Cocaine and Mike says he has the wrong issues. We FINALLY get a good set.

The last comic of the evening is Myq Kaplan. He talks about being a tough guy, about how vegans are annoying, but he'll fight anyone in 70 years when he's living and you're not. You can make $60 an hour being a street musician or 60 minutes robbing one. And he talks about not pointing at people when they point back. He's done better sets, but this one wasn't too bad - especially compared to the rest of the comics tonight.

So my thoughts? Being that comedy is relative and subjective, I have no idea how people will vote, but I know that I wasn't impressed. So here's my thoughts, but take them with a HUGE grain of salt...


Mike DeStefano
Johnathan Thymius
Myq Kaplan
Roy Wood Jr.
Laurie Kilmartin
Tommy Johnagin
Rachel Feinstein
James Adomian
Felipe Esparza
Maronzio Vance

HOWEVER: You have to remember a few things here. #1. You've seen these comics in other sets earlier on this season and #2. They have fan bases from Comedy Central, etc. So I think that the 3 people who need to be concerned are Vance, Adomian and Kilmartin, who could be in trouble because she went first. We'll see what happens in 7 days.

To see this episode in its entirety, go to nbc.com/lcs. .