Tournament of Champions 2006
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Today is

Semifinals: Falk/Richards/Wenglinsky - May 17

Fifteen of the best Jeopardy! players this year have been whittled to nine, as the quest for a title and $250,000 continues.

Another standard two-week affair awaits with an increased minimum guarantee of $100,000 for second place and $50,000 for third.

Semifinalists are guaranteed at least $10,000, while quarterfinalists are guaranteed $5000 for participation. As always, any and all winning accrued depends on how far up the ladder a player goes.

Who joins Vik Vaz and Bill MacDonald in the final on Thursday? Find out... right now.
Three days, $59,403
Old Town, ME
Pharmacy tech
Four days, $99,200
Brooklyn, NY
Five days, $122,360

Jeopardy! categories: 21st Century History, Horse Racing, Art & Artists, Americana, Inside the Brain, Techword Mash-Up

Daily Double: $1000 Horse Racing. Jason ($3800 to Michael's $5600 and Maria's $3200) bets $600. The clue: in 1711 Queen Anne saw the potential for this racecourse; its royal enclosure still has a formal dress code. David's response: "What is Ascot?" Correct for $4400.

End of round:
Michael: $6800
Jason: $5200
Maria: $3800

Double Jeopardy! categories: Sir Walter Scott's Personality Parade, Memorable Movies, Dead Guys with 3 Names, By the Numbers, The Early Earth, Ends in "TH".

Daily Double #1: $1600 Dead Guys with 3 Names. Maria ($5800 to Michael's $6800 and Jason's $5600) bets $2000. The clue: he lost to McKinley twice & Taft once, and for helping Wilson get elected was made Secretary of State. Maria's response: "Who was William Jennings Bryan?" Correct for $7800.

Daily Double #2: $1200 Sir Walter Scott's Personality Parade. Michael ($7600 over Maria's $6200 and Jason's $5600) goes for $1000. The clue: it was no "Modest Proposal" when Sir Walter Scott edited a 19-volume edition of this "Tale of a Tub" satirist. Bill's response after a lengthy pause: "Who is Bruno Hauptmann?" Correct for $15,800

End of round:
Michael: $13,800
Jason: $10,000
Maria: $11,000

Jason can wager up to $4400 and still win if the other two are wrong. Maria can wager everything and still win if Michael gets it wrong. Michael needs only to bid $8201 (thanks,!).

Final Jeopardy! category: British Monarchs. The clue: the last British monarch who was not the child of a monarch. Correct response: Who was Victoria?

Jason's response: Who is George I? WRONG. Wager: $4000. Total: $6000.
Maria’s response: Who was Victoria? RIGHT. Wager: $11,000. Total: $22,000.
Michael's response: Who was Victoria? RIGHT. Wager: $8201. Total: $22,001.

Three expert Jeopardy! players, no doubt, but just when you think you have the game all figured out to the end... Upset! Just goes to show you what Chris Berman says... "That's why we play the game." Michael only let up once and not enough to pose any dangerous harm, which means we should be in for one heck of a match.

And then there were three...

Tomorrow, three men, two days, one quarter mill. Game on...


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