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July 18
July 19

If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs Scott Liebfried
Andrea "Andi" van Willigan
Maitre d' James Lukanik
Announcer Jason Thompson
Creator Gordon Ramsay
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Gordon Ramsay
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions
ITV Studios
Origins Century Studios, Los Angeles
Web fox.com/hellskitchen
Airs 8p Mon & Tues, Fox

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15 Chefs Compete
July 25

Let's do a quick review. In TWO services... the men have yet to serve ONE entree. The ladies, on the other hand, won the last TWO services easily. Ramsay asked the men to accept one of the women. The men refused. Unfortunately, it's not their call... and nor is it the ladies' call, wanting to remain one unit.

... and Carrie volunteers.

The next morning, the chefs are awakened by... oh, just a bunch of clowns.

The next challenge will involve a lot of sandwiches. But before we do that, Carrie's choice to join the blues... is rebuffed. Again, you're fighting for a reputation. Ramsay's GOT one. He sends Natalie over. Natalie's secret to success... Organization.

CHALLENGE #3: Mommy & Me Lunch (teamwork)

Pasta & quesadillas for 50 kids, naan paninis for the moms. First team to feed their diners wins the challenge.

Natalie emerges as the leader of the blues. And so far, Jonathon approves. Teams are virtually deadlocked heading into the mom's side of the equation. The reds have started to fall back, while the blues have surged.

Both teams are racing to the finish. It's a close one... but the BLUES finish! Thank G-d for you, Natalie.

Meanwhile, Carrie & Elise are fighting. Again.

To the matter of rewards and punishments. The Blues will find their reward in time. The Reds... have to listen to Elise all day. That's punishment enough. Oh you want more? Okay. Since I'm a nice guy... the dining room needs to be cleaned while cleaning Carrie's clocks.

Meanwhile, the Blues are off to lunch and a tournament at Medieval Times. But it's Carrie and Jamie doing most of the dueling

Back at HK, we're assembling a playground for tomorrow night's service. The Blues return and ask for a flog and a mead. I don't even know what that is.

New day... new service. It's family night, and the blues are acting like a family for once, while the reds are acting like a dysfunctional, splintered family. To assist James in the dining room are Chino and Gina.

James... Chino... Gina.... OPEN HELL'S KITCHEN!

DINNER SERVICE #3: Family Night

In addition to the regular menu, HK will offer a welcoming margherita pizza and a kids' menu. Meanwhile, Gina aces her first order, while Chino... doesn't.  He finally gets the ticket in and we get the kitchen going. And Amanda starts to smoke sauce. Woops. Tommy's chicken fingers are burned.

Onto entrees for the reds, and Carrie & Jennifer are on the meats, something Jennifer's not really looking forward to. They deliver a burger that no one orders... and a Wellington that no one orders. Now's the Blues' chance to get ahead. Will leads the chefs of the blues into serving their first entrees... of the season. It only took them three shows. Meanwhile, the sea bass on the red side is swimming away from them. As is the cod that Amanda forgets about. Natalie's stuck on a group of Wellies that she didn't cook all the way. Next batch... BETTER. Blues are driving the kitchen. Reds are driving... each other crazy with raw lamb.

And that's going to do it for Ramsay. Gina takes the Reds around to their tables to apologize for their crap performance. The first useful thing they did tonight. And also the LAST. An opportune time to get rid of Carrie.

As for the Blue side... They finish their service and start serving the red customers. FOR ONCE. Difference was night and day.


Elise says that they were unfocused, and Carrie was the takedown from that. BUT no one stepped up to the plate, calling Elise and Carrie drama queens. Elise counters that Krupa just stood there, confirming why no one entree left the Red Kitchen tonight.

Up on the block per Ramsay's nominate... Jennifer... Carrie... AND Amanda.

Carrie says that cooking is in her heart. Amanda is not in denial that she had a crap performance. Oh yeah, a couple of bass, cod, and no fight back... Jennifer says that she should have taken control.

AMANDA is ejected from Hell's Kitchen with a message to the rest of the team... NEVER. GIVE. UP.

"Amanda lost the will to cook on the line tonight. I lost the will to keep her here."

To see this episode in its entirety, go to fox.com/hellskitchen.