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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs Scott Liebfried
Andrea "Andi" van Willigan
Maitre d' James Lukanik
Announcer Jason Thompson
Creator Gordon Ramsay
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Gordon Ramsay
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Origins Century Studios, Los Angeles
Web fox.com/hellskitchen
Airs 8p Mon & Tues, Fox

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18 Chefs Compete
June 4

Nine seasons... over 100,000 auditions... over 10,000 customers... 132 contestants... Nine champions. Those numbers... mean ZERO, because year 10 is about to begin.

Your chefs, along with their team designations are...

RED TEAM (Women)
- Robyn Almodovar (31, Executive Sous Chef, Hollywood, FL)
- Dana Cohen (27, Chef Instructor, River Vale, NJ)
- Roshni Gurnani (27, Executive Chef, Boston)
- Tiffany Johnson (30, Sous Chef, Warren, VT)
- Barbie Marshall (34, Catering Chef, Philadelphia)
- Briana Swanson (32, Personal Chef, New York City)
- Danielle Rimmer (27, Saucier, Bayonne, NJ)
- Christina Wilson (32 Chef de Cuisine, Philadelphia)
- Kimmie Willis (27, Personal Chef, Memphis, TN)

- Justin Antiorio (45, Sous Chef, Lyndhurst, NJ)
- Patrick Cassata (40 Executive Chef, Siskiyou County, CA)
- Chris Carrero (33, Executive Chef, Queens, NY)
- Clemenza Caserta (41, Executive Chef, Staten Island, NY)
- Tavon Hubbard (22, Executive Chef, Washington, DC)
- Brian Merel (31, Personal Chef, Orlando)
- Don Savage (44, Cafeteria Chef, Houston)
- Guy Vaknin (28, Executive Catering Chef, New York City)
- Royce Wagner (29, Sous Chef, Fort Lauderdale, FL) - His executive chef... Ralph Pagano, season 1 runnerup.

And this time, Gordon Ramsay is putting it out there for the contestants, because he's not just looking for any head chef. He's looking for HIS head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Las Vegas. With it comes a yearly salary of... $250,000.

We kick things off with our sous-chefs Scott and Andi, each of which... have shaved their heads as a sign of commitment. And two chefs stand out as the first to do so. And as Scott is getting ready for the third... IN COMES RAMSAY WITH...

SKILL DRILL #1: Signature Dish

Before we go any further, the two people who had their heads shaved? Friends of Scott. Decoys. Plants, even. And Andi's baldness? A bald cap.

- Robyn (Seared Striped Bass) vs. Don (Southwestern Saltimbocca). WINNER: Robyn (Reds up, 1-0)

Clemenza coughs. Repeatedly.

- Tiffany (Lamb Schnitzel) vs. Guy (Pan-Seared Striped Bass with Chocolate Miso). WINNER... Nobody.

Again, more coughing. And he's starting to sweat a bit pale-like.

- Roshni (Coriander Rack of Lamb) vs. Royce (Pan-Seared Grouper). WINNER: ... BOTH! (Reds up, 2-1)

We're tied at 3 with...

- Dana (Pan-Seared Scallops) vs. Tavon (Ribs, Scallops & Crab). WINNER: Dana (Reds up, 4-3).
- Christina (Molasses Pork Chop) vs. Clemenza (Stuffed Veal Chop) The truffle oil will kill you every time. WINNER: Christina (Reds win, 5-3)

The women are going to enjoy themselves a picnic lunch with two distinguished alumni of HK, Chefs Rock Harper (season 3 champion) and Dave "The One-Armed Bandit" Levey (season 6 champion). The men... are doomed to scrub.

That night, it's time to study up on the menu, while the women share a bit of advice. A perfectly cooked scallop feels like the tip of... something.

Everyone gets a jacket and a set of JA Henckel knives. The knives you can keep. The jacket you have to earn the right to keep.

Tonight is the 125th dinner service at HK.


DINNER SERVICE #1: Opening Night

Briana can't name an entree. That's okay, because she won't be serving any of them. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

First order is in the window... and Roshni misses a couple of scallops, but then screws them up entirely. In the blues, Royce is looking for anchovies for his salad. Roshni's next plate of scallops... sends her to the benches. Barbie takes over. Apps are finally getting out to the diners. Meanwhile, Royce has finally found his anchovies. Meanwhile Tavon's pigeon is still raw.

Football player in the crowd tonight.

Blues are working on the next table... And Justin is working with scallops that are completely butchered, thanks to Tavon. Seventy-five minutes into service, and no apps have left the blue kitchen, and it's his fault. So he too goes upstairs.

Women have pushed out appetizers at a steady clip, but what about the entrees? Raw beef Wellingtons. Reroll them and then take another 15 ... minutes... to cook them. Meanwhile the blues have STILL not pushed out apps. Royce says he has spaghetti. Clemenza says no. Ramsay says get out, Royce. Two hours, and the women are stalled on entrees. Men are still stalled on apps. And Don... he's just lost.

And so is the rest of his team. Ramsay's had enough, sending the entire team upstairs.

Can the women use this time to complete their first service? ... No. They're gone as well. First dinner service is an abject failure.

But we do have a winning team. Because they at least served appetizers, the RED TEAM wins this service. The Blues must serve up two chefs for elimination.

The two weakest links in the blue kitchen: Tavon and Royce, because both of them were sent upstairs. Royce makes a case for Guy because he missed the anchovies. As for Don... well, Clemenza thought he was lost.


The Blues nominate Tavon (hot apps couldn't recover) and Don (didn't cook). Ramsay overrules Don and sends up Royce.

Tavon takes responsibility for the team's mess-up. Royce says that he tried and that he was sabotaged by Guy.

Leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight....



"Tavon may have been an executive chef at 22, but he did little to impress me in his short stay in Hell's Kitchen."

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