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December 12 (1)

The game show where your wildest fears become reality is back... bigger, badder, grosser, and more intense than ever!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Joe Rogan
Creator John de Mol
EP Matt Kunitz
David Hurwitz
Packager pulse:creative for Endemol USA
Origins Los Angeles
Web nbc.com/fearfactor
Airs 8p ET Mon, NBC

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Broken Hearts & Blood Baths
December 12

(Gordongram: The stunts you're about to read about have been designed, tested, and supervised by extreme stunt professionals. They are EXTREMELY dangerous and should not be imitated by anyone, anywhere, at any time.)

It began 10 years ago. Wow. That long. Well now it's back and promises to be bigger, badder, more intense and of course, grosser, which is how we like it. This is Gordon Pepper, and it's time to come back to the basics. Welcome to Fear Factor.

Now who'll take home the second check? Time for #2

Ron and Julie (exes) - Think Dog the Bounty Hunter's younger brother and a younger Tori Wilson.

Joe and CC (divorced) - They are divorced best friends who have a son together. CC is clearly the dominatrix, while Joe needs to get some ab work done.

Ryan and Jillian (exes) - They think they have the edge because they both look fabulous. Ryan looks like a failed auditioner from Twilight and Jillian looks like a concubine.

Shawn and Jennifer (exes) - Shawn looks like a spray on Ken doll who leads a 'Showstopper Lifestyle'. Jennifer is just there for the ride.

STUNT #1: Teams must drive into a pool. When the car goes to the bottom, they have to free themselves with wingnuts and release flags from the pool. The slowest team to do such gets deep sixed from the show.

Ryan and Jillian start first. They do post a nice 1:10, but Jillian drops the flag before the time. Will that cost them? Joe and CC hope not, as they go next. CC also drops a flag and Joe has to help her clip it on. That's going to cost them, because they come in at 1:20, which puts them in last.

Shawn and Jennifer are next. Only one problem here: Jennifer, apparently, isn't that good of a swimmer. Uh oh. The rescuers have to go get Jennifer, so that eliminates them automatically. Shawn tells Joe that Jennifer did an awesome job and that he respects her. AwwwwBarf.

All Ron and Julie have to do is finish the stunt and they're good. They can take all night if they have to - they just have to finish. They grab the flags and easily complete the task in one minute even. That looked pretty easy. Maybe this will be more difficult...

STUNT #2: Teams will be dunking into gallons of cows blood to retrieve cow hearts, who will spit it into a box. Teams have 3 minutes to do it, and the team with the least number of hearts will be eliminated.

Joe and CC start it off. Not only are they going slow, but Joe missed spitting a heart into the box. They do get 8, but they miss a few and I think this may end badly for them. Ron and Julie also miss the target, but they are going quicker than Joe and CC and get 10 hearts.

It's down to Ryan and Jillian, who is complaining that she has a chipped tooth. This isn't going to help with the gums. What really doesn't help is that they miss 3 hearts, but they move super fast. They get the 9th heart with seconds to spare. Joe and CC are knocked out, and CC is still complaining about the heart they missed. Joe Rogan wonders if there's a chance any of them will get back together. Julie says sure, while Ron says yes...until they get to the car. Heh.

STUNT #3: It's a Fear Factor obstacle course. They have to go from a bus to a helicopter to a speed boat, where they have to grab keys. Then the teams drive to the cargo net, climb it and use the keys to open up backpacks with flares. The team that shoots the flares the quickest wins.

Team Twilight goes first. They go very quick - maybe too quick, as Jillian hyperventilates and Ryan gets a cramp, which costs him big time as he falls off the cargo net. Jillian has to fire off both flares and that's going to cost them time.

They do complete it, but 5:40 is beatable. Will team Bounty Hunters grab the win? They start out strong and unlike Ryan, they don't fall off the net. As they don't make any mistakes, I expect them to win this...and they will. 4:27 is the time and Ron and Julie find a new bounty: $50,000. Whether there's an argument on the way to cash the check? Well that's for a different show.

So that's episodes #1 and #2 of the new Fear Factor reboot. Join us in 7 days for more dirty fun.

To see this episode in its entirety, visit nbc.com/fearfactor.