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Four teams of two are trapped in a remote chamber filled with mental and physical challenges. Who will be the first team to exit?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Curt Doussett
Creator Takeshi Omata (based upon "Dero!")
EP Craig Plestis
Danny Fenton
Michael Binkow
Scott St. John
Lauren Brady
Packager Smart Dog Media & Zig Zag Productions for Syfy Originals
Origins Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando, FL
Web syfy.com/exit
Airs 10p ET Tues, Syfy

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Are You Ready to Play
June 4

What the show says...

"Inside this bunker is a world where only few survive. Four teams in four rooms competing under extreme conditions. Teams will face terrorizing traps, secret passages, and shocking exits, leaving one final team with a chance to play for $10,000. Can they do it? Who will crack under pressure? Will anyone exit with $10,000? Are you ready to play.... EXIT?"

What the show means...

"Somewhere in Universal Orlando, presumably on the same stage that Family Feud taped the first Steve Harvey season is a world where you will survive, but you'll leave empty-handed if you don't finish the game etc. etc. etc."

The teams are assembled in the rotunda, where they meet Curt Doussett, in his first role as a game show host.

Dez & Collette
24; 42
mother & son
Heather & Chris
26; 27
high school friends
Rebecca & Jamie
26; 27
BFFs; former cheerleaders
Angelo & Elgin
33; 30
dance crew

Game 1: BEAM ROOM.

The teams are given plungers. What for, we don't know. What we do know is that there are beams entering the room... and the floor is disappearing. To exit the room, teams must answer visual puzzles as quickly as possible. The longer it takes, the shorter the beam gets until it literally falls out from under you... and so are you. You will have 20 seconds per turn.

Computer: Four teams will enter... Three will exit.

Rebecca & Jamie: HONEYMOON (-4 inches)
Angelo & Elgin: COPYCAT (-6 inches)
Dez & Collette: ... No guess (-20 inches)
Heather & Chris: ... No guess (-20 inches)
Rebecca & Jamie: ... No guess... (-24 inches)
Angelo & Elgin: DEAR DIARY (-8 inches)
Dez & Collette: FLASH MOB (-23 inches)
Heather & Chris: JAM PACK (-24 inches)
Rebecca & Jamie: AEROSMITH (50 inches)
Angelo & Elgin: ... No guess (45.46 inches)
Dez & Collette: ... no guess (36.11 inches)
Heather & Chris: LUMBERJACK (51.17 inches)
Rebecca & Jamie: BUZZSAW (36.18 inches)
Angelo & Elgin: TITANIC (39.19 inches)
Dez & Collette:  No guess (16.18 inches)
Heather & Chris: CARBON FOOTPRINT (49.90 inches)
Rebecca & Jamie: ... no guess (17.25 inches)
Angelo & Elgin: THE WALKING DEAD (32.84 inches)
Dez & Collette: ... OUT!

The correct answer: FLEETWOOD MAC (a fleet of boats + wood + Bernie Mac).


The teams arrive in identical rooms, each equipped with a Freeze Blaster that will significantly reduce the temperature of a room. In order to exit the room, you will have to match three puzzles on the walls. Once you've done that, you will be given the password to the keypad, which will unlock a set of wire cutters. The first two teams to deactivate the Freeze Blaster by cutting the right cord will exit. The other will be put on ice... for good.

Computer: Three teams will enter... Two will exit.

First puzzle: match the movie monster by the method by which they were defeated: KING KONG, ALIEN, FRANKENSTEIN, WICKED WITCH, THE BLOB

CORRECT: Machine guns, launched in space, fire, melting, freezing.

By the way... if you're wrong... you will be shot with a TASTE of what the Freeze Blaster can do.

Second puzzle: Match the state to its capital: COLUMBIA, SANTA FE, BOISE, HARRISBURG, HARTFORD.

Of course, the correct answer: South Carolina, New Mexico, Idaho, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Third Puzzle: Match the animal to its biological classification: TASMANIAN DEVIL, CHINCHILLA, TITMOUSE, SILVERFISH, ALLIGATOR

Correct: Marsupial, rodent, bird, insect, reptile.

Now who'll be the first to exit and who will make a lovely ice sculpture? The b-boys get the code for the wirecutters FIRST and have exited their room. The high school friends are next, followed by the cheerleaders. You're almost out of time...

... and Rebecca & Jamie... are frozen solid.


The teams are put inside a pit of quicksand. Each team must answer alternating clues about a person, place, or thing. If a question is incorrect or a puzzle is not solved, players will sink further into the sand until they're completely submerged and will suffocate.

Computer: Two teams will enter... ONE will exit.

1) I am red-green colorblind, but I can see blue...
I am a Taylor Swift fan on my Facebook profile.
- MARK ZUCKERBERG (Heather & Chris)

2) I worked at a YMCA in Chicago...
I am part Greek and my middle name is Stamantina...
I am a big Star Wars geek...
I was the first female SNL head writer
- TINA FEY (Heather & Chris)

3) I was discovered in 1930...
An 11-year-old gave me my name after the Roman god of the underworld...
I am always cold and can't be seen with the naked eye.
- "WHAT IS PLUTO?" Wrong show, boys. (Angelo & Elgin)

4) One of my earlier jobs was as a live mosquito sorter in New Jersey...
My real last name is Leibowitz...
I might look talker, but I'm actually 5'7"...
My show launched the careers of Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert.
- JON STEWART (Angelo & Elgin)

5) My father is Scottish & my mother is Swiss....
I have a 3-inch scar on my face...
My wife was murdered on our wedding day...
I was created by British author Ian Fleming...
- JAMES BOND (Angelo & Elgin)

6) I had a small role on "The Sopranos"...
I wore a see-through jumpsuit...
For the film "Gnomeo & Juliet", I sang a duet with Elton John
- LADY GAGA (Heather & Chris)

7) I wrote a bee-keeping handbook...
I used cocaine & morphine, but it was legal then.
- SHERLOCK HOLMES (Heather & Chris)

8) I got my first pair of shoes when I was six...
"Chew" might not know it, but I have a fear of gum...
I was named "Miss Fire Prevention"...
I have been ranked as the richest African American in the 20th century
- OPRAH WINFREY (Heather & Chris)

9) I founded a mime troupe called Feathers...
I produced the hit single "Walk on the Wild Side"...
I'm a thin white dupe married to a tall black supermodel
- DAVID BOWIE (Angelo & Elgin)

10) My first job was a gas station attendant...
I sang at Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban's wedding...
I can bench press over 300 lbs...
I have scars from rehearsing with claws...
I lost the role of James Bond to Daniel Craig... but I did get the role of Wolverine.
- HUGH JACKMAN (Heather & Chris)

11) Our nicknames were "Ullam" & "Bubs"...
Neither of us received a high school diploma or married...
Our claim to fame is featured on the North Carolina quarter...


There are three puzzles - on the fireplace, in the fireplace, and near the TV. Solve them all before the walls come caving in in 10 minutes, and you will exit the room $10,000 richer. Otherwise... you'll be as flat as a pancake.

Puzzle 1: Arrange these horror films in order, from earlier to most recent: BLAIR WITCH, THE SHINING, SCREAM, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, POLTERGEIST

Correct: The Shining, Poltergeist, Silence of the Lambs, Scream, Blair Witch.

Puzzle 2: Out of the pile of logs, figure out which four are younger than Larry King: BIKINI, PENICILLIN, TITANIC SINKING, SMOKEY THE BEAR, BROOKLYN BRIDGE, SUPERMAN, YO-YO, GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS

Correct: Superman, Smokey the Bear, bikini, Guinness Book.

Puzzle 3: More or less. You need to guess five... They have it with 36 seconds remaining...  Now for the three final questions...

1) What actor who played Batman was born with the name Michael Douglas? (Michael Keaton - 1)
2) As of July 2012 what is the most popular search engine in the US? (Google - 2)
3) What was the highest rated sitcom of the 2011-2012 season? (Modern Family - X)
4) What US state comes first alphabetically? (Alabama - 3)

And with FOUR SECONDS REMAINING, Heather & Chris are your first Exit champions with $10,000!

Next time, another four rooms and another four teams. Will one of them exit with $10,000? Find out next week.... "Goodbye."

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.syfy.com/exit