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December 17

December 18

Five celebrities have taken on the challenge of piecing together four 20-voice choirs for a charity sing-off.

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Host: Maria Menounos
Choirmasters: Michael Bolton, Patti LaBelle, Nick Lachey, Kelly Rowland, Blake Shelton
Creators: Friday TV (based on an original format)
EP: Jason Raff, Paul Telegdy
Packagers: BBC Worldwide Americas, Friday TV
Origin: Steiner Studios, New York

Airs: All this week at 8p ET on NBC


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Second Elimination and Third Swarm
December 19

Last time on Clash of the choirs: Blake Shelton took "Street" smarts, Patti Labelle took a "stand" against violence, Nick Lachey hung out with his "Friends" and Michael Bolton powered over Kelly Rowland as king of the "mountain." The mission now continues. A matter of 120 minutes happens. For 1 choir, it ends here. Join us from New York for Night 3 of CLASH....OF THE CHOIRS!

To kick things off, Team Rowland will do a more soulful version of "Have Yourself A merry little Christmas." After that, elimination begins.

Team Labelle is up first. Will they keep standing for America or are they just gonna sit down and watch the finals?.............A: Stand. They're safe. Team Bolton is up, can they keep their hill or will they fall down?........................They're almost cracking, and they're in the bottom 2. Team Lachey is up, did the public score high marks?..................................Yes they did. They're safe! Team Shelton has no choice but to be in the bottom 2. Ouch!

Let's get the first period started with Team Labelle doing "Jesus, Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood. Facts about her, if you please.....

  • She won season 4 of American Idol

  • "Before He Cheats" is her biggest hit to date

Boy, they added some gospel to the mix. Liimu McGill felt a connection to the song. Her dad lost at age 19. Kelly says it was bone chilling, and I say...spine-tingling.

After a break, we get a clip of "First Sunday" and Team Lachey is ready to fly with "Flight of The Bumblebee." Wait a can't do it with a band. So what do you do? Do it a cappella style. That'll make Chico proud, won't it (C-Note: yup). It was silly to say the least and Shanda Folwer recalls her first kiss with her boyfriend. Sweet! Blake didn't understand a word. Neither did I.

Paying homage to every DWTS results show possible, we get a segment on rivalry. Michael calls Patti the dark horse, but she wants the #1 spot. Right now, we get the 4th place ranking to................................Team Bolton. They can't go away with just 2 hands, their prize......would have to wait.

Team Shelton is up. They took it outside, and now they're in with "Home" my Marc Broussard. Fact about the song:

  • It was released after Hurricane Katrina.

What's with those stomping? Does this look like an Arena Football game? Nevermind. It's the show. First period is over and we're off to the Christmas round. Because we are in the holiday spirit, each choir will perform one holiday song. Let's go!

Team Labelle is up first. Her charity has tripled the number of African-American women with cancer treatment. They'll now do "The Most Wonderful time of the year." Facts about it:

  • Johnny Mathis sang it

  • ESPN used it for their college football bowl week ads

Rachel who is a cancer survivor was an inspiration and for the song....

One word: soulful. For Kelly Rowland, another word: Duh! And for Blake, one more word: Stop!

Where do we pick a corner, a whammy, $2500 or Team Lachey. That's what I thought with the last choice, so they'll go next. His brother Issac was born premature and Carrie Scott-Taylor's daughter has sickle cell anemia. But they're not throwing away their robes yet. They'll do "All I Want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey. Here's some tidbits about her:

  • "Vision of Love" was her first hit.

  • Was married to Tommy Mottola

  • Had a TRL meltdown

  • Her film "Glitter" was a flop

Michael said it started slow, but it took flight, and we press on.

Susan Shechin gives some props to the Air Force and Team Shelton is next. For his charity, Oklahoma had a wildfire in 2005, and 1 couple got new stuff for the new home. Now they'll perform "Joy to the world." Here's the wiki on it:

  • 3 dog night covered it, nothing to do with Christmas

As you can tell by the fact, it was a mixture of both. Second period is over and in the 3rd period, we let the choirmasters get off the stand and get on the mics. Let's hop to it.

Team Labelle is up doing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" from "The Wizard of Oz." Got any facts? I have:

  • song took Katharine McPhee to the finals, but lost to Taylor Hicks on season 5 of AI.

As you can tell, she's still Patti, but watch closely and you can see her shoes fly off. Whoa-ho! Tim Bolognne....I'm not making this up, has 2 kids up in Georgia. He just wants to say hi.

Team Lachey is up doing "What's Left of Me." Here's the skinny:

  • Girlfriend Vanessa Minnillio is in the video

April told us why she's here, and falls under the Juniors category. She's 18.

Team Shelton is up last doing "This Can't be Good." Facts about him ahead now:

  • Nashville Star judge

  • Dating Miranda Lambert

  • His first 3 albums went gold

After the song, clothing projectiles were flown. Run! Megan Roberts talks about her dad, who is a high school teacher and Team Bolton will do "Santa Claus is comin' to Town" for the final gun.

We are 3/4 of the mission. Only one more day as the winner, and I mean the winning choir will go home champions. Join us then, won't you? From New York everybody, Good Night!