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From the people that brought you Celebrity Poker Showdown, celebs rack'em for a round of billiards for charity.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Rob Huebel & Jeanette Lee
Creator/EP: Phil Gurin
Packager: Laurelwood Entertainment Co. for Bravo Originals
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00pm ET on Bravo

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"Game 1" - March 3

A few years ago, Bravo had the idea to go into the smoke-filled gambling rooms and show us celebrities playing a game that has been played by millions of high school and college aged males - Texas Hold 'Em. The public liked it and said it was good. Now Bravo is going back into the smoke filled rooms and will now show us celebrities playing another game that has been played by millions of high school and college aged males - Billiards. Welcome to "Celebrity Pool"!

Hosting the show is Rob Huebel as he is joined by women's professional pool player (and hottie) Jeanette 'The Black Widow' Lee (who sinks a nice trick shot that shows the cue ball rolling down two connected pool sticks to sink the 1 ball in the side pocket). We meet the celebrities who will be playing against each other in this, the first episode of the series -

Joe Rogan (playing on behalf of the ASPCA) - He's a Fear Factor host, he's a comedian, he's an actor, and according to him, he's a pool shark.

Tom Green (playing on behalf of the American Red Cross International Response Fund) - You've seen him everywhere...though I couldn't tell you anything he was actually good in.

Honey Labrador (playing on behalf of St. Jude's Hospital) - Who is she? She's from Queer Eye for the Straight Girl... on Bravo. I did mention that this show is on Bravo, right? Nothing like some good nepotistic game show cross-promotion, is there?

John Salley (playing on behalf of Cedars Sinai Sports Spectacular)
- They mention that he's a former NBA star and a regular on "The Best Damn Sports Show Period". They forget to mention that he has been on some forgettable shows, including the craptacular All-American Girl.

Milo Ventimiglia (playing on behalf of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation) - He's an actor from American Dreams. He's hoping he doesn't have nightmares of this in an hour or so.

Debra Wilson (playing on behalf of Create Now, Inc.) - She's from MAD-TV, and hopefully, Tom Green won't drive her mad.

Andrea Savage (playing on behalf of Arts Share Los Angeles) - She's an actress on "Significant Others". Will she have significant air time?

Harland Williams (playing on behalf of the World Wildlife Federation) - He's a comedian. Will he actually perform - or be the punch line?

Here's how we start off Round 1 - the 8 people will be playing against each other in teams of 2 in traditional nine-ball pool. Quick recap on the rules - In nine-ball, you have to try to clear the table of balls by sinking them into holes on the table called pockets (either 'corner' or 'side' pockets). You can sink any ball that you want, but you MUST hit the lowest numbered ball on the table first with the white ball (called the cue ball). You win the game by sinking the 9-ball - either by clearing all of the other balls first, or by comboing it off of the lowest numbered ball on the table.

The team that wins 2 out of three games will advance to the next round. The losing team will get to watch the rest of the night, sit on one of those funky bar stools, and ordering booze all night and getting ridiculously drunk. All of a sudden, losing doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

Match #1 - Harland Williams and Milo Ventimiglia Vs. Joe Rogan and Debra Wilson

Game 1 - Milo says that his first table in his new house was a pool table, as he has been playing pool while growing up with hid grandfather - and he promptly commits the biggest sin in pool by putting the cue ball in the pocket. That is called a scratch, and Rogan (who says that he shot 8-10 hours a day while living in New York - I guess those acting gigs were few and far between) hits the first 2 balls in the match. Harland, who said that he's never played pool before, sinks the next 4 balls, which prompts a teed Debra Wilson to call him a liar. When she gets to play, Rogan gives her advice - which she wisely takes and sinks the 7 ball. Milo gets to play and scratches AGAIN, leaving Joe to play 'ball in hand' (which means that Joe can put the cue ball anywhere he wants to on the table) and punishes Milo for it by clearing the board. Milo's stats for the game - 2 shots, 2 scratches. Thanks for playing, Milo. (Rogan/Wilson leads 1-0)

Game 2 (Yes, I know it's not in order on how the actual show goes, but flipping back and forth between matches is stupid and annoying to follow when you are watching the show, let alone reading a recap on it) - Joe Rogan starts by burning up the table, sinking the 1, 2, 4 and 7. Milo goes up... Milo misses a shot... Milo site down. Harland: "Milo could be really good...with 10 or 15 years more of experience." Debra misses the shot - but leaves the tables set up so that Harland has no shot either. Rogan has an opportunity to combo the 3 ball into the 9 and end the match, but he can't capitalize. Harland misses the 3 ball, which is a foul and gives Debra the ball in hand. Joe tells Debra to go after the 3 to 9 ball combo again - and she hits it. (Rogan/Wilson wins, 2-0). Milo is upset with his pool playing, and with his stats (0 for 3, 2 fouls), you can't blame the producers if they don't invite him back for Celebrity Pool 2.

We get pool tips on the show as well, in the form of a "Spider 'BYTE'". This week's byte - the break, which is the opening shot that you take to start off the game of pool. Make sure that the balls are tight, your cue ball is straight at the 1 ball, take a nice long back swing, and...pow. Simple, eh?

Match #2 - John Salley and Andrea Savage Vs. Tom Green and Honey Labrador

Game 1 - John makes the 2 ball on the break, and sends the 1 ball in from the side. After whiffing on the 3, Honey (who was a pool hustler while growing up) sinks it - but scratches on the next shot. Tom, does the usual Tom stuff - not actually being there for the sake of playing, but being annoying, which in this show, consists of smoking, exchanging watches, and actually sinking two balls - and then completely missing a ball (which is called fouling and the penalty for that is a 'ball in hand' for the other team). John hits the 6 and 7 before fouling himself, which leaves Honey to collect the 8 and 9 - which she does. (Green/Labrador lead, 1-0)

Game 2 - Andrea and Tom both miss their opening shots, while John scratches on his first attempt. Honey, who can play (and who Jeanette says that she would go out with if she was gay), shoots the first 3, but whiffs on the 4. Andrea finally contributes something to the show by sinking the 4, while Tom hits the 5. He misses the 6, so John Salley hits it for him. Him and Honey miss the 7, which gives Andrea a decision - make the easy 7, or try to combo it into the 9 for the win. She goes for the win - but misses, which gives new life to Tom and Honey. Tom hits the 7, 8 and... blows the 9, which gets him cursing a stream of blue. John will get to curse, as he hits the 9...but scratches on the shot. That brings the 9 and the cue ball back, where Honey gets the easy win and advances (Green/Labrador win, 2-0)

Match #3 - Joe Rogan and Debra Wilson Vs. Tom Green and Honey Labrador

This time around, the game is eight-ball. One team has to collect all of the solid (or striped) balls by calling your shots, then sink the 8 ball in the hole that they call to win.

Game 1 - Debra tries to distract Honey, and it works, as she fails to collect anything on the break. Joe collects the first 4 balls, then leaves Tom no shot on his turn. After a series of missed shots, Tom finally gets him and Honey on the board. He even gets 2 more balls in, but the second ball was not a called shot and he turns it over. That proves to be costly, as Joe finishes the stripes and shoots in the 8 ball for the win (Joe/Debra lead, 1-0).

Spider Byte - How to apply chalk. Make sure that the whole chalk is fully applied - not just the front of the stick. Make sure to cover the sides with chalk.

As almost everyone in the Loser loun...uhhh... bar area puts their money on Joe winning, we get to Game 2 - where Joe breaks and Andrea collects the first ball (stripe) of the game. A Honey miss opens up the board for Joe, who promptly collects all of the striped balls. He misses the 8, though, so Tom has a shot. He gets 2 before missing, but Debra misses the 8 ball and Honey has a shot - but she misses and leaves a wide open side shot for Joe, who cashes in. (Joe/Debra win, 2-0)

As Tom curses some more, we go to the championship round...

Match #4 - Joe Rogan and Vs. Debra Wilson

We go for one game of nine-ball - winner takes all. Joe wins the 'lag' (pool version for a toss up) but he scratches and Debra gets the first ball in hand. She hits balls #1 and 2, but as she misses, Joe scratches. Debra misses as well, and Joe starts to roll. He picks up the 3, 8 (combo off the 4), 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9, while Debra is chanting for him to 'put it in my hole, daddy!' Ehhh.... well, he does that...sort of. Joe wins the match and gets a Bravo Celebrity Pool Cue for being the champion. "Yay! Yay me!" With that, Rob thanks everyone and we are out.

My take? Well, it wasn't bad. If you are a pool player, you'll like this, as Joe was very good, and Honey, Tom, Debra and others didn't suck. This was a good start. We'll see in 7 days if we can continue to keep the ball rolling.

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