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What happens when you take nine gorgeous but mentally inept women (and one guy) and pair them with ten brilliant but socially awkward geeks? According to this show, "the ultimate social experiment."

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Host: Mike Richards
Announcer: JD Roth
Nick Santora
EP: Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson, John Foy, Nick Santora
Packager: Katalyst Films, 3 Ball Productions

Tuesdays at 8pm ET on the CW


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The Big Twist: Part 1

Welcome back for an all new season of Beauty and the Geek. things are sure to get twisted this time around, but first, before we kick the season off, let’s take a look at some of the casting highlights.

How about a geek that can name the presidents backwards?

Or a Beauty that not only doesn’t know who won the Civil War, but doesn’t know who it was between. Worse yet, when asked who won, someone answered, “We did.”

How about a geek that considers himself a LARPer. That stands for Live Action Role Playing such as acting out Dungeons and Dragons.

Jenny Lee and Nate from last season are the lucky ones who get the opportunity, the pleasure, and the joy of interviewing the candidates.

Beauty question: What is your IQ? Answers: 2.5 and slightly over “not too dumb”

Another geek is studying Type 2 quasar and sub digital sky surfing. Don’t worry, there will be many more terms that no one has a clue about. This same geek call kissing “an incident”

One girl thinks the first person to land on the moon was Lance Armstrong. Add on 52 stripes and 8 stars on the US flag.

And to worry us about the state of education in America, one beauty answer the question “What’s the last book you have read?” with “Well, since I’ve been in college I really haven’t been reading…” Yeesh!

Let’s add in a girl in Little Rock who after a 10 second pause when asked who wrote Beethoven’s 5th answered Mozart.

Next question: Would you marry for money? Answer: depends on how long he would live.

Your Beauties and Geeks have been chosen, let’s meet them:

Natalie - ultimate hooters girl
Hollie - professional Betty Boop
Erin - beautician
Rebecca - Cocktail waitress
Shay - Beauty Pageant Queen
Katie - sorority girl
Jasmine - babysitter
Jen - cigar model
Amanda - Aspiring Playboy model

Tony - Bio medical engineer
William - owns thousands of comics
Luke - Robotics Engineer
Josh - Rubber Band Club President
Jesse - Lives with parents
Dave - LARPer, Demon Lord Malgosh
John - perfect 5.0 at MIT
Will - Software Engineer
Joshua - Astrophysicist, no sexual history

Now the Beauties and Geeks are spilt into separate rooms and will have to travel over to the opposite room one by one to introduce themselves and be chosen

Will heads over first and the nerves are palpable.

The girls gawk at his awkwardness and his balding, but they are saddened by his song that suggests he’d rather live in a fantasy world than the real one.

Hollie then heads over and does her Betty Boop impression which goes over well.

That is followed by Dave who harkens a medieval speech. He then Let Jasmine slay him.

Amanda introduces her $8,000 boobs and tells of her Playboy aspirations.

Josh shows off his rubber band skills shooting a cup off of one of the beauties heads.

Jen is a fitness buff who bench presses 135 lbs.

John is a juggler and tries to teach Amanda but is worried about touching her inappropriately.

Rebecca treated the geeks to some Massage therapy.

William did some stick juggling but the girls think he even smelled nervous.

Natalie went over and tied a cherry stem into a knot.

Joshua had the girls worried that he was going to pass out. Then he called his mom and put her on speakerphone. Mom said Josh was real smart… duh

Shay goes over and talks of her love of shopping

Luke talks about his robotics skills and scares them with how simple he thinks robots are.

Katie has talents. She can always find Waldo and makes a mean PB&J.

Jesse says he is a software engineer and the girls ask if he means computers…duh, again.

Erin works at a salon doing hair and Jesse admits that his mom does his hair.

Tony teaches them how to tie a Bow Tie and one Beauty thinks Tony will be a “diamond in the rust”

Jasmine was a cheerleader and cheers for the geeks. The guys feign interest.

Now that everyone has introduced themselves, it is time to pick teams….NOT. This season the Beauties and Geeks will get a night to sleep on it by having a slumber party outside tonight.

And that is highlighted by a Jacuzzi party! Everyone squeezes into a tiny Jacuzzi and the girls only comment is that Josh and Joshua really need to get their backs waxed. Wait a few episodes ladies…

Everyone packs into the cabanas and Joshua gets to sleep in the same cabana with 3 of the girls! Nothing happens…

They go to bed, everyone wakes up and it is time for the first challenge.

Dr. Debbie Magids will be giving the Geeks a social skills test and the Beauties will get an intellectual skills test from Dr. Barton Goldsmith to determine where everyone stands to being, but the winners of these challenges will get to control the course of the entire game.

The geeks are asked to draw their ideal woman and Tony draw just a face. Joshua is asked to kiss a mannequin like his Grandmother and can only hug it, then he is asked to treat the mannequin like it was his girlfriend and he did the exact same thing. Overall everyone was uncomfortable.

The Girls did no better as the failed miserably and puzzle, math and reading tests.

But now for the results: Joshua and Shay…You scored the lowest, but like golf, you win!

Being the two who have the most to gain from this transformation process, Shay and Joshua will get to pick their own teammates and set up all of the other pairs too. Cries of not fair come from the peanut gallery but the decision ahs been made, here are the pairs.

1: Joshua and Shay
2. Tony and Amanda
3. Dave and Jasmine
4. Jesse and Erin
5. John and Natalie
6. William and Jen
7. Will and Rebecca
8. Josh and Hollie
9. Luke and Katie

Many of the couples feel as if their wishes were not heeded, but those are the breaks

But wait there’s a team #10 waiting just behind the front door.

And this time the Geek is a girl and the beauty is a man. We learn nothing of the team for now, but if you want to know more just tune in next time.