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Season 3
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Today is

Geeks Get Naked - January 10

One Geek gone, One Beauty dethroned. Will Nate and Cecille continue their dominance? Who cares! Naked girls inside!

Megan and Cecille must be hard up. After a tricky game of chess, Scooter was cornered upstairs by these two ladies and the flirting has begun. As an excuse, Scooter says that he doesn’t want to make out because of the camera. Cecille goes to cover the camera with a blanket… and fails miserably. She falls over with a big thud but seems to be fine. Scooter escapes and everyone wakes up the next morning to learn about their new challenge.


The ladies will be studying aeronautics. Megan complains saying that she knows nothing of airplanes but is a member of the mile high club. Yowza!

The men however will be learning how to appreciate women. The geeks are confused, but are managing to cope.

The girls quickly grow sick of studying and steal the boys study materials (Cosmo, seventeen, etc) and lay by the pool.

Meanwhile, Nate is condensing the material for Cecelia. Apparently the geeks are responsible for all the work on this show (big change, huh?)

Additionally, the geeks appreciate the beauties by cooking them a barbecue dinner and following it up with toasts at dinner.

Game wise, things are heating up. The girls are starting to click and it seems as if all of the blondies have formed an alliance. This could spell trouble for the non-blondes and she knows it.

The Geek Challenge:

The geeks approach easel and soon a model named Sofia comes out and drops her towel to reveal that she is completely naked. The geeks begin to shake and giggle, but they are all enjoying it. Many of them hope that their mothers are not watching.

Soon into the event, Sofia begins to move around and talk about herself. A few geeks catch on and realize this is probably a twist. They are right; the drawings have nothing to do with the challenge.

Quiz time, last man standing wins.

What was her name? Sofia.

Scooter, Drew and Nate are all out.

What movie was she watching last night? Pretty Woman.

Only Mario gets it right. Game, set, match.

Now for the girls.

At the California science center air and space museum the beauties will have to give tours proving their intellect. Glen Phillips, the curator of the museum, will judge and select the winner.

Here are some selected blunders

Cecille says that the Bell X-1 is a helicopter which is fun to ride and was in M.A.S.H.

Jenny Lee calls a jet, the Wright Brothers glider

Erin says that the Wright Brothers glider had brakes

Jenny Lee calls the Mercury Redstone capsule a satellite and then a telescope

Cecille can’t even spot the capsule at her exhibit.

It’s a three horse race between Sheree, Andrea and Nadia, and Nadia wins.

With that Mario and Nadia have won both challenges and will be selecting both teams to select to elimination.

In discussions, Mario begins to strong arm Nadia against the blonde click saying that Cecille and Megan don’t try hard enough to deserve to stay.

Apparently, Mario is pretty weak though. Sheree and Piao & Andrea and Matt get nominated and one of those two teams will be leaving.

Welcome to the elimination room. The ladies are up and Sheree is first

What was the name of the airplane Charles Lindbergh flew on his first non stop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean

The Spirit of St. Louis scores 1 for Sheree.

What does NASA stand for National Aeronautics and Space Administration ties it up.

In what state is NASA’s Johnson Space Center Located?
Texas brings Sheree to 2 points.

Who was the 2nd man to set foot on the moon? Andrea’s reply of Buzz Aldrin gets her a second point.

Now to the guys.

Piao’s up: A base coat and a top coat are involved in what spa procedure. Piao answers a facial, but he needed to say a mani or a pedi. The first miss of the night.

Now Matt: What did Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie name their baby girl? The response of Shiloh puts Andrea and Matt in the lead.

To stay in the game, Piao has to identify what come in clutch and hobo varieties. He answers purse and ties it up.

Matt can end it with a correct answer. Shown a picture, is Michael ors a hairstylist, Fashion Designer, Interior Designer, or composer? He confidently replies Fashion Designer and with that he and Andrea are still in the game.

Piao and Sheree will be leaving the game, but not without some terse words. Apparently while they both respect each other, they never really got along. They bicker their way all the way through the closing credits.

Andrea and Matt have thrown down the gauntlet. Will any one dare challenge them? Next time it’s makeovers on Beauty and the Geek.


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