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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Hayma Screech Washington
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions
Airs: Sundays at 8p ET on CBS

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Don't Let a Cheese Hit Me!
February 15

Another season, another eleven teams about to head on the world tour from hell. But at the end of the day, only one team will have what it takes to cross the finish line and claim the million dollars.

It's the adventure of a lifetime. It's the trip gone crazy... It's.... the fourteenth running of THE AMAZING RACE!


As we speak, US Marine Corps helicopters are transporting the teams to the starting line, and speaking of which, here are the teams that will be the subject of the next few weeks. (C-Note: in grand and glorious Wolvie tradition, we've given them cute nicknames as well)...

Christie Volkmer & Jodi Wincheski (Team Fly By Night): flight attendants from Oklahoma and Houston. They're hoping to usee the fact that they're both blonde and attractive to get their way.

Tammy & Victor Jih (The Doink Doinks): siblings and lawyers from California. They both sport Harvard Law degrees. Victor's used to treating Tammy like a 3-year-old.

Margie & Luke Adams (Team Hear My Song!): a mother & son from Denver. Luke is the first deaf Racer, and Margie is his link to the hearing world.

Steve & Linda Cole (The Hicks from the Sticks): a married couple from Virginia. Both have children from previous marriages, but all are treated as a unit. They see themselves as country bumpkins.

Kisha & Jen Hoffman (The Cardinal Sisters): former collegiate athletes and sisters from Kentucky. Both attended the University of Louisville, where Kisha played basketball and Jen played volleyball.

Preston McCamy & Jennifer Hopka (The Cock Fighters), a dating couple from the University of South Carolina. She's a student. He's a software engineer. Their relationship is a constant battle for control.

Brad & Victoria Hunt (The Bad-Ass Older Couple): married couple from Columbus, OH. After having major surgery, Victoria was told that she'd never walk again. That proved to be false as now she's heading out on a race round the world with her husband.

Mel & Mike White (Team West Hollywood). Mike is a writer and actor on such films as "Nacho Libre" and "School of Rock". Mel is his clergyman father, who also happens to be gay. Mike doesn't mind it being a gay man himself.

Amanda Blackledge & Kris Klicka (The Amandakris): dating couple from San Diego. Both are seemingly attached to each other and both know that they want to stay that way for the long haul.

Mark & Michael Munoz (The Super Stunt Brothers): fraternal stuntmen from LA and Hawaii. They stand at all of 4'9" and are pushing middle age, but that won't stop them.

Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (The Hollaback Girls): former Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. Cara's a law student. Jaime's a police officer.

Because you haven't seen this in a while, here's a refresher of the rules, some of which may OR may not come into play.

These will be the bulk of the Race. Teams must find Route Markers (red-and-yellow flags) which will give them info to the NEXT Route Marker, which will given them info on the next, etc. Eventually, this will lead them to a PIT STOP where they must rest for 12 hours...and, for the most part, the team that arrives last will be eliminated. These have to be followed to the letter, lest teams be incurred a penalty for non-compliance.
A choice between two different tasks, each with its own pros and cons. Both team members must decide to do one of the tasks. If they cannot do their chosen task, they MUST do the other. One task MUST be completed before the next ROUTE INFO is handed out.
Only one team member does this task. They're given a SMALL clue as to what's involved, but they cannot read the details until they decide which one will do it. No one member of a team may do more than six ROAD BLOCKs during the whole Race.
There is only a limited amount of FAST FORWARDs in the entire Race. If the team chooses to perform it and do so, they can go straight to the PIT STOP and bypass all other tasks. A team can only use one FAST FORWARD during the entire Race, so they have to decide when it's best to utilize it.
On each leg of the Race (or so says the official site), a YIELD is placed. A team may use this to make another team stop for a pre-determined amount of time (denoted by an hourglass) before they can continue. Any team can be YIELDed any number of times, but a team may only utilize a YIELD once during the course of the Race.
A team who finishes last in a non-elimination leg must complete a SPEED BUMP, one additional task during the next leg. That task must be completed before moving on. And you donít know when itís coming.
A U-TURN is found at the end of a Detour. Teams can use the U-TURN to slow down the progress of another team by having them perform the Detour task that they didn't perform. Teams can U-TURN only once in the entire Race, AND there are only three of them along the course, so they must decide whether or not it is in their best interests to use it.

When Phil gives the signal, they will race to their bags, pick up their first clue, and be on their way. There are 11 legs in the 14th Race, eight of which are elimination stops. Whoever arrives at the Pit Stop last at one of these will be sent home. Save for scant exception, the players usually receive cash at the beginning of each leg to cover expenses except for tickets which are already paid for (and no upgrading to business class... You think CBS is made of money?).

And the first team to cross the finish line will win, say it with me now, ONE... MILLION... DOLLARS.

Phil Keoghan, it is all yours...

"The world is waiting for you...

Good luck...

Travel safe...




GO!" The first clue is...



Take one of two flights - Lufthansa flight departing at 3:35p and connecting to Zurich or Air France flight departing at 4p and connecting in Milan, Italy - and make your way by train to Locarno, Switzerland!

Once you arrive, make your way on foot to the Church of San Antonio. Once there, sign in to secure a departure time. Only one line per team. Please sign on the next available line.

Also don't forget to get a message from the local priest.

And like the lady says, Amazing Race 14 is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!

LUFTHANSA flight (leaves first)
Tammy & Victor
Christie & Jodi
Jaime & Cara
Mark & Michael
Brad & Victoria
Margie & Luke

Kisha & Jen
Mel & Mike
Amanda & Kris
Preston & Jennifer
Steve & Linda

Steve & Linda are nervous about leaving the US.

The Lufthansa flight will connect to a train in Zurich, while the teams on Air France will go to a station in Milan. Preston & Jennifer... are not going anywhere. They missed their train.

As for the other ten teams, it's a moment to relax and take in the countryside.

Preston & Jennifer finally get on the train. Their personalities are always in conflict, even more so in a tome of crisis such as this.

Christie & Jodi find a nice lady to take them to Locarno while everyone else struggles. Amazing.


Luke is a monster out of the gate when he and the other teams head to Piazza San Antonio. Christie & Jodi are the first to arrive, though. The message: "At (time), be ready to continue your journey. Follow the directions on the map to a campsite."

Departing at 7:15a
Christie & Jodi
Tammy & Victor
Margie & Like
Mark & Michael

Departing at 7:30a
Brad & Victoria
Jaime & Cara
Mel & Mike

Departing at 7:45a
Kisha & Jen
Amanda & Kris
Steve & Linda
Preston & Jennifer

At the campsite, all the teams get their first chance to meet each other. Steve & Linda come to grips about speed. Linda says she's not a runner. Unfortunately, that's a requisite on the Race. She also says she doesn't want to lose.

The next morning, the first batch of Racers set out with this...



Using the provided picture, make your way to Verzasca Dam, where you will find your next clue.

Mark & Michael get a taxi first, followed by Tammy & Victor, and Margie & Luke. The flight attendants... they fail to get a taxi. Mel & Mike grab one behind the church, followed by Brad & Victoria, and Christie & Jodi.

Once there, they get this clue.



One team member must perform a 70-story bungee jump, the second highest in the world. Once completed, you will receive your next clue.

Mark and Victor get their harnesses ready.

Meanwhile, Cara & Jaime are still waiting for a taxi.

Amanda & Kris and Steve & Linda make their way to the dam.

Victor is first at the jump, and he makes a startling discovery... He's afear'd of heights. But he goes for it... and back up he goes... and back down... and back up... it's bungeeing. That's how it works. After a quick prayer, they get their next clue...



Make your way by train to Interlaken and find Kleine Rugen Wiese, where you will receive your next clue.

Mark jumps as Jodi & Christie arrive, followed by Cara & Jaime and Preston & Jennifer.

Luke makes the jump third, followed by Mike and Victoria.

Steve & Linda and Kisha & Jen arrive in last.

Jodi finally gets up the nerve to make her jump. Just let it go. It's the only thing you can do at the moment. And she does. "Thank. God. That's. Over."

The train station serves as an equalizer point as the first four teams arrive before the train does. The find a train and take a risk, all keeping their eyes on Victor & Tammy.

Then comes Kris, Jamie, Preston, Jen, and Steve.

Brad & Victoria and Christie & Jodi catch two separate trains. The first one has the flight attendants, the other has the married couple.


Now it's a race through a local band to the clue box.



Choose a pair of traditional antique cheese racks and climb to the top of a hill. Once at the top, work together to deliver 200 pounds of Swiss cheese from an aging shed to the bottom of the hill. Once you have completed the task, you will be given your next clue.

Time to cut the cheese.

One thing you have to understanda bout the hill is that it's very slippery, and the climb is very exhausting. Some teams opt to wheel two cheeses at a time instead of one, but the cheeses are heavy, 50 pounds a slab.

Margie is the first to lose her cheese... and her cheese rack. The resulting comedy of errors is indeed... a comedy of rolling cheese and broken cheese racks.

Meanwhile, Christie & Jodi admit to the world at large that they just lied to Brad & Victoria's faces. Hey, whatever it takes to win.

Back on the cheese hill, it's slow and steady as the many who lost cheese racks opt for the only thing left that they have... their arms. Just be sure not to drop the cheese.

Margie & Luke are the first to complete their cheese run and get...



Take a taxi to the final stop on a posted bus route, Stechelberg, Switzerland. Once there, listen for a group of yodelers to lead you to the Pit Stop for this leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check in WILL BE ELIMINATED!

Victor & Tammy are second to get the clue, followed by Mark & Michael.

The remaining teams arrive to roll out some wheeley big cheese. Chief on Linda's mind... not getting hurt. With that in mind, she's moving... slowly. And slipping and falling.


Margie is the only one who can hear yodeling, so she leads the way to the crash mat, where the Swiss yodelers and a non-yodeling New Zealand transplant are waiting.

"Margie & Luke..." Then Phil shows off his signing skills by signing "You're team number one!" They've won a trip to Puerto Vallarta for winning this leg of the Race. Not too far behind are Tammy & Victor, punching in at #2, and Mark & Michael, punching in at #3.

Meanwhile, more racks die and more cheeses fly.

Mel & Mike are in at #4.

Preston may never eat cheese again, so he says.

Amanda & Kris lock in five, while Preston does all of Jennifer's grunt work. Christie & Jodi are the last team to complete the task, so now it's a taxi race...

... although Linda & Steve are getting lost looking for the yodelers.

Brad & Victoria moon the host after locking in six. Jaime & Cara check in at seven.

Linda & Steve... still lost.

Kisha & Jen get eighth. Linda & Steve make a comeback to lock in ninth.

Only Preston & Jennifer and Jodi & Christie remain. Coming in tenth... Jodi & Christie by a HAIR! Right behind them, the first eliminated team of the series... Preston & Jennifer. Both of them are upset at this turn. It was frustrating, and even though they fight, they say that their short time on the Race has really helped them strengthen their bonds as a couple. We wish them all the best, but the Race has got to roll.



1) Margie & Luke - Trip to Puerto Vallarta
2) Tammy & Victor
3) Mark & Michael
4) Mel & Mike
5) Amanda & Kris
6) Brad & Victoria
7) Jaime & Cara
8) Kisha & Jen
9) Linda & Steve
10) Jodi & Christie
ELIMINATED) Preston & Jennifer

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