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Piers, Sharon, and Howie criss-cross the country in search of million-dollar talent.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host Nick Cannon
Judges Howie Mandel
Piers Morgan
Sharon Osbourne
Announcer Joe Capitano
Creator Simon Cowell
EP Simon Cowell
Cecile Frot-Coutaz
Ken Warwick
Jason Raff
Georgie Hurford-Jones
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FremantleMedia North America
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Web www.nbc.com/gottalent 
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Auditions 1
May 31

(C-Note: some of the acts that you are about to read involve real danger in front of a live audience. They were designed, practiced, and supervised by professionals, taking the contestants' safety into full account. They are extremely dangerous and should NEVER be attempted anywhere, by anyone, at any time)

Brace yourself, America. You've just stepped in a steaming pile of talent.

The #1 summer show for the last five years... The biggest talent search in the world... The craziest show not involving giant rubber spheres of death... is back for year six. You'll laugh... You'll cry... You'll cringe... You'll wonder where the time went.

And look at that... No staff changes. Howie's back... Sharon's back. The guy who thinks he's Larry King is back... and so is Mr. Mariah Carey. Also back: $1 million, and a show in Vegas. This year, we're going to New York... Atlanta.. Minneapolis... Houston... Seattle... and tonight...

Orpheum Theatre

Buzzers are hot... The crowd is live. LET'S GET IT STARTED!

First up, Frank Olivier (50, Oakland, CA). He has a unicycle. What will he do with it? He's going to juggle fiery torches! You know the rule by now... if he drops it, Piers brings the hammer down. And he just touched Howie's head. If you remember, Howie does not like the germs. Needless to say, he's begging for a buzz. We need some Purell to the judges table. Back to the act. Frank even goes under a leg for a pass. But will he get a pass? Not from Howie. Let's see... he touched Howie's head... he stopped him laughing... he nearly stopped him breathing... and he scared the life out of him. In short... Piers LOVES him. Howie HATES him. It's a 2-1 split for VEGAS.

And while we hose down our third judge... Ryan Andreas (34, Ontario, CA) opted not to pursue music due to a fear of rejection. He's hoping to change that today with a vocal/piano number, "Angel" by Sarah MacLachlan. The crowd loves him. The judges love him. We love him. He's swept to VEGAS.

Next, John Jacobson (54) is going to teach music to the crowd, hoping to get America off the couch and singing and dancing. Sorry, dude, "Dance Revolution" was cancelled a long time ago. Wait a minute, this guy sounds familiar... Oh boy, it's the Double Dream Hands dude. Congratulations, John Jacobson, you're living the dream of the first triple X of the season. Off my stage. NOW.

And it doesn't get any better with Brian Bausch (horse trainer... who falls) riding off into the sunset, Stephanie Sanson (singer) taking her anger out on a poor defenseless mic, Ned Donovan & Charlie Forray (... fighting?) beating themselves up for attention, and Louis (impersonation) ... farting out of his arm. Stinky.

Landon Swank (26, Las Vegas) is our first magician of the series, having practiced since he was in Alaska at 7. Will he transport himself from the audition stage to the Vegas stage? He turns an urn from 2D to 3D... fills it with water... then flattens and folds his lovely assistant  on stage (hello and goodnight), leaving nothing but a kiss... from a rose. Will he go to Vegas on NBC's dime or his own? He's going to Vegas... ON NBC'S DIME!

Joining him: the Body Poets (dance crew... with props and LEDs), Brennan Figari (aerialist), and Olivia Bellafontaine (burlesque rock dancer), who is getting through only as a favor to Piers. Because Howie's wife AND daughter are watching.

Debbie O'Barka and Danny make up Vegas Birds. Her act... a talking bird who'll be 21 by the time this airs. And get this... he actually talks. The bird has potential. The human... not so much. But will they fly the coop or lay an egg? The judges are blown away, but how large is the repertoire? We'll find out... IN VEGAS.

Next, Frank Miles (50, San Francisco), another juggler. He started as a spur to human contact. Now he's gone from balls... to tasers. And he's juggling three of them today. They are real, 500,000 volts each. This'll be a shock. Will he catch the wrong end of these cattle prods? Find out after we pause 10 seconds for station identification. This is "America's Got Talent" on the Red Network of the National Broadcasting Company....

(G-E-C chimes)

... and welcome back from the Orpheum in Los Angeles. Frank has just finished his act... and he's still alive. So needless to say, he hasn't caught the wrong end of one of those. BUT... It's about to get worse. Enter... the water tub of death! With a rubber ducky! He enters... and walks away miraculously. Now he can walk to Vegas... but first, dry yourself off.

Next, Udi Abignale (32, Los Angeles) sings all over LA with his two backup dancers. He hopes to parlay this into a world-wide gig. He sings... "Hot Hot Hot"... and dances with his dancers... rather quickly, because the judges want him off... and Udi doesn't want to go quietly. Nick wants to see how hot this act can get. So let's try this again... without the suck preferably. Same song, same dance, same judges' boot in the pants.

And we've lost all control of this show. Again.

From LA, we go to the ATL.

Fox Theatre

First up in the Dirty South via Miami... Miami All-Stars, a dance troupe led by a married couple. The 24 dancers, mostly teenagers, specialize in Miami Style, which looks a lot like sexed-up salsa and mambo con machismo. The first amazing dance act of the season... and they're SWEPT to Vegas.

So we have the heat in Hotlanta, and Scott Alexander (magician, no relation) and Preston Weber (12-year-old Samoan fire-knife dancer) keep it hot. Yellow Designs Stunt Team (stunt bikers), though... takes a dive.  The bike broke on one of the riders... We get a do over... and they get a ticket to Vegas.

Next up, Lil Josh, Giovanni (Young J), and Tobias. Together, they are the Sh'Boss Boys. They are pint-sized rappers who hope to spit mad game. Aw, who'm I kidding. They're so cute... They started listening to the "wadio" and then started "wapping." They want to use the prize money to house kids who don't have a home. Wow. That's noble. Drop it, y'all... Okay, wrong track. Run it twice... They rap about being on CBS. Unfortunately... that's another channel. The fourth judge wants more... The main three SWEEP it.

By the way, AGT is still looking for acts. Hit up the YouTube page at www.youtube.com/agt. You could be 90 seconds away from staring down the judges.

Primitivo Montoya (50, Denver) is a singing dancer whose style is... pop-and-lock robot wing chung new age. His dancing's eh... His singing is.. suck. And he falls off the stage. And he's back on the stage. And now he's off the stage. No falling this time.

And Hotlanta has turned cold with the likes of Vocal Element (a glee-less glee club), Forever Young Dancers (overgrown baby dancers), and Metatron (the lord of light).

Back to the acts with Nicole & Mike, The Crossed Swords. They specialize in ... of all things, swordfighting. Yep, LARPers have invaded AGT. A lot of tripping but not a lot of parrying or thrusting. Sharon and Howie are quick to the buzzers... Nicole wins this duel, but will they win against the crowd, who look like they want to run them out on a pike? Piers likes it... don't know why, but he does. That leads into round 2: the Briton vs. the Canadian-American, a battle that has been brewing all episode. Then comes Nick... and yeah, that's enough swordplay for this show. It's a 2-1 ... for no.

We're down to our final act of the night, an act that requires total darkness... Team iLuminate, a dance crew that's assisted by a lady at a MacBook. You may have seen something similar at the Chris Brown MJ tribute at the BET Awards in 2009. The dancing on its own we've seen a million times before, but never in the dark assisted by neon suits. The judges are lit up. And when they see the lady at the computer (who is a corporate software developer by day and a dancer by night), they're even MORE excited to see what they have next. They're going to go to Vegas, but can they translate the excitement factor into votes? That remains to be seen.

So far... only one singer gets through. But all it takes it one. Just saying. More talent NEXT week.

To see tonight's episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on the next season, go to www.nbc.com/gottalent.