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America's Got Talent
Season 10
NBC 8p ET Tuesdays

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A supermodel, a Spice Girl, a comic cut-up, and the self-proclaimed King of all Media criss-cross the country in search of million-dollar talent.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Lee DiGeorge & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Nick Cannon
Judges Melanie "Mel B" Brown
Heidi Klum
Howie Mandel
Howard Stern
Announcer Joe Cipriano
Creator Simon Cowell
EP Simon Cowell
Trish Kinane
Sam Donnelly
Jason Raff
Richard Wallace
Packager Syco Entertainment
FremantleMedia North America
Origins Radio City Music Hall, New York City
Airs 8p ET Tues & Wed, NBC

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Auditions 5
June 23
(C-Note: some of the acts that you are about to read involve real danger in front of a live television audience. They were designed, practiced, and supervised by professionals, taking the contestants' safety into full account. They are extremely dangerous and should NEVER be attempted anywhere, by anyone, at any time.)

The most extreme acts took to the stage last week, and the judges & the audience were left speechless. Now it's back to the low-key stuff... or is it?

To remind you, Heidi is the only judge who has not hit the Golden Buzzer yet.

First is Zach & Cameron, known as "The Gentlemen" (12, 9; Fairfield, CA), brothers who practice in their garage. They're going to dance for a spot in the Callbacks, but do they have the smooth moves to work it to "Caught Up"? They're a lot cleaner than many of the dance acts twice their size/age this season. Mel B finds it hard to believe that they can move like that. Believe it, hot rod. Howard says that they could be real contenders. They're through EASY.

In the course of the next couple of hours, Heidi is going to hit her Golden Buzzer. But will it be for Oz Pearlman (32; New York City), a mentalist & mind reader? He used to work on Wall Street, but the stage was too big of a call, and hopefully he can take his act to Radio City. He's planning on getting inside the judges' mind. His prediction for a person traveling with Mel B... in 1998... in Fiji... with someone named Geri. I'm assuming her last name is Halliwell, but that's neither here nor there. Heidi wants more. Howie wants more. Mel B wants her life back. He is IN.

Brittney Allen (24; Smiths Station, AL) is a singer who's a bundle of nerves right now. She always looked up to her father, but performances were limited to her bedroom. She has a really bad case of stage fright. Her fiancee is an infantryman in the Marines, and he's very supportive, so she's got a big backing in her performance of "Wherever You Will Go". She has a trip, but she's encouraged to start up. Relax, breathe, you're doing fine. She's singing from a deep place, and she doesn't need to be scared, because she's got a great instrument on her. Howie tells her, plainly, "Never give up." Howard says that she's a nice person, but her piano playing is not strong enough. It's a split panel, but Howard is the only one dissenting. Brittney moves on, 3-1.

Einstein the Talking Parrot, Rascal the Doggy Stripper (buzzed out), and Herbie the Dog kick off our requisite animal act portion of the show, with the spotlight on Birdie Sue (57; pool cleaner from Port Charlotte, FL), a bird whistle. She did bird whistles on a cruise ship last year. This year... she's whistles to "Don't Worry, Be Happy". With a little dance. It's... .goofy. It's a goofy act. The kind of act this show was built for. She's sweet, but it's not for AGT, says Heidi. She gets three noes, and that's one more than she needed to go. Home.

Out of the break, we have Corey's balloon-making-out-of-his-nose skills. They get three yeses. How is anyone's guess. Let's move right along with Semeneya Yanyere Caleno. I had to pause the phone to get all that. They're a Latin dance studio out of San Antonio, and they're going to perform fusion salsa dancing... involving lifts. Good thing Len Goodman ain't here. They have two couples going on, and they're completely on point with a few dangerous, dare I say forbidden moves. Turns out to be too dangerous as one of the male leads hurts his right knee and the judges are begging them to stop the act. They do, and the medic suggests a trip to the ER. The judges invite the remaining dancers to audition tomorrow OR if they want to wait for Luis to come back and come back next year. They decide that Alex & Melissa are to do a duo... RIGHT NOW. Can they salvage this act? THEY CAN! AND THEY'RE IN!

Joining them: Evoke Tap Movement (tapdancing troupe), Animation Crew (poppers), and Metalachi (metal mariachi band).

Day 2 begins with a lot of kids leaving it on the stage. Arielle Baril (11; Drexel Hill, PA) loves to sing. Her big brother Joshua would sing all over the house, and she got hers off of him. Her biggest fan, her mom. She goes in with "O Mio Babbino Caro". And yes, we checked, THAT IS HER VOICE. She's got the talent of someone TWICE her age, maybe three times. The ending is a little flat, but she's got a lot of strength for a little lady. Everyone can't believe she has such a mature voice at 11. Heidi loves her so much... "that I'm sending you to Radio. City. Music. HALL!" GOLDEN BUZZER FOR ARIELLE BARIL!

Next up, some amazing elders, like Crazy George, who claims to have invented the Wave. Not good enough for this work. Okay, how about the Lakettes (Lake City, CO)? The Power-Lifting Granny? That wasn't a powerlift. That was a deadlift. World of difference. Shel Higgens, aka The Grandpa Show (48; former real estate agent) had a midlife crisis and developed his act... a stunt show. He left real estate for this, ladies and gentlemen. He's performing an act involving a chainsaw and the walking on his hands thereupon. Among other things. Blindfolded. He gets two yeses from the guys... Heidi's the breaker here...she
says yes.

Oleksiy Mogylnyy (34; carpenter originally from Ukraine) is a dancer with a very unique partner... a mannequin with no head. The dress on it is the wife's wedding dress. So we know he's at least normal in THAT respect. In that he's married with a family. They're watching from home, as he makes nice with his dummy... with no shirt on... to "Take My Breath Away". If you get away from the sheer goofiness of this act, Oleksiy is very nimble and strong. It's a good acrobatics act. IF you can look past the fact that he's on stage with a dummy. He's through. And so is his ...lady friend.

Next up is Alex Boye (44, Salt Lake City), who's been singing pop music with an African twist for 25 years now. He's originally from London. He's gotten to put his music online, but he's ready to give it to the world. His audition is "Shake It Off". Yep. Taylor Swift. He's having the time of his life on that stage. It's not the best singing act of the year, but best use of the keytar. Everyone is having a good time on stage... and everyone puts him through.

We're winding down with Syum & Daniel, Vegas taxi drivers who juggle... and that's the extent of things that they have in common. Together, they're the Juggling Taxi (52, 27; Las Vegas). Separately... they suck. Together... they're not even on the map. Everyone but Mel B hails a different cab. She was busy rocking out to the song... Now Syum is not a bad juggler... but the package deal needs to be returned.

Play'em out, Keytar Cat. Final auditions NEXT TIME!

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