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Today is

Auditions: West Coast - June 21
Chico: From Hollywood, Almost Live, it's.... a dog. No age limits, no boundaries, no second chances, and no guarantees. Except for one... America's Got Talent!
Gordon: We have all sorts of talents, and the winner gets 1 million dollars.
Jason: What is this music... I have heard it before?
Chico: Possibly stock.
Jason: Cecile Frot-Coutaz did GSM.
Chico: Yep. And Regis did Millionaire, as we go to Paramount Studios.
Gordon: Regis has thrown the doors for absolutely anybody to do absolutely anything.
Jason: We first see the LA Talent search
Chico: With dancers, ballers, and spam. I think it's spam.
Don: A lot of weird people there...
Jason: And monkeys. Lots of Monkeys
Chico: And a guy from Texas Justice. And a Senior Jewish Rapper. And an acrobat..
Jason: Damn.
Chico: Should be good television.
Gordon: We have trannies and grannies and monkeys and yodeling and naked people get the picture.
Chico: And it Ricky Minor and the band helping.
Jason: Ricky Minor from AI
Chico: Tonight, the West Coast plays the stage as they're being judged by a panel of three...
Gordon: In the audience is...the talent. The complete front rows are the talent looking to get on stage
Jason: They have to impress the judges...including the Man...David Hasselhoff
Chico: David Hasselhoff (from "Knight Rider", "Baywatch", and "Click", that movie coming up this week). Oh yeah, and apparently he's a damn good singer.
Gordon: He has 6 platinum albums in Europe. What does that tell you about Europe?
Chico: Not much. Next, singer and actress Brandy.
Gordon: Brandy has a TV show and 3 platinum albums - none of which have shown up in the past 10 years.
Chico: She's got two gold, three plats, a movie, and a TV show.
Gordon: She wants to see something that she's never seen before.
Chico: And finally, Piers Morgan... a journalist from the UK.. that no one has heard of.
Jason: right.
Gordon: Piers Morgan. Simon Cowell. 5 and 6 letters. Coincedence?
Don: When I first heard "Piers Morgan", I thought, "Who?"
Chico: Me too. "You all think you've got talent? Come and prove it to me." Each judge has an X that sounds like the PYL passed spin cue. Because we got to keep this show moving, we got to get rid of all the bad talent quickly. Think of it as the high-tech version of the hook.
Gordon: Each judge has an X. If they hate a talent, they hit the buzzer. If all 3 X's show up, then you are through.
Chico: First, a first roll-call. Dave the Horn Guy.
Gordon: Sort of like what we can do here.
Jason: Next, At Last, Syd, the Kid, Bobby Badfingers.
Gordon: The professional 'Snap Artist'. Will he be gone in a snap?
Chico: A professional snapper... who was prolly on 30 Seconds Four Years ago. First, Bobby Badfingers. With the same act he did, four years ago.
Don: I think I remember this guy.
Jason: Not bad.
Chico: He's a beast.
Gordon: He can snap iun rhythm. It's not too bad.,
Gordon: And he dances...poorly, but it should get him through
Jason: Damn.
Chico: And he survives.
Don: Not bad at all.
Gordon: he gets tired at the end, but he does survive
Chico: Piers says he has "Something." He loves it.
Gordon: Piers doesn't know why he loved it...but he does.
Chico: David says more power to him. Brandy: "You killed it. I loved it."
Gordon: They all snap in approval
Jason: Snap...
Chico: Bobby Badfingers has talent, as he moves through. *snaps*
Gordon: Bobby wants to find the million. He's one step closer to it.
Jason: Next is Dave The Horn Guy.
Chico: He's horny... with 25 horns on his jump suit.
Gordon: he has Bike Horns attached all over his body
Don: Oh, boy...
Chico: Piers. X
Jason: He is doing Frere Jacques.
Chico: Next, MC Dave the Horn Guy. With the remix.
Jason: X
Gordon: He takes out a beanie. He does the rifts from Nu Shoe's I Can't Wait'. Remember that song?
Jason: I do.
Gordon: He does get through - but not without Piers telling him to go to the end of the pier.
Don: Ouch.
Chico: Piers: You belong on the end of a pier.. Preferably off the end of a pier. Brandy was entertained. David... thought it was great.. for Hollywood Blvd. David's the tie-breaking vote... and he's through.
Gordon: Ouch, but Brandy and David want to see him again, so he makes it.
Jason: Next is....
Chico: Next, Blue Velvet.
Don: That was quick.
Gordon: And they are quickly bounced
Chico: And Piers passes the spin... so do David and Brandy... in the opening. Damn. That is Video Wall right there.
Jason: Damn. I would have liked to seen a lil more from then.
Gordon: So apparently, when we are looking for 'Talent', we're not looking for 'Real' talent.
Jason: Right.
Gordon: So don't expect many legit talents to get in.
Jason: I agree.
Chico: Actually, I thought it was kind of chintsy... but then again, I'm from a different time, so :-) But seriously.. that was the equivalent of a Gang Gong.
Gordon: It didn't have enough time to develop to see if it was chintsy. At least give them 10 seconds
Don: Yeah, that was too quick.
Chico: Let's just say then that first impressions are lasting impressions.
Jason: Next...At Last.
Chico: Next, At Last... hip hop-a-pella.
Gordon: At Last gets an actual introduction...which means that they will easily get through the first round
Chico: I hope so.
Chico: They sound awesome.
Gordon: Of course it would be better if they did this in tune. X
Chico: "Ain't No Sunshine" is the song.
Gordon: This is awful.
Chico: Give'em time.. Actually, this is more one guy and three backup.
Gordon: This is just consistently pitchy. I understand the concept, but you need to be on pitch.
Jason: They have to improve to get farther.
Gordon: At least Blue Velvet was in tune.
Chico: I didn't think so. I thought it was screechy. But it looks like they're going to get a golden ticket and then some.
Gordon: If Blue Velvet was Screechy, then this was Dustin Diamond.
Chico: Brandy loves the look and the sound.
Gordon: Piers was almost flawless, which means that none of them have perfect pitch.
Chico: It's a three-sweep. They're in.
Gordon: Does this mean that I am forced to hear them again?
Chico: Yes.
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: Gah.
Don: Apparently so.
Chico: Embrace the a cappella.. It is your friend.
Gordon: A capella is my friend. Rockapella is awesome. That...wasn't.
Chico: Next is ... Syd the Kid. A stand-up comic. .. at 8.
Gordon: Sydney 'The Kid' Park is up next, and she wants to be an 8 year old comedian.
Jason: She has attitude to spare!
Gordon: X
Chico: She got me until the whole "We're like this." X
Jason: You are right. X
Gordon: She talks about fat black women and asking them to stop wearing her clothes. At least she's funnioer than Bonnie McFarland.
Chico: She's funnier than most people.. which isn't saying much.
Jason: Who isnt?
Chico: Piers thinks she's one of the funniest at eight.
Gordon: Piers thinks that she's going to be one of the funniest comedians around. Maybe he's been watching too much Last Comic Standing,
Chico: David calls the set awesome, and she's through. Next, Chuck... err, Regis calls Gary Faulkner, Alexis Jordan, and Kenny Shelton
Jason: Kenny Shelton is a juggler.
Gordon: Next up - Kenny Shelton, who is a juggler who thinks that he may be a bit too eager andmove too fast
Chico: Who juggles to Rednex's Cotton-Eyed Joe.
Jason: X
Gordon: That already looks like a set up for disaster. X
Don: Not exactly the best juggler... X
Chico: Piers and David... X. Me... X. And Piers & David press Brandy's buzzer.
Gordon: Piers - It's like running the marathon and dropping the baton.
Chico: To be a good juggler, you can't drop things. How true is that?
Don: Oh, he'd better not drop those knives.
Chico: He gets one more shot with knives.
Gordon: Knives, while balancing on a ball with a plank of wood. THAT one he does correctly.
Chico: Should've started with that.
Gordon: He redeems himself and he comes back.
Don: Yeah.
Jason: Oh boy...
Don: The world's worst impressionist on the way?
Chico: Yep
Don: Yipes.
Chico: I'm going to give Yoda the business before he even comes on. X
Gordon: Im not going to give him an X. He gets a Y for Yoda. Y.3
Chico: The force is weak sauce with this one.
Jason: Shall not vote for him I wont.
Chico: Next, the Shadow Dancers.
Jason: Now we have a horse and pirates....X
Don: Um, I'm not exactly sure what this is supposed to be...
Chico: Miniature ponies and mummers... and pirates. We love Ninjas! X
Don: Hearing some booing... X
Gordon: They have people dressed with pirates and playing with a donkey. I prefer the ninjas. X
Jason: Lots of booing.
Chico: Buzz'em! Piers says what we all are thinking.. "What the hell was that?" Audience? BOO!
Jason: Damn.
Gordon: Piers decides to let the audience vote. They boo the Shadow Dancers off the stage. Now how did they get a full time and Blue Velvet get 5 seconds?
Don: Good question...
Jason: Pirates Love and Abandonment.
Chico: I have no idea. Love triangle with a horse. You be the judge, America.
Gordon: Must be Mini Pony Envy
Chico: Next is Bernie who moves like Elvis... and dresses like Liberace. Rhinestone Cowboy anyone?
Don: Oldest male stripper?
Jason: Uh oh....
Gordon: he was a nuclear physicist. Now he's the world's oldest male stripper.
Chico: Bernie Barker is the world's oldest male stripper... who was on IGAS a while back.
Jason: X for him being on IGAS
Chico: And I hated him then too. X.
Don: I must have missed that episode of IGAS, then.
Chico: Piers says no. X. Brandy... X
Don: X
Gordon: Can we get the Shadow Dancers back on? X
Chico: Kid in the crowd... eyes ciovered.
Jason: David what are you thinking?
Chico: He likes torture. BRANDY hits David's buzzer.
Jason: Piers hits David's Buzzer...
Chico: David: "This is talent!"
Jason: I hit David's Buzzer! He was being sarcastic.
Chico: Everyone in America is hitting David's buzzer.
Gordon: Brandy and piers lunge over and hit David's buzzer for him. David yells at them, saying that it was talent.
Chico: Piers: "Never". David... "Yes."
Jason: WHAT????
Chico: Brandy... sides with David.
Don: Oh, no...
Chico: What? The audience is like ... WTF?
Jason: David is on crack...and so is Brandy for that one.
Gordon: Brandy calls him hot. Bernie says that America will see more of him., David wanted to know how much further Bernie will go. David apparently has a thing for 60 year old men.
Chico: Next, a singer, aged 14... singing "I Hav eNothing" is Alexis Jordan
Gordon: Once again. if you want to have talent, you have to hit the notes. X>
Jason: X
Chico: Way too breathy. X. Couple more years of training will fix that.
Don: X
Gordon: American Idol has nothing to worry about so far.
Chico: Nope. The ending was sharp. And not in the good way.
Gordon: Yet she inexplicably gets a standing ovation. Are we all just watching a different show than the judges?
Jason: Yes.
Chico: David called it fantastic. Brandy: "You got it."
Jason: Alexis is crying.
Gordon: I'm crying too.
Chico: Piers: Called song choice difficult. "If you hit that big note, you are a star. And you hit that note."
Gordon: Noooo she didn't.
Chico: Nope. Not by a longshot. It's a sweep, though. Would you say the same things if she was older than 14?
Gordon: She cries off the stage and gets kisses from her brother and hugs from the mom. AwwwwBarf
Chico: Next up, Harry Carrey, Kevin Johnson, Kathy Kavanaugh, Eddie Haskell.... after the break.
Don: Oh geez, I think I saw a guy with a pair of saws...
Chico: Me too. That had anime written all over it, if you ask me.
Gordon: We had knives before. Why not saws?
Don: Here's the saw guy now...
Chico: Next on stage... the dude with the saws, Eddie Haskell.
Gordon: He looks like Richard O'Brien. I like him already
Jason: Eddie Haskell and the singing Saws...
Chico: Those saws... sing. One two three! X
Jason: And in 5 seconds....bye bye.
Chico: David says that they weren't ready for Eddie.
Gordon: I did like the idea...but once again, he didn't hit the pitch either. X
Chico: Next, Kevin Johnson and two puppets. "Three Xes, so don't screw this up, buddy." Here's Piers'. X. Whoa... Overdub.
Jason: Cute, but Ok. X
Gordon: I've seen the shtick done before. It always impresses me when it's done. It's recycled, but he did it well.
Chico: Godzilla joke is like me after a pizza.. Tired. X
Don: Neat Godzilla bit, I gotta admit.
Gordon: Piers apologized for premature buzzing.
Chico: Piers admits he might've been a bit quick. Brandy thought that he was going to get into it.. and she was right.
Gordon: BUT it goes to show you that you have to bring the A game immediately and lead with your best foot forward.
Chico: David... "How do you follow your Godzilla stuff?"  It's a three-way again.
Jason: Good stuff. Won't win, but ok.
Gordon: All 3 of them vote him through. I personally prefer Jay Johnston.
Chico: Agree.
Jason: Jay Johnson is amazing.
Chico: Next, Kathy Kavanaugh, a singing harpist.
Gordon: We have a singing harpist next. Based on the judges history, this shouldn't last more than 20 seconds. Though I do like her.
Chico: Wow... serene.
Jason: So do I.
Don: Interesting.
Chico: Piers gives her the razz.
Jason: And the buzzing is gone.
Chico: Brandy gives her the razz.. and David makes three.
Jason: done.
Gordon: This is pure classical musical talent - completely inappropriate for a show like this.
Chico: Oh yeah. This is amazing, not fit for a novelty act, though.
Gordon: Piers 'If I die, I'd like you to play this for my funeral'
Chico: It's a no, regrettably.
Jason: Reluctant No.
Chico: But she will play at Piers' funeral.
Jason: The name of Jay's Show again for all the people out there?
Gordon: The Two and Only
Jason: If he ever comes to your town...see it. Great great stuff.
Chico: Really.. I though that was Jeff Dunham's show... no, wait that was "Talking to Myself." Next is Harry Carrey, the impersonation guy.
Gordon: Make this Hari Kiri. X
Chico: Stick to your day job, Eric Mol. X
Don: X
Chico: Suckjob I am. Prove it, I will. David... Piers... and Brandy... in that order. Gone.
Jason: Knew that was coming :-)
Gordon: Harry doesn't know if they know Shaggy or Yoda. I wouldn't have known it based on those voices.
Chico: Roll call! Jay Myl, The Holy Cow, and Vladimir Malachikhin? First, Vladimir Malachikhin, a balancing act.
Jason: Damn....
Don: Wow.
Chico: Coolie..
Jason: Limber isn't the word on this one :-)
Gordon: Im sorry, when I see thin, it looks like a bad porno. X
Chico: Where's your mind at?
Jason: Applause.
Chico: Nice. Brandy calls it brilliant. Piers thought he'd hate it... but he began to be moved.
Jason: Piers was moved.
Gordon: I actually agree with Piers. Very weak start and David says to come back with a different outfit.
Chico: David says come back with a different outfit. So he will. So far, we've proven people will do anything for a million dollars.. Next, Team AcroDunk. This is gonna be hot. I've seen this on 30 Seconds Before.
Don: Nice.
Jason: Holy cow.
Chico: Piers says X.
Gordon: Seen it done before, but heck it's pretty. Go for me.
Chico: I'll agree with Gordon on that.
Jason: Same here.
Chico: Brandy called it amazing. David calls it amazing. Piers calls them the new Harlem Globetrotters. They're through.
Don: Awesome.
Gordon: David and Brandy say yes. Piers says no, but he's outvoted.
Chico: Next, Jay Myl, master of the nose flute... and bad pirate dresser.
Jason: OH boy...I think this will be a 10 seconder.
Chico: You're giving it too much credit, J.
Gordon: I think we may get a unanimous vote on this one.
Gordon: Not eve on pitch. X.
Don: X
Jason: X
Chico: X. Go home. They're holding their ears! Judges are in agreements.
Jason: And Jay rips the judges.
Don: Oh geez, now he's arguing with them.
Gordon: Jay is actually getting more mileage insulting the judges.
Chico: "Singers have been known to be tone-deaf, too." That was to David... Whoa. Deep.
Don: The "Microwave of Death"?
Chico: When did this become Brainiac?
Jason: Screw it. I have seen Hasselhoff live and sing on Broadway. He isn't as horrid as people give him credit for.
Gordon: So we're at the halfway mark. What do you guys think of the show so far?
Chico: You know, he isn't that bad... he just has cheesy production numbers.
Jason: It's fun.
Chico: You ever see the Hooked on a Feeling video?
Jason: Yes. That is quality cheese.
Chico: Indeed.
Gordon: I agree with Chico. This is cheese, but it's decent cheese.
Don: Interesting show so far.
Chico: So does America have talent? And if so... WHERE THE (^_^) IS IT?
Jason: Not here yet.
Chico: You know what we need.. the Alley Cats :-)
Jason: Who are they?
Chico: They're an a cappella group that was on 30 Seconds when it premiered. They're really good.
Jason: Fort Minor NBA it.
Chico: Not FOCS good or Duwende good, but still good. Roll call! Ivan Pecel, Nathan Burton, The Boofant Sisters, and Betty Victor. Betty's first.
Jason: She will be gone in 10 seconds.
Chico: She wants to make people feel good. We'll see. She sings "God Bless America".
Don: Sorry... X
Jason: X
Chico: X
Gordon: It may be Betty Victor, but I feel like a loser. X.
Chico: Piers... Piers for Brandy... And David.  "My high note is really good." I don't doubt it. But still... Go home.
Gordon: Piers blames his twitching on an earwig.
Jason: Go home.
Chico: David says... not on this show.
Jason: Oh dear....
Jason: brb
Chico: Next, the Boofant Sisters. Piers, right away... Gong. Brandy.. right away, gong. This is the worst Bonnie Tyler I've ever heard! X
Don: X
Gordon: Rudy and Vicky are the Boofant sisters. One of them is a trannie and is turning around as they sing turn around
Chico: And David is outbuzzered again.
Gordon: My stomach is turning around. X
Chico: Them and Bernie the stripper. What do you think?
Gordon: I think they would be better with the Shadow Dancers.
Chico: Piers wants them to turn around... and go.
Don: Though I think they need a rule where each judge can only hit their own buzzer. This bit about them hitting each other's buzzers doesn't seem right to me.
Chico: David.... is confused. Brandy says no. I agree... but you have to admit.. it's damn funny.
Gordon: Total Eclipse of the Heart is the actual song title.
Don: True.
Gordon: They were funny - but not funny enough.
Chico: Next is Ivan Pecel. David and Piers say no.
Gordon: We have more juggling and it's just borrrring. X.
Chico: And Brandy begrudgingly buzzes. And so do I. X
Gordon: Brandy blames her buzzing on peer pressure
Chico: And David is laughing about it. The audience loved it.
Gordon: David and Piers are about to get booed out of the building
Chico: Piers and David stress that this is a talent show to find someone who is worthy of a million bucks. And I happen to agree with them. David says no. David... "Are you guys watching the same show I am?"
Gordon: It was good juggling...but I agree with Piers. He was BORING.
Chico: Brandy says that that is his talent... Piers is coerced into agreement... Hoo boy.
Gordon: At least the guy with the knives was interesting.
Chico: And we have our first judge fight.
Jason: The Hoff was right.
Chico: I agree. This is a talent show. Sure he may be talented, but it has to satisfy the two halves. Talent... and show. He had talent... Where's the show?
Gordon: I agree with Chico. juggling should not be sleep inducing. Now darts, on the other hand, is sleep inducing.
Gordon: Maybe we need to have someone juggle darts and it would be interesting
Chico: Or women. You ever see someone juggle women?
Don: That I'd want to see.
Chico: I'm feeding you the joke, Gordon :-)
Gordon: I've seen women jiggle. Does that count?
Jason: How about juggling bombs.
Chico: Speaking of which, it's back to the show. Next, Nathan Burton and the Microwave of Death. Kids don't try this at home...
Jason: Wow.
Chico: No seriously... don't. That was pretty cool...
Jason: LOL
Gordon: In comes a white guy. out comes a black guy, who becomes fly.
Chico: Piers has had enough. X.
Jason: Not bad.
Chico: Now it's back to white guy.
Don: Wow.
Chico: I like this guy... and he's still pretty fly. For a white guy :-)
Gordon: Seen it done before. Still cool. I like it
Chico: Brandy called it clever. Piers calls it the oldest trick in the book. David votes yes.
Jason: He is through.
Chico: Brandy is the tiebreaker..
Gordon: David and Brandy once again trump Piers.
Chico: Next, Holy Cow.
Gordon: I'd much rather see judges though who, if it's a not their cup of tea, give them the benefit of the doubt
Don: ... The heck?
Chico: Cover your eyes!
Jason: Udderly bad. X
Chico: Mad cow. X. And here comes the milk.
Don: Don't drink that milk. X
Gordon: Now this is the talent I want to see. I love it. This is awesome
Jason: You are kidding right?
Chico: Brandy and Piers... X. David gives him the survivor. Piers thinks young children will love it.
Gordon: I think he should milk this act for all it's worth.
Chico: Brandy thought it was strange. David.. "Udderly ridiculous." Mooooooving on. Roll call! Michael Speaks, JR Johns and his best friends, Vladik.
Jason: Next act time...
Chico: Next up is... Michael Speaks. Gospel singer. Fred Hammond is somewhere saying "That's my act. Go on boy."
Gordon: Best singer of the night. This is a Gedeon McKinney like performance. AND he's in tune.
Jason: I like it.
Chico: He's alright.
Don: Sounds good.
Gordon: I'm just happy a singer is actually in tune.
Jason: Praise the Lord and pass the guy on through.
Chico: Brandy is thinking Gospel Superstar. David calls it from this heart. Goes right to the soul. Piers calls it the best juggling act,.
Gordon: Piers says that Michael was also the best juggler of the night when he caught his microphone
Don: lol
Chico: He serves that. Next, Vladik Miagkostoupov.
Jason: Vladic is next...and I X another bad juggler.
Gordon: Oh look. Another juggler. At least he made it exciting and it wasn't just standing and juggling. He actually had choreography
Chico: Did he do something? He did something? Piers: You have restored my faith in juggling. "You are a proper performer, thank you." Brandy calls it an art.
Don: I didn't mind that one.
Jason: Ugh....barf.
Gordon: He danced and stuck balls under his neck. It was fluid.
Chico: I think he's going through, then he's going to get stomped.
Gordon: Brandy and Piers out yes David and Vladic goes through.
Chico: Next, Roll call! S. Frank Stringham, the Rapping Granny, Wildlife Wendy. Wendy's first with Wazoo.
Don: Neat sounds.
Chico: Piers... no surprise, has had enough.
Jason: Cute.
Gordon: This needs to go up someone's Wazoo. X
Jason: But X
Chico: Brandy and David follow suit. Can he do this? X
Don: Doesn't seem suited for this. X
Chico: It's a No after Piers has it out with Wendy about birds doing stuff..
Gordon: But she does have a point. Why ask for animal acts when they are just going to vote them off?
Jason: True.
Chico: Again, there's the talent... and then there's the show.
Gordon: I will be ill if a singer wins this.
Chico: Next is JR Johns and Badger. And three of Badger's friends.
Don: Another animal act.
Chico: Balancing dog. Ali G's walking dog..
Jason: Shark Dog
Chico: a flipping dog.
Gordon: Balancing dogs, jumping dogs, and dogs walking in funny costumes. At least the parrot act was smart. X.
Chico: That was wrong. And doggy magic.
Jason: Sorry...both acts should have gone through.
Chico: I'd give this one a pass. Because it had the talent.. and the show. Brandy was on the edge of her seat. Piers thought it was a great performance.
Don: Interesting act.
Chico: They're in the show.
Gordon: I do think it was decnet - but the other act should have gotten in, too
Jason: Agreed.
Chico: Next is S. Frank Stringham... A balloon entertainer who just goes by S.
Jason: over under---10 seconds.
Chico: under. He's a singing comedian balloon artist.
Jason: X
Jason: Burst it.
Chico: Suggestive. Quoting Arte Johnson.. Vetty interesting... BUT STUPID! X.
Gordon: And Parrot lady got X'd, eh?...X
Don: Too weird for me. X
Chico: And here comes the Regis balloon!
Jason: Next is the rappin Granny.
Chico: I can dig it.
Jason: Sorry...she is wack X
Gordon: She is called the Rappin Granny. She needs to go back and siton her Fanny. X.
Chico: She got the crowd going. You have to give her that.
Jason: And the bird lady didn't get through....
Gordon: This isn't about Likable. You want Likable, get Dat Phan to audition.
Chico: But no one likes Dat Phan. Piers: "You are what this show is all about."
Jason: Then we are in trouble.
Chico: It's a three-way sweep. Yes.
Jason: I think we are done for the night. Nothing was out there.
Chico: Nope, but we still have at least a couple more shows to go. We'll see something. And there'll be something for everyone. Okay, thoughts, starting with Block.
Jason: Thoughts...enjoyable cheese. B-
Chico: Don?
Don: I'd say this is a neat show. Some weird stuff, but I can see better stuff happening soon. And I do like the idea of using SFX from classic game shows for the strikes. My grade at this point: B
Chico: It is pretty much Gong Show-esque. Good to see good old-fashioned variety back on TV... I just wish some of it was good. But concept is good.
Gordon: It's a good thing that the show is America's Got Talent, not America Wants Originality. It's talent, It's shmaltzy cheese, and only the stuff that's been done before (and usually better) get through. Let me know when Idol is back on.
Chico: Will do, chief. Meanwhile, join us next week when we hit the east coast. I'm Chico Alexander, goodnight, Jason.
Jason: Good Night Chico. Good Night Don.
Don: Goodnight, Jason. Goodnight, Gordon.
Gordon: Good night Jason, Chico and Don.
Chico: And good night America. :-)

(C-Note: Acts that we didn't see that made it are Celtic Spring, Sugar & Spice, Jessica Sanchez, Adversity, Rabbi Baptiste, George Kay, Andy Tichenga, Conrad Wright, Sean & John, Natasha Lee, Rialis, Caitlin Taylor-Love, Marla & Michelle, Hell If I Know, Jess Shell, Stilt World, Hoopalicious, and Desperation Squad.)


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