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August 9


Nine teams have the opportunity to do what the Jabbawockeez, Super Cr3w & Quest Crew did - and be America's Next Dance Crew

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host Mario Lopez
Co-Host Layla Kayleigh
Creator Randy Jackson
EP Joel Gallen
Abe Hoch
Randy Jackson
Rob Lee
Howard Schwartz
Karen Schwartz
Harriet Sternberg
Austin Wagner
Packager Warner Horizon Television
Origins Los Angeles
Airs 9p Sun, MTV
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Round of 8

Last week on America's Best Dance Crew, we got to hear from the judges, who decided that Fr3sh wasn't fresh enough. This week, we get our first input from the audience, who'll let us know who wasn't fresh enough for them. Welcome to episode 2! The week's theme - Beyonce. The Beyonce challenge is to create a routine based on the music and moves of Miss Knowles.

Mario calls the 8 teams back. As you know, Mario will reveal the 6 safe crews one by one, with the bottom 2 crews being threatened for their existance onthe show. The first 2 crews who are safe...We Are Heroes and Rhythm City! I can't argue with either of them - I thought they were both solid.

We Are Heroes get 'Single Ladies' and their dance move is 'The Grind', which is the art of pelvis shaking. That's the move that the ladies DIDN'T want to see, but the shaking and strobing in high heels will have to do. Can they pull it off?

What The Judges Say: Shane Sparks gives them applause and props for being hot. Lil' Mama loved what they did with the heart move. JC liked the ripples and styles - but wanted to see them use some more stage.

What I Say: I thought the beginning and the heart was very clumsy. It looked more like they were being shocked in the water. But they got their act together and really impressed. And the leg locking at the end of the act was sweet.

Rhythm City gets 'Sweet Dreams', which is her latest single. The move they have to bring is The Charleston, which is less of a sweet dream and more of a beautiful nightmare if they can't control it. How does the dance turn out?

What The Judges Say: Lil Mama liked thwe fact they used a bed and special effects, but they wanted more energy. JC wants them to respect their history and wanted to see it being taken to the next level. Shane called it creative and noted the nod to Michael Jackson.

What I Say: I liked what they did with the bed, and yes, the Michael Jackson zombie moves to 'Beautiful Nightmare' was fun, but I didn't see a Charleston. And while it was creative, the whole idea of the challenge was to make it feel like a Beyonce dance, and while it was fun, it failed on that level. A definite step down from last week.

Let's get some more safe crews. We get...The Massive Monkees and Beat Ya Feet Kings. The Monkees get to 'Work It Out' with Hula Hoops. They need to figure out how to get it together by showtime. Can they?

What The Judges Say: JC shows one of the people going through the hoops and another person jumping over it. He liked it, but accuses them of taking a break between the stunts. Shane liked the threading between the hoops, but didn't like the act overall. Lil Mama liked the showmanship with the hoops.

What I Say: They didn't conventionally use the hoop until the end, but the leap through the hoops was fun. That being said, there was too much resting and not enough fun. Sort of disappointed here.

Speaking of disappointing, the Beat Ya Feet Kings finished in the Bottom 3 last week. They want to step it up with 'Crazy in Love', but can they redeem themselves from last week's mess?

What The Judges Say: Shane loves their queen being the Beyonce, but wants them to think more outside of the box. JC thought it was ok and liked their respects to the other teams, but they were sloppy. Lil Mama liked the pumping and jumping.

What I Say: This is the first group that actually features a Beyonce' like character. She worked it very well. The problem was the guys behind her, who continue to be sloppy and not in unison. As sloppy teams usually find their way out of the competition rather quickly, their next trip to the bottom 2 will probably be their last.

We have 4 crews left. Afroborike and The Southern Movement are listed in front of Mario. so are Vogue Evolution and Artistry in Motion. The 2 crews who are safe are...The Southern Movement and Vogue Evolution! Afroborike and Artistry in Motion will be going up against each other for survival.

But first we start with Southern Movement, who gets 'Jumpin', Jumpin'', who have to jump, bounce, twist and dip. Can they bounce back without dipping in the ratings?

What The Judges Say: Lil Mama liked their improvement, but wanted them to bring more. Shane liked being in sync with the moves. JC thought they came out clean and strong and liked their improved height levels (with them throwing Rita in the air), but questioned their difficulty levels.

What I Say: The lady did the bouncing and carried the team. As for the rest of them - yes, they were clean, but it felt like the same routine I saw last week. It also really didn't fit the challenge and I want to see something different from them next week.

The last safe crew is Vogue Evolution, who gets 'Deja Vu'. Their challenge is to add African Flavor to it. Can we have a sense of fun Deja Vu (and no, I don't mean a deja vu of what I saw last week, which is what I felt with the Southern Movement).

What The Judges Say: JC just got woken up and loved the performance, adding that they really connected with the audience. Lil Mama gives them a standing ovation and found Beyonce, adding that it took a transgendered woman to bring out Beyonce. Heh. Shane called Leloni fearless and understand how they got on the show.

What I Say: The final move with Leloni flipping from a headstand to use 2 dancers as a throne was sweet. Last week, I liked them because it was something new. This week I liked them because I thought they were really good. Best dancing so far and a legitimate threat to take the whole thing.

It's now time do the head to head battle. Artistry in Motion gets the song 'Diva' and have to work with a chain, with all of them playing with it at the same time. They wind up using it to corral the leading lady, then uses it to corral the rest of the dancers.

Afroborike's song is 'Beautiful Life', and they have to incorporate sexy belly dancing moves. The women have the curves, so it's simple. The guys? Not so much. They wind up with a very scintilating routine, featuring the women flipping over and under the guys, complete with Frankensteiners, cartwheels and leg limbos.

What The Judges Say:

Artistry in Motion: Lil Mama thought the chain was helding them back, but preffered it when they were dancing withouth the chain. JC loved the storyline on the chains, but didn't want the ladies to hold back on the movement.

Afroborike: Shane loved the women's modified frankensteiners on the guys and loved what they brought to the party. JC loved the chemistry and the sexuality balance. He loved the sideways cartwheels.

What I Say: I'm trying to figure out how either of these crews were in the bottom 2 this week. Neither crew should be leaving. Artistry In Motion's dance was fun and told a story, but Afroborike's act this week was amazing, with the cartwheels, flips and all. And if the audience is awake, the winner of this battle will not be in the bottom 2 next week.

Back to the show. The crew that will be staying is....Afroborike! Artistry in Motion are eliminated, but they were not even close to the worst group tonight and they should have stuck around for much longer. That should have been Beet Ya Feet Kings and Rhythm City, and I sense they may be seeing the bottom next week.

Team Rankings:

Vogue Evolution
We Are Heroes
The Massive Monkees
Southern Movement
Beat Ya Feet Kings
Rhythm City

As for next week, the theme is Martial Arts. Join us next week when we get Kung Fu Fighting and see who's fast as lightning.

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