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Teams will plan, open, and run their very own restaurant - all in 24 hours - for $10,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Scott Conant
Creator/EP Donna McLurchie
Packager CBS EyeToo Productions for Food Network
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Airs 10p Wed, Food

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All in the Family Battle
July 18

Have you ever thought about opening a restaurant? Well it's not just get a building, get some food, and get to work. There's budgetary concerns... there's decor... It's a real business. And the people on this show probably have no business undertaking it, but there you are. Welcome to "24Hour Restaurant Battle", where two teams each week get a shot at their dream of opening a restaurant.

Mookie & Saoul Hicks
Laurel, MD
Jane Pofcher-Goldman & Rachel Nason
mother & daughter

They have 24 hours before service to set up concepts, decor, and menus. They will be given their own half of a building, their own kitchen and wait staff, their own cookware, and a budget of $4000. They will be judged by the customers as well as host Scott Conant and three heavy-hitters of the New York culinary scene. The players that best run their restaurant win $10,000.

Restaurant Names

Mookie & Saoul: BISTRO URBANA Progressive Soul
Jane & Rachel: D'LISH (a melting pot of ... stuff)


Jane & Rachel want to take the "small plates" idea and run with it. They're going for multiple items on the menus.  Meanwhile, Mookie & Saoul are going more for depth and flavors.

Next comes decor. Saoul is a senior graphic designer. He wants his place to look very chich.


The teams are heading to a local market to go shopping. One of the big issues is that Mookie doesn't make. Jane & Rachel spend $1800 on food, while Mookie & Saoul get enough to spend some more on front-of-house.


Jane thinks of this as mission impossible with the $2200 for front of house. Mookie realizes that he's got 75 portions for 100 covers. He's going to have to combine two entrees. Meanwhile, Rachel notices that they have a lot of stuff. Jane arrives and notices that they're really flustered.




Prep. While Jane looks for something on her walls.


Antipasto: Cured Meats & Vegetables; Imported Cheese Plate
Salad: Classic Caesar Salad, Arugula Salad, Red & Yellow Beet Salad
Entrees: Tuna Tartare, Lump Crab Cakes, Pan-Fried Scallops, Stuffed Arancini
Dessert: Berries with Creme Anglaise, Bread Pudding, Humboldt Fog Cheese

First: Farm Greens with Grapefruit Vinaigrette, Cajun Catfish with Grits, Crab Spinach & Artichoke Gratin, Crab Tomato Soup
Second: Smoked Salmon Filet, Chocolate Barbecue chicken, Chef Mookie's Louisiana Stew
Sweet Ending: Double Chocolate Brownie, Fruit Cobbler, both of which are coming from store-bought materials.

Meanwhile, Saoul is working on his own artwork. Meanwhile, Rachel's sous-chef is messing up the bread pudding. According to the type A perfectionist.


Everyone seems to be gravitating toward D'Lish. But Bistro Urbana gets their first table seated. D'Lish is the first to have to waitlist patrons. Over at Bistro Urbana, there are customers who want hot sauce, but that's not how Mookie rolls.

Things are starting to slow down in D'Lish. To the point that there are walkouts.

The judges start to walk into the diners with Scott. Tonight, we have chef Geoffrey Zakarian, restauranteur Jason Denton, and Gabriella Gersenshon of Time Out New York. D'Lish is fresh and eclectic in atmosphere. The presentation is a sign of someone who cares about food, however the tartare is bland. The salads score out of the gate. The entrees as well... except for the arancini, which has no flavor. As for the structure of the meal, there's just a lot of appetizers. The dessert needed ambition, AND the bread pudding was 86ed at the last second. Jane & Rachel are not really happy with the way the food is cooked. But at the end of the day, good food is good food, and these are excuses. Rachel & Jane were ambitious. Rachel knows a lot of ingredients. The customers loved the promise, but not all of them believe she delivered.

Over at Bistro Urbana, Saoul talks about his artwork. The decor is sophisticated. The appetizers show his passion for cooking, but Saoul's blanking out indicates a disconnect with the front and back. The entrees showcase the chef's hand, especially the lighter ones. As for dessert... they just phoned it in with the store-bought ingredients, and if you're a real chef, you frown on that. A LOT. They had a real vision, and Mookie's passion for food, but their polite manner may have hurt him.

At the end of the day, both teams did what they set out to do: open a restaurant in 24 hours. But for one team, it's going to pay out in a $10,000 profit.

The winner of this 24 Hour Restaurant Battle is...



... BISTRO URBANA! From the sweet ending of dessert comes the sweet ending.

Two more teams next time. Until then... No charge.

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.foodnetwork.com/24hourrestaurantbattle