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WEDNESDAY November 17:
Olney, MD
Sophomore, Maryland
Bethesda, MD
Senior, Williams
Levittown, NY
Sophomore, St. Johns

Jeopardy! categories: US Cities, When They Were in College, Bestsellers, Last Year's News, Physics, "Mid" Terms

Daily Double: $1000 US Cities. Casey ($4200 to Ari's $1000 and Vicky's $400) says, "I'd like to go all-in, Alex." Clue: On a "table" of Arizona's most populous cities, this one would be listed third. Casey's guess: "What is Mesa?" Correct for a double-up, $8400.

End of Round:
Casey - $9200
Ari - $4200
Vicky - $3200

Double Jeopardy! categories: Remains to Be Seen, A Quickie With Superman, This Means War! , Cooking, Tools of the Trade, E Before I.

Daily Double #1: $800 E Before I. Ari ($11,000 to Casey's $6800 and Vicky's $11,000) wagers $2500. Clue: Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is located in this capital. Ari's guess: "What is Beijing?" Correct response: "What is Taipei?"; Ari drops to $8500.

Daily Double #2: $1600 Tools of the Trade. Casey (now with a researcher-augmented $12,000 to Ari's $9700 and Vicky's $7600) wagers $4400. Clue: Tusa's Visio, with a polycarbonate frame, is this piece of scuba equipment. Casey's guess: "What are goggles?" Correct response: "What is a mask?"; Casey drops to $7600, still a close match.

End of Round:
Casey - $10,800
Ari - $13,300
Vicky - $7600

Final Jeopardy! Category: Science News. Answer: in June 2000, Bill Clinton described it as "the most wondrous map ever produced". Correct response: What is the human genome?
Vicky's question: What (WRONG) Wager: $7600. Final score: $0.
Casey's question: What is the Human Genome? (RIGHT) Wager: $5133. Final score: $15,933.
Ari's question: What is the human genome project? (RIGHT) Wager: $8301. Final score: $21,601 - FINALIST

TA Chico Says...: I was afraid this was going to happen. None of my finals picks were in today's game, so my bracket is shot down and gone to hell now. In any event, all three players are to be congratulated on a very close match in Double Jeopardy!, even as it was really a two-man race between Casey and Ari for the majority of the round. However, Ari knew exactly what he had to do in the Final Jeopardy!, and he done did it, granting him a ticket to the big dance.

THURSDAY November 18:

Plano, TX
Junior, Columbia
Pittsburgh, PA
Sophomore, Dickinson
Knoxville, TN
Freshman, Davidson

Jeopardy! categories: Rocks & Stuff, I Played Them on TV, Famous Friendships, NASA Products, Things to Give Thanks For, Foreign Words & Phrases

Daily Double: $800 Famous Friendships. Lily ($2000 to Rachel's $2400 and Amory's $2800) fronts everything. Clue: This adventurous man was a close friend of George Bernard Shaw & changed his name to TE Shaw in 1927. Lily's guess: "Who is Lawrence of Arabia?" Correct for a double-up, $4000.

End of Round:
Lily - $6000
Rachel - $6400
Amory - $3400

Double Jeopardy! categories: Tour de France; Cinema Trivia; Earls Gone Wild; Art History Class; You Get an "F"; Find a Job, Kid.

Daily Double #1: $1600 Earls Gone Wild. Rachel ($11,600 to Lily's $6800 and Amory's $5000) wagers the level. Clue: Lord chancellor of this country, 1789-1802, the Earl of Clare fought against rights for Catholics there. Rachel's guess: "What is Ireland?" Correct for $12,200.

Daily Double #2: $1600 Find a Job, Kid. Lily ($10,000 to Rachel's $14,800 and Amory's $10,600) wagers $3000. Clue: the name of this job comes from the Greek for "dance writing". Lily's guess: "What is a choreographer?" Correct for $13,000.

End of Round:
Lily - $13,000
Rachel - $16,800
Amory - $10,600

Final Jeopardy! Category: American Novels. Answer: the image seen here is part of Faulkner's original text of this 1930 novel. Correct response: What is "As I Lay Dying"?
Amory's question: What is As I Lay Dying? (RIGHT) Wager: everything. Final score: $21,200.
Lily's question: What is As I Lay Dying? (RIGHT) Wager: $8201. Final score: $21,201.
Rachel's question: What is As I Lay Dying? (RIGHT) Wager: $6800. Final score: $23,600 - FINALIST

TA Chico Says...: All things considered, this was a pretty evenly-contested match that came down to who got what where. Speed on the buzzer got the three ladies to where they were today, and in the Final Jeopardy!, each one was rather quick on the light pen. And all three knew that the golden rule in semi-final Final Jeopardy! play: just win, baby. Doesn't really come as a surprise, as the last two games have been a case of "who wants it more", and with favorites Kermin and Kelley playing against underdog Lindsey, there's no reason why tomorrow's game should be any different.

FRIDAY November 19:

Lexington, KY
Junior, Carnegie Mellon
Bristol, WV
Junior, West Virginia
Bel Air, TX
Senior, Texas

Jeopardy! categories: The Body Human, Celebs, Americana, Bewitched, Driving the Green, The "OC"

Daily Double: $1000 Bewitched. Kermin ($3600 to Kelley's $4800 and Lindsey's $1800) wagers the level. Clue: In this Hawthorne tale, a "young" man discovers his neighbors are practicing witchcraft. Kermin's guess: "What is 'Young Goodman Brown'?" Correct for $4600.

End of Round:
Kermin - $7400
Kelley - $5400
Lindsey - $2200

Double Jeopardy! categories: the Renaissance; Before & After; College Newspapers; Russian Around; What Up, Dog?; Basketball with Coach Dixon

Daily Double #1: $1600 What Up, Dog?. Lindsey ($4600 to Kermin's $7400 and Kelley's $5400), having swept the category thus far, wagers $2000. Clue: This breed shares its name with a famous 1830's British science ship. Lindsey's guess: "What is the Beagle?" Correct for $6600.

Daily Double #2: $1200 The Renaissance. Kermin ($11,800 to Kelley's $3000 and Lindsey's $6600) wagers $2000. Clue: King Philip II hated this artist's "Martyrdom at St. Maurice", so he never gained royal favor; he soon moved to Toledo. Kermin's guess: "Who is El Greco?" Correct for $13,800.

End of Round:
Kermin - $28,200
Kelley - $7800
Lindsey - $9000

TA Chico says...: By the look on her face, Lindsey knows she's defeated. Who will join Ari and Rachel? Not a giant question mark, although that would be entertaining to watch.

Final Jeopardy! Category: Famous Women. Answer: In 1952, William Rehnquist graduated first in his class at Stanford Law & she graduated third.  Correct response: Who is Sandra Day O'Connor?
Kelley's question: Who is Sandra Day O'Connor? (RIGHT) Wager: everything. Final score: $15,600 and a dance.
Lindsey's question: Who is Ruth Bader Ginsburg? (WRONG) Wager: $8998. Final score: $2.
Kermin's question: Who is Sandra O'Connor? (RIGHT) Wager: $1041. Final score: $29,241 - FINALIST

TA Chico says...: What did I tell you. So far, a killer mind versus a killer thumb versus... Lindsey, a little bit of both with some luck ion the side. But once Kermin found a rhythm there was little to no chance of either Kelley or Lindsey stopping him. It was his to lose at the end of Double Jeopardy!. That said, here are your final three!

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