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WEDNESDAY November 10:
Lexington, KY
Junior, Carnegie Mellon
Knoxville, TN
Freshman, Davidson
Olney, MD
Sophomore, Maryland

Jeopardy! categories: Reporting from the White House, Video Games, It's a Monarchy, They Do Good Work, Colleges & Universities, "Y"? Because We Like You!

Daily Double: $600 They Do Good Work. Kermin ($6800 to Amory's $1400 and Casey's $2000) wagers the level. Clue: It's the small independent state that's headquarters to the aid group Caritas Internationalis. Kermin's guess: "What is the Vatican?" Correct for $7400.

End of Round:
Kermin - $9600
Amory - $3800
Casey - $2200

Double Jeopardy! categories: Weird History, Films of teh 21st Century, Da Ology Show, Trash Talkin', Travel, By Twain

Daily Double #1: $800 By Twain. Kermin ($13,200 to Amory's $3800 and Casey's $5800) wagers $2200. Clue: It's the title locale of the story Twain originally called "Jim Smiley and his Jumping Frog". Kermin's guess: "Where is Calaveras County?" Correct for $15,400.

Daily Double #2: $1600 Travel. Kermin ($28,200 to Amory's $8600 and Casey's 7000) wagers five dollars to secure his lead late in the round. Clue: The Peer Gynt ski area has been called this country's best place for cross-country skiing. Kermin's guess: "What is Norway" Correct for $28,205.

End of Round:
Kermin - $30,205
Amory - $8600
Casey - $7000

Final Jeopardy! Category: World Flags. Answer: Never directly seen in the Northern Hemisphere, it's featured on the flags of 5 of the world's countries. Correct response: What is the Southern Cross?
Casey's question: What is the Southern Cross? (RIGHT) Wager: $7000. Final score: $14,000.
Amory's question: What is the Southern Cross? (RIGHT) Wager: $2400. Final score: $11,000.
Kermin's question: What is the Southern Cross? (RIGHT) Wager: $1337 (C-Note: Got Leet?). Final score: $31,542 - SEMI-FINALIST

TA Chico Says...: "Da Ology Show"... I was fighting the urge not to say "Booyakasha". Not more than two games in, and Kermin is emerging as a contender, if not the man to beat. If he was any better with mental math skill, he would've been... another Jeopardy! champion. I say that, because the same could've been said for Arthur Gandolfi, the first champ in the Tournament of Champions earlier this year. He was dominating the front game, but eventually lost the championship match. Bottom line, if Kermin wants to win, he's going to have to be a lot more pennywise with his wagers. As for Casey, he knew that in tournament play, if you're behind, you don't just play to stay, you play to win. I say look for him to do some damage as a wild card.

THURSDAY November 11:

New Castle, PA
Sophomore, Pittsburgh
Burlingame, CA
Sophomore, Stanford
Levittown, NY
Sophomore, St. Johns

Jeopardy! categories: Flower, Dough, Cheese, The Upper Crust, "Deep" Dish, We Want Pisa!

Daily Double: $800 Dough. Jeff ($3200 to Amanda's $800 and Vicky's $1800) wagers $1500. Clue: Cherry blossoms are featured on the back of the coin worth 100 of these. Jeff's guess: "What are yen?" Correct for $4700.

End of Round:
Amanda - $2000
Jeff - $6300
Vicky - $4600

Double Jeopardy! categories: The 20th Century, Albums, Foreign Travel, Their Alma Maters, Houses of Worship, Computer Jargon.

Daily Double #1: $1600 The 20th Century. Vicky ($12,200 to Jeff's $9100 and Amanda's $800) wagers $2000. Clue: On Feb. 20, 1962 the destroyer USS Noa found him floating in the Atlantic after a journey of 75,679 miles. Vicky's guess: "Who is Cousteau?" Correct question: Who is John Glenn?; Vicky drops to $10,200.

Daily Double #2: $1200 Their Alma Maters. Amanda ($2000 to Jeff's $7900 and Vicky's $10,200) wagers $1800. Clue: JFK (John Forbes Kerry). Amanda's guess: "What is Yale?" Correct for $3800.

End of Round:
Amanda - $5800
Jeff - $11,500
Vicky - $10,200

Final Jeopardy! Category: British Novel Characters. Answer: WE Henley, the amputee who wrote the brave poem "Invictus", inspired this character in an 1883 book. Correct response: Who is Long John Silver?
Amanda's question: Who is Oliver Twist? (WRONG) Wager: $5800. Final score: $0.
Vicky's question: Who ? (WRONG) Wager: $800. Final score: $9400 - SEMI-FINALIST
Jeff's question: Who is Tiny Tim? (RIGHT) Wager: $4000. Final score: $7500

TA Chico Says...: Vicky did the smart thing in wagering small, guaranteeing her a respectable position in wild-card standing even if she didn't win today. But I wouldn't look for her in the final. She just got lucky this time. And in a way, so did Jeff, as the home court doesn't do well by Amanda. Jeff may have had the game locked up if he didn't decide to be a hero. Instead, he has what may be only a semi-respectable wild card score. He has the skill needed to survive in the front game, but if he makes the semis, he's going to have to step up in the Final. Basically, Jeff made a mistake he didn't need to make today.

FRIDAY November 12:

Kansas City, MO
Junior, Missouri
Bristol, WV
Junior, West Virginia
Fairfield, CT
Junior, Georgetown

Jeopardy! categories: Pits Burg, Monkey Business, That's So Random!, Name That Century, Holidays & Observances, Get a Degree

Daily Double: $1000 Holidays & Observances. Matt ($1800 to Kelley's $7200 and Larry's $1000) says "Let's make it a true Daily Double!" Clue: On July 24 several South American countries celebrate the 1783 birth of this man. Matt's guess: "Who is Simon Bolivar?" Correct for $3600.

End of Round:
Larry - $2600
Kelley - $10,400
Matt - $3000

Double Jeopardy! categories: American Literature, College Football, Merrie Olde England, Resumes of World Leaders, Better Living Through Chemistry, These Words Are in Jeopardy! (correct responses will be composed of letters in the word "jeopardy")

Daily Double #1: $2000 American Literature. Matt ($6600 to Larry's $3000 and Kelley's $14,000) wagers only $1400. Clue: Hemingway's epigraph to this novel includes a biblical passage that begins, "One generation passeth away...". Matt's guess: "What is The Old Man & The Sea?" Correct question: What is The Son Also Rises?; Matt drops to $5200.

Daily Double #2: $1600 Merrie Olde England. Matt ($6000 to Larry's $5000 and Kelley's $14,400) wagers just $1200. Clue: the ceremony of Riding the Bounds in Berwick, Northumberland began as a defense against raiders from this nation. Matt's guess: "What is France?" Correct question: What is France?; Matt drops to $4800.

End of Round:
Larry - $5000
Kelley - $13,200
Matt - $3600

Final Jeopardy! Category: On the Globe. Answer: 2-word alternate name for 0 degrees longitude. Correct response: What is Prime Meridian?
Matt's question: What is Greenwich Mean? (WRONG) Wager: $3600. Final score: $0.
Larry's question: What is the Prime Meridian? (RIGHT) Wager: $5000. Final score: $10,000
Kelley's question: What is the Prime Meridian? (RIGHT) Wager: $3. Final score: $13,203 - SEMI-FINALIST

TA Chico Says...: Someone give Kelley's thumb a band-aid; that trigger just carried her through the rounds! With a stronger mental base during the front games, she could make her way to the big dance next Monday. Matt could've held back like he did with the Daily Doubles, but going for it all and then going for what he THOUGHT was the right answer cost him big. Larry's case is just the opposite, as he comes up with the right answer to put him in prime wild-card contention.

MONDAY November 15:

Plano, TX
Junior, Columbia
Bethesda, MD
Senior, Williams
Bel Air, TX
Senior, Texas

Jeopardy! categories: Pittstory, Nonmusical MTV, Horned Animals, Fraternity Suit, Poetry, What's that Word...?

Daily Double: $800 Poetry. Lily ($6400 to Ari's $5200 and Lindsey's $2600) doubles the level. Clue: He believed "a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars". Lily's guess: "Who is Walt Whitman?" Correct for $8000.

End of Round:
Lily - $8000
Ari - $5200
Lindsey - $2600

Double Jeopardy! categories: Pitt Story, The Enlightenment, The Lone Representative, Our Troubled Planet, International Traffic, Rhyme Time

Daily Double #1: $1600 Rhyme Time. Lindsey ($4200 to Lily's $8400 and Ari's $5200) wagers $2000. Clue: A calamity that befalls the Dutch seat of government. Lindsey's guess: "What is a Hague Plague?" Correct... but too late; Lindsey drops to $2200.

Daily Double #2: $1600 The Enlightenment. Lily ($17,600 to Ari's $5600 and Lindsey's $6200) wagers  $2000. Clue: Time's July 5, 2004 cover story was "the Radical Mind of" this American Enlightenment thinker. Lily's guess: "Who is Benjamin Franklin?" Correct question: Who is Thomas Jefferson?; Lily drops to $15,600.

End of Round:
Lily - $26,400
Ari - $6800
Lindsey - $6200

Final Jeopardy! Category: Beethoven. Answer: Poet & Critic Ludwig Rellstab compared this piano work to a nighttime boat ride on Lake Lucerne. Correct response: What is the Moonlight Sonata?
Lindsey's question: What is Moonlight Sonata? (RIGHT) Wager: $5000. Final score: $11,200.
Ari's question: What is the Moonlight Sonata? (RIGHT) Wager: $6800. Final score: $13,600
Lily's question: What is the Moonlight Sonata? (RIGHT) Wager: $3600. Final score: $30,000 - SEMI-FINALIST

TA Chico Says...: The front game was all Lily, all the time. Alex even noted that her quick dispatch was very Jenningsian (not those words, of course). Broad-base knowledge plus an itchy buzzer finger equals my second instant pick to make the final (the first being Kermin). And kudos to Ari and Lindsey for going big when they needed to clinch a wild-card. Speaking of which, with this game in the books, six of the nine flights to Wednesday's semi are booked, with automatic berths Lily, Kermin, Vicky & Kelley and wild cards Casey and Ari guaranteed slots. Lindsey and Amory are on the bubble. Tomorrow's game will hold all the answers.

TUESDAY November 16:

Pittsburgh, PA
Sophomore, Dickinson
Jacksonville, FL
Sophomore, Florida State
Green Bay, WI
Senior, Wisconsin

Jeopardy! categories: The God Squad, Music on my iPod, Our Founding Fathers, Collegiate Fine Dining, Shocking!, You Have Too Much...

Daily Double: $800 Our Founding Fathers. Rachel ($2000 to Brad's $2000 and Chris's -$800) wagers $1000. Clue: One of the leading architects of the Revolution was this second cousin of the second US President. Chris's guess: "Who was Samuel Adams?" Correct for $3000.

End of Round:
Rachel - $5400
Brad - $3400
Chris - $5400

Double Jeopardy! categories: You're Swimming In It, The Agassi & The Ecstasy, Shakespeare, General Ed., Passing Time on Campus, Double "L".

Daily Double #1: $1600 Shakespeare. Rachel ($11,800 to Brad's $2600 and Chris's $7400) wagers $3000. Clue: Act I of this tragedy begins in a palace in Alexandria. Rachel's guess: "What is 'Antony & Cleopatra'?" Correct for $14,800.

Daily Double #2: $1600 Double "L". Rachel ($17,200 to Brad's $3400 and Chris's $12,600) wagers $2800. Clue: It can refer to the oars used to propel a boat, or a racing boat propelled by those oars. Rachel's guess: "What is a scull?" Correct for $20,000.

End of Round:
Rachel - $19,600
Brad - $5400
Chris - $8200

TA Chico says...: Even if he were to double up on Final Jeopardy!, Brad is pretty much out of it at this point UNLESS he gets FJ! right and his opponents get it wrong AND bet big. The cut-off for wild card is $11,000, set by Amory on the first prelim.

Final Jeopardy! Category: Occupations. Answer: While working as one, Charlotte Bronte complained that one of these "has no existence, is not considered as a living... being". Correct response: What is a governess?
Brad's question: What is a secretary? (WRONG) Wager: $5400. Final score: $0.
Chris's question: What is a maid? (WRONG) Wager: $7800. Final score: $400
Rachel's question: What is a governess? (RIGHT) Wager: $2500. Final score: $22,100 - SEMI-FINALIST

TA Chico Says...: So you see the strategy now. Don't count on the Final to bail you out. You have to have a strong front game as well. Brad started strong, but didn't finish. Rachel did, and she is rewarded with a seat amongst the semis. I would see her in the final with Kermin and Lily IF they don't face each other in the semis first. And speaking of which, here are your final nine:

Prelim Winner

Prelim Winner

Wild Card Winner

Wild Card Winner

Prelim Winner

Prelim Winner

Wild Card Winner

Wild Card Winner

Prelim Winner

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