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The Voice
Season 8
NBC 8p ET Monday & Tuesday

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February 23

Christina Aguilera rejoins fellow coaches Adam, Blake, and Pharrell as we continue the search for this show's marquee superstar.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Carson Daly
Coaches Christina Aguilera
Adam Levine
Blake Shelton
Pharrell Williams
Creator John de Mol & Roel van Veltzen (based upon "The Voice of Holland")
EP John de Mol
Mark Burnett
Audrey Morrissey
Marc Jansen
Lee Metzger
Packager United Artists Media Group & Talpa for Warner Horizon TV
Origins Universal Studios Hollywood
Airs 8p ET Mon & Tues, NBC
@The Voice

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Blind Auditions 2 Season Premiere
February 24
Last night on "The Voice", Christina made her return known in a big way, picking up a pair of talented singers. Not ones to rest on their laurels, Blake and Pharrell ended up with three. Adam, who's been swinging and missing all night, has yet to pull down a suitable contender, but the season is still young.

First up tonight, Anthony Riley (27; Philadelphia), who "literally started singing before he learned to talk". He was a choir boy who sang "a little bit too much" in the house. His father is a train conductor, and he suggests street performing to get himself out there. He loves it so much, he went to court for it and won. Hopefully he gets rendered a similar verdict tonight as he opens the show with "I Got You (I Feel Good)". And before I could finish typing the name of this song, all four chairs turn around. That's a Voice record. He hears the arguments, and says... "I pick PHARRELL."

Gabriel Wolfchild (26; Seattle) ... is a hippie. He chose his name out of tradition for his family and "The Rainbow Gathering". His parents run a nondenominational church. Mom was raised Catholic. Dad was raised Jewish. Together, they raised an indie-folk singer who makes "just enough". Will he make it with Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"? He gets Adam's chair rotating. Blake follows suit. Christina wants in on this action... And Pharrell's like, "I'm good." His loss is someone's gain... but whose? It's... CHRISTINA.

Right after Adam comes back from the bathroom after Blake gives his section a pep talk, we meet Brooke Adee (16; Tampa), who got the singing bug when she saw "Annie". Her family says that she has a really good singing voice, but there's no good music programs at her high school. Right now, she's a singing waitress. Her family moved to Florida to Georgia due to her mother's lupus. It was getting too cold to function. Hopefully she can get a lot of treatment from this performance of "Skinny Love" by Bon Iver. Adam and Blake make a move. Now let's see if Blake's power move comes into play... It does, leaving Adam in a slump.

Dylan Dunlap (18, Los Angeles) is the son of a divorced film composer whom he didn't see much. He went to Berklee College of Music, something his father only funded one year of. He took his plea to the street, and now things are looking up. Hopefully the good news continues with "Talk Dirty" by Jason DeRulo. It looks like his booty may need a little bit more explaining... because nobody turns around.

Tonya Boyd-Cannon (35; New Orleans) was bon in Mississippi, but raised in New Orleans, singing through the church. She brought her talents to Orleans Parish Prison as the director of the prison choir, whose members have just about served their time. She lost everything in Katrina. EV. ER. Y. THING. She'll rebuild with "Happy". I wonder if Pharrell is going to make a play first. Nope, Adam does. So does Christina. Pharrell... eventually makes his presence known. Now let's see if she follows suit. She picks... ADAM! And the Maroon 5 frontman is FINALLY on the board. Took him a while. Geez.

Blake... decides to make trouble with Pharrell with Christina.

Next up, Joe Tolo (21; Sacramento), originally from American Samoa, keeps in touch with his family and his cultural roots. He's the youngest of eight children. After divorce, his father moved back to Samoa, while his mother stayed and raised the kids. After high school, he wanted to pursue music, leading him to "Extra's Voice Boot Camp". Maybe he learned a thing or two. Here he is "To Love Somebody" by the Bee Gees. There's Christina in first. Blake's in second. But who will Joe ride with into battle? He rides CHRISTINA. In the family-friendly way.

We kick off hour 2 with Drew Parker (23; Covington, GA), a guy who grew up singing in churches while wanting to be a baseball player. He ended up being an x-ray tech, stemming from a brother who had terrible asthma as a child. Funny thing is that he's know more for his singing than his x-ray skills. Can he see through the coaches with Merle Haggard's "Workin' Man Blues"? He's left with the No Chair Turn Blues. Guess it's back to work.

Mia Zanotti (15; Pittsburgh), who goes by the stage name Mia Z., grew up in a family of musicians. She was 8 when she sang her first blues song. She is in a family band during the weekends. Uncle Jay compares her to Christina, and not because they're both Pittsburgh natives. That would be her first choice, but she has to make her hit the button during BB King's "The Thrill Is Gone". ... There it is. But it's Blake, not Christina. Christina.....sits idly by while Pharrell makes a play. Meanwhile, Christina's sitting like "I can't believe I missed out on THAT." Her loss, PHARRELL's gain.

Blaze Johnson (23; Columbus) came from the Bahamas, but he can turn his accent on and off at will. He emigrated with his dad. It was a tough transition. He auditioned for a solo in high school, but because of who he is and where he's from, he didn't get the opportunities he deserved. Today, he's a music minister living with his pastor. He's a big guy with a big dream, so he needs a big song, "How To Save A Life" by the Fray. Adam saves him from elimination. So does Blake. So this is a classic bro-down. He set the stage on fire, but who'll carry the flame? It's going to be ADAM.

Bryan Pierce (39; Charlotte) comes from a separated military home. His mom and him lived in tents. He did construction for 11 years, but he really wants to pay his bills singing. He hosted karaoke at a pirate bar, and now with this leap of faith, he's going back to his original love. His leap tonight: "Rocket Man" by Elton John. This rocket, however, is stuck on the launchpad.

Finally, Deanna Johnson (18, Hazlehurst, GA), a rodeo singer a returning artist from season 5, who failed to turn a chair. After a pep talk from dad, Deanna took up singing in the church and decided that it was time to return to the stage. She'll close with "All I Want" with Kodaline. Will she turn a chair THIS time? No.... .She'll turn ALL FOUR. Blake once said that she was a year removed from winning this whole thing... If she's going to win, it's going to be in her corner..... BlaADAM!.

And here is where we stand after night 2.

Tonya Boyd-Cameron
Blaze Johnson
Deanna Johnson
Sawyer Fredericks
Meghan Linsey
Lowell Oakley
Anthony Riley
Mia Z
Treeva Gibson
Rob Taylor
Joe Tolo
Gabriel Wolfchild
Brooke Adee
Joshua Davis
Sarah Potenza
Cody Wickline

And we're just getting started. The blind auditions continue next week.

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