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The Chase
Season 3
GSN 8p ET Tuesday

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Three strangers have a chance at thousands of dollars... but there's one thing standing in their way. The Chaser.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Brooke Burns
Chaser Mark "The Beast" Labbett
Announcer Shawn Parr
Creators Danny Carvalho
Pete Faherty
Chris Gepp
Elliot Johnson
Matt Pritchard
Amanda Wilson
EP Bob Boden
Michael Kelpie
Martin Scott
Packager ITV Studios America for GSN Originals
Origins Hollywood Production Center; Los Angeles
Airs 8p ET Tues, GSN

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Episode 3.11: Celebrity Chase
November 11

He has an IQ of 155. He is one of the greatest trivia champions in the world. He stands 6 foot 7, 370 pounds, mostly brain. He's a mathematician and teacher with degrees from Oxford and Exeter. He has single-handedly denied many unfortunate Britons hundreds of thousands of dollars. His name is Mark Labbett. They call him "The Beast", and for good reason. And tonight, he has his eyes set on Hollywood.

GSN's landmark quiz show is back for another round, and tonight, three celebrities are pitting their star power against the Beast's brain power. Will they be able to outsmart Britain's big man?

Seamus Dever
playing for Beagle Freedom Project (rescues beagles from experimentation
research labs)
Boris Kodjoe
"Real Husbands of Hollywood"
playing for Sophie's Voice (spina bifida & neural tube defect research)
Dean Cain
"Hit the Floor"
playing for the Gary Sinise Foundation (supports programs that honors American

The game is played in three rounds, and each runner will play the first two. Round 1 is the Cash Builder Round. Brooke will ask each Runner rapid fire questions for one minute worth $5000 each. The money they win in this round is put on an eight-space game board for Round 2, the Chase Round. The Runner can stay where they are, but if they step one space away from the Chaser, they will play for a lesser amount, but will have less questions to answer. If they take one step TOWARDS the Chaser, they will play for bigger money, but will have to answer more questions correctly. Compounding that, if the Chaser answers a question correctly, HE will move one step down on the board. If a Runner gets caught before he or she banks the money, they - AND THE MONEY - are out of the game. But if they bank the cash, they will move on to the Final Chase, where the team will compete against the Beast one more time for an equal share of the bank.

Dean, known by many as TV's Superman during the 1990s, is a Princeton-educated former football star.

A special rule change is instituted for this edition of "The Chase". Each Cash Builder round is immediately spotted $5000, which is the player's to keep no matter what.

CASH BUILDER: 7 of 10 ($35,000 + $5000 bonus)

 BANK          $40,000      

That money is placed five spaces from the Bank. If you want to take a step toward home and safety, the Chaser will offer you... $20,000. If you dare to take a step toward the Beast, the offer jumps to... double money, $80,000.


The 2014 Billboard Music Awards featured a hologram performance by which
deceased singer?
Michael Jackson Amy Winehouse Tupac Shakur
 BANK          $40,000     CHASER

Dean: Michael Jackson
CORRECT: Michael Jackson
Chaser: Michael Jackson

Who is the only Catholic Pope to retire in the last 600 years?
Benedict XVI John Paul II Innocent VII
 BANK        $40,000     CHASER  

Dean: Benedict XVI
Chaser: Benedict XVI

In May 2014, astronomers revealed that the Great Red Spot on which planet is
shrinking by about 580 miles per year?
Saturn Jupiter Neptune
 BANK     $40,000     CHASER    

Dean: Jupiter
CORRECT: Jupiter
Chaser: Jupiter

Which country took home the most medals from the most recent Sochi Winter
Russia United States Norway
 BANK    $40,000     CHASER      

Dean: Russia
Chaser: Norway

If you want to visit Lumbini, the legendary birthplace of Buddha, you'll need to
go to which country?
Hammer Flaming spear Thunderbolt
 BANK $40,000       CHASER      

Dean: Nepal
CORRECT: Nepal (BANK: $40,000)

Boris is an engineering student originally from Germany, having graduated from VCU.

CASH BUILDER: 5 of 10 ($25,000 + $5000 bonus)

He can take a step toward home and play for $15,000... or he can step up to the Beast, in which case, he'll... do the same thing he did to Dean, double it to $60,000.

BORIS PLAYS FOR: $60,000 , and the Chase is on...

Which of these was Bob Marley's backup band?
The Strangers The Midnighters The Wailers
 BANK           $60,000   CHASER

Boris: The Wailers
CORRECT: The Wailers
Chaser: The Wailers

To celebrate your vasectomy, you pour a glass of Dry Sack. What type of drink is it?
Tequila Sherry Rum
 BANK         $60,000   CHASER  

Boris: Tequila
Chaser: Sherry 

Which Macedonian was the last Pharaoh of Egypt?
Ramses II Cleopatra Tutankhamen
 BANK          $60,000 CHASER    

Boris: Tutankhamen
CORRECT: Cleopatra
Chaser: Cleopatra ("You're history!")

But Boris will take $5000 for his charity.

SEAMUS holds master's degrees from Moscow Art Theatre & Carnegie-Mellon. And to explain his charity, he and his wife are animal activists.

CASH BUILDER: PERFECT! ($55,000 + $5000 bonus)

He had a perfect Cash Builder, so maybe he wants to step up, but in case he wants to retreat, he could play for $30,000. If he wants to brave the storm that is Mark Labbett, he can double his winnings to $120,000.


If they're sitting on the couch watching "The Chase" together, whose heart on
average is beating more times per minute?
A horse A human A hamster
 BANK         $60,000      CHASER

Seamus: A hamster
CORRECT: A hamster
Chaser: A hamster

The departure of the last Soviet troops from Czechoslovakia in 1991 was the
result of what?
The Prague Spring The October Revolt The Velvet Revolution
 BANK       $60,000      CHASER  

Seamus: The Velvet Revolution
CORRECT: The Velvet Revolution
Chaser: The Velvet Revolution

What character who debuted on TV in 2007 said "Advertising is based on one
thing: happiness"?
Don Draper JR Ewing Jed Bartlet
 BANK     $60,000      CHASER    

Seamus: Don Draper
CORRECT: Don Draper
Chaser: Don Draper

Which best describes athlete Duncan Kennedy after he crashed his sled & lost at
at the 1994 Winter Olympics?
A beat biathlete A crushed curler A sore luger
 BANK   $60,000      CHASER      

Seamus: A sore luger
CORRECT: A sore luger
Chaser: A sore luger

"Joseph Smith American Moses" was a song from what Olivier & Tony-winning
The Book of Mormon 1776 American Idiot
 BANK $60,000      CHASER        

Seamus: The Book of Mormon
CORRECT: The Book of Mormon (BANK: $100,000)


The team and the Beast will have 2 minutes to answer a series of rapid-fire questions. The team will have a head-start of however many players make it to the Final Chase. In this case, since both Dean and Seamus are playing, the head-start is two. For each question the team answers correctly, they will move one step ahead of the Chaser. If they can beat the Beast in this final round, each of their charities will receive $50,000!

Dean & Seamus pick question set B, and the Final Chase is on!


That's 18 steps ahead of the Chaser. Respectable, but is it enough? Remember, for every wrong answer the Beast gives, the team will have a chance to push him back a spot. IT'S TIME FOR THE FINAL CHASE!

1:40: In 1942, what American artist painted "Nighthawks"?
Chaser: Grasshopper
Team: Edward Hopper
CORRECT: Edward Hopper (pushed back to 2)

1:35: What popular Apple web browser has a compass as its icon?
Chaser: Yahoo!
Team: Safari
CORRECT: Safari (pushed back to 1)

0:43: The Iraq War was the setting for what 2009 film that won the Oscar for Best Picture?
Chaser: "Three Kings"
Team: "The Hurt Locker"
CORRECT: "The Hurt Locker" (pushed back to 9)

0:40: After starring in "Pretty Woman", what actor married Cindy Crawford?
Chaser: Julia Roberts
Team: Richard Gere
CORRECT: Richard Gere (pushed back to 8)

0:32: Who is the only daughter of President Carter?
Chaser: Peaches
Team: Amy
CORRECT: Amy (pushed back to 8)

0:09: Known for its ski resorts, the town of Gstaad is located in what mountain range?
Chaser: Switzerland
Team: The Alps
CORRECT: The Alps (pushed back to 12)

And it's academic from here, but the best the Beast can do is 14. So Dean's charity gets $50,000 and Seamus's charity gets $50,000!

But how will civilians do against this Titan of Trivia? Stay tuned as the Chase continues...

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