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Worlds Apart
CBS 8p ET Wednesdays

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Eighteen castaways - six blue-collars, six white-collars, and six no-collars - are stranded and playing the classic game of Outwit-Outplay-Outlast. Who will be named the Sole Survivor?

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Jason Huhn, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
Jeff Probst
Packager United Artists Media Group
Castaway TV Productions
Survivor Productions
Origins San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Airs 8p ET Wed, CBS

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It's Survivor Warfare Season Premiere
February 25
Fifteen years ago, 16 ordinary Americans were taken to the South Pacific, dropped off on a deserted island, and abandoned for 39 days to compete in a new kind of game show, one where the objective was to outwit, outplay, and outlast the others for $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor.

Twenty-nine seasons later, the tradition continues. This time, though, 18 castaways will be marooned as tribes of six: one representing White Collar America - those who make the rules - Blue Collar America - those who follow the rules - and No Collar America - those who play by their own rules. Who has what it takes to outlast the other 17? The adventure is about to begin again from San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua in ... SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART!

Our tribesmen for this 30th season are...

Nagarote Tribe - No Collar Masaya Tribe - White Collar Escameca Tribe - Blue Collar
- Joe Anglim (25; Scottsdale, AZ; jewelry designer)
- Jenn Brown (22; Long Beach, CA; sailing instructor)
- Hali Ford (25; San Francisco; law student)
- Nina Poersch (51; Palmdale, CA; hearing advocate)
- Will Sims II (41; Sherman Oaks, CA; YouTube sensation)
- Vince Sly (32; Santa Monica, CA; coconut vendor)
- Max Dawson, PhD (37; Topanga, CA; media consultant)
- Tyler Fredrickson (33; Los Angeles; ex-talent agent assistant)
- So Kim (31; Long Beach, CA; retail buyer)
- Shirin Oskooi (31; San Francisco; Yahoo! executive)
- Carolyn Rivera (52; Tampa; corporate executive)
- Joaquin Souberbielle (27; Valley Stream, NY; marketing director)
- Lindsey Cascaddan (24; College Park, FL; hair dresser)
- Dan Foley (47; Gorham, ME; postal worker)
- Mike Holloway (38; North Richland Hills, TX; oil driller)
- Rodney Lavoie Jr. (24; Boston; general contractor)
- Kelly Remington (44; Grand Island, NY; state trooper)
- Sierra Dawn Thomas (27; Roy, UT; barrel racer)

DAY 1: The Marooning

Jeff welcomes the group to the show and gets our tribes ready for the next five weeks. Joaquin says that he doesn't let his 9-to-5 decide who he is.

Our first task will require someone from each tribe to be the tribe leader, a move that Max says is one of the first mistakes anyone can make on this show. Joaquin, Dan, and Will. They will have to make a second decision - someone to join them in making a crucial choice. They choose So, Mike, and Jenn. They get their maps to their new homes and head out.

At their camps, Nina reveals that she's completely deaf. Those hearing aids in her ears are cochlear implants.

The pairs decided upon earlier open up their messages and find...

If you choose to deceive you will receive a small bag of beans to take back to your tribe. They will only last a few days, but you will also be given a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol. The clue is only for you two and will give you a big head start in the game. Lying is tricky. Make sure you both have your story straight before you return to camp. If you choose to be honest you will earn a large bag of beans for your tube. This is a huge advantage. It also shows you can be trusted and should earn you early favoritism.

Jenn & Will pick Honest. Mike & Dan take likewise. Sierra thinks that the bag should be three times that size. She's never watched this show, has she? Joaquin & So pick... DECEIVE... and early on, Joaquin has the choice pegged - are you here to win or are you here to make friends. So here's the clue that Joaquin & So just picked up.


Not too far from where you quench your thirst,
You can satiate your need for power.
Nestled in a nook, with no need to climb,
This just may be your finest hour.


Which meant that So has to trust Joaquin. A move that will be heretofore known as "Mistake #1." The story: honest, deceive... or neutral. Weak story, So. Weak story. A move that will be heretofore known as "Mistake #2."

Shirin is looking to align with other people early. Max and Carolyn... seem as good as anybody. That's three in a tribe of six. That can cause some damage.

Over at Escameca Beach, it's all about food, fire, and shelter. EASY. Lindsey and Rodney bond over love of family and love of tattoos. His strategy: get the girls. Meanwhile, Mike just ate a scorpion. Tastes like ass, but hey, protein. And he just threw up. Back comes the protein.

We haven't checked up on the No-Collars, have we? And for good reason. No drama. Vince and Jenn have an instant connection. Will his intense attraction to women lead to an alliance? Or something more? Or something else?  At camp, Joe displays his ingenuity with construction... to Vince's dismay.

DAY 2: "Let's make some decisions."

Everyone seems to think that Dan is the odd-man-out. The ladies think that his age and male-ness seem to put him at odds. He's in what you call a no-win situation. The rest of the tribe wants to get his old fat speedo-wearing ass out of here as soon as possible (C-Note: GSNN... we watch this stuff so you don't have to).

Joe says he can make fire on the Nagarote camp without fire... and he backs it up. Could be trouble for Vince. He talks to Jenn, who says she's not flirting with Joe. She thinks Vince is jealous. She still wants to take Mr. Creepy America to the finals with her. Vince feels like she's being fake. 

At Masaya Beach, we finally have a roof over our heads. Albeit, average. Next up, fire. Whereas the Blue-Collars and No-Collars had no problem, the White Collars.... can't hire a blue collar to do their work for a change. Meanwhile, Carolyn's watching So like a hawk to get a clue as to where the Hidden Idol is. Carolyn sees a funny looking tree not too far from the watering hole and... PAYDIRT.



You may keep it, but it is up to you to tell others you have it.

The Immunity Idol cannot be stolen from you.

You may give the Immunity Idol to someone else at your camp or at Tribal Council.

If you intend to use the Idol, you must reveal it or give it away to someone else after all of the votes have been cast, but before the votes are read.

Jeff will always give you the chance to present the Idol just before the reading of the votes.


And as always, it will continue to be in play until the round of five.

DAY 3...

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #1: Decisions Decisions

Race down a platform through a pile of hay and high step through an obstacle. Then unlock a ladder by either unlocking three locks from a ring of 20 keys or untying a series of knots. Use the ladder to go up, over, and down a platform to another series of puzzles - a relatively easy 50-piece puzzle, a harder 10-piece puzzle, or an extremely difficult five-piece puzzle. First two to complete their puzzle wins Immunity.

In addition, the winner of the challenge will receive a fire-making kit. Second place gets flint.

The Idol looks like it was put together the day before by the producers' 10-year-olds.


Pre-Tribal, the Masaya are licking their wounds. Carolyn is convinced that a girl is going to go home tonight. So thinks Shirin was weak, while Carolyn is not volunteering an inch. It's hard to get three guys to vote for Carolyn, but So is going to try for it. Joaquin thinks that he will not vote for Carolyn, who doesn't trust So so long as she can throw her. Tyler tell Carolyn that So is working everyone on her. Carolyn says that she has the Idol, and that she's bringing it to Tribal. She needs to get So out.

Shirin, Carolyn & Max are pledging to vote for So, who has put herself into a difficult decision about the choice she & Joaquin made earlier. Nobody can say a bad thing about Carolyn. Tyler said that this was about physical strength, then Carolyn's in danger. But "I absolutely believe someone is going to be shocked."


In the game of Survivor, fire represents life. When your fire is out, so are you.

Joaquin goes with the story that he & So agreed to earlier re: the initial decision. Shirin, being the fan of the show she is, knows that there are big holes in that story. So does Max. So says that it's heartbreaking for it to come out this way... "The four of us are really strong." Which four? Tyler, Max, Joaquin, and So. Carolyn says that Max & Shirin have been together since day 1. That leads into an argument between Carolyn and So. Tyler thought it was So who kept them in the game earlier. Tyler says that they make the wrong call tonight, they're going to be back at Tribal next time. Max was hoping for a "wicked downpour and lots of drama".

The votes...

Carolyn: SO - "I haven't trusted you from the beginning. You've lied to me from day 1. I hope it's you and not me tonight."
So: CAROLYN - "We have to keep the tribe strong, and you're the lesser of two evils."

The other votes...

Joaquin: CAROLYN
Tyler: SO
Max: SO
Shirin: SO

By a vote of 4 to 2, SO... THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.

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