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The game show spectacle that swept America earlier this year returns with a whole new round and $10 million burning a whole in their pockets.

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Jason Huhn, GSNN

Regis Philbin
Creator: David Briggs, Mike Whitehill, and Steve Knight
EP: Michael Davies, Paul Smith
Packager: Celador Prods Ltd., Valleycrest TV, Buena Vista TV
Airs: 9pm Sundays, 10pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

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Night 7 - May 26

Last time, another slump. But this one was more profitable, at least for Pat Headley (winner of $500,000) and $50,000 winners Amy Green and Dan Michelini. Daniel Sperry, meanwhile, learns the hard way what the lifelines are now.

Back in the hot seat for the final night of Super Millionaire is Chris Smith, who has all three lifelines and $5000. Let's go for $10,000.

A common palindrome begins "A man, a plan, a canal" and ends with what country's name?
A: Panama B: Yemen
C: Nepal D: Oman

Answer's in the question, as Chris goes for A for $10,000. Now for $20,000.

In the 2004 movie "50 First Dates," Drew Barrymore's character has what classic film malady?
A: Fear of flying B: Memory loss
C: Split personality D: Insomnia

He never saw the movie, but he knows the plot summary to get the $20,000 from B. Now to $30,000.

Which of the following is not the title of a Shakespeare play?
A: Love's Labour's Lost B: As You Like It
C: Measure for Measure D: The Way of the World

He knows one is. He'll ask the audience. And after their vote, 62 percent say it isn't D. He knows it isn't B, and goes with the audience... Audience is right! Now to $50,000.

What is the term for a common Internet scam that uses fake e-mails to trick you into giving out personal data?
A: Phishing B: Phrauding
C: Phixing D: Phooling

I know this because I'm tech-savvy. But is Chris? He weeds out D. And he reaches for his phone-a-friend Chad. "Phishing. 100%." Final answer. Got the $50,000! Now for the secured $100,000.

Which of these animal parts is also known as a "carapace"?
A: Elephant's trunk B: Turtle's shell
C: Lion's mane D: Deer's antlers

Goes for the 50/50, leaving A and B. First thing that popped into his mind is still up there. He says B. He says "Final answer". HE'S GOT IT! Now we move into the next dimension of play, meaning two new lifelines and three Wise Men. Tonight, they are...

Ken Davis; historian and author of "Don't Know Much About History"
Albert Kim; managing editor, People
Nancy Christy; former Millionaire champion

Let's move right into the $500,000 query.

What U.S. state's two Republican senators voted "not guilty" in Bill Clinton's impeachment trial?
A: Rhode Island B: Pennsylvania
C: Maine D: Washington

Pennsylvania has one, but he's not sure about the rest. Chris goes for the Wise Men. They seem to agree on either Rhode Island or Maine. Free guess, right? He goes for it, saying A... but it was C. Oh well. I'd've used the Double Dip as well. But Chris leaves with $100,000. He was close, too, but one of Rhode Island's senators was a democrat.

But who can be next to take on the Super Millionaire 15? Time for tonight's first FFF.

Put these organizations in the order they were founded, starting with the earliest.
A: Peace Corps B: Boy Scouts of America
C: Greenpeace D: Habitat for Humanity

Correct order (after a round of tappity-tap-tap-tap): B, A, C, D. Five in with the right order, and the one in the fastest... Amy Whaley!

Amy Whaley comes to us from Hickory, NC. She was here one time before when the show started, but was less than half a second out of the ring of fire. The sales clerk picked a great time to return, as she now stands down the barrel of $10 million. First, though, out of the basement with the $1000.

In May 2004, AAA reported that the average price of what has reached an all-time nationwide high?
A: Gasoline B: Antifreeze
C: Wiper fluid D: Billy Joel's insurance

And it keeps getting higher. A is right for $1000. Or ten gallons, har har. Next up, $2000.

In math, the "greater than" and "less than" symbols resemble what letter turned on its side?
A: P B: F
C: T D: V

It's D for $2000. Next for three.

Big League Chew, a brand of gum, was created by what athletes as an alternative to chewing tobacco?
A: Hockey players B: Football players
C: Baseball players D: Basketball players

Amy buys it for her son every weekend. And with $3000, she can buy more. Thanks, baseball players. Now for $4000.

In the film, "Taxi Driver," Robert De Niro's character looks into a mirror and asks what famous question?
A: Is that a fact? B: You talkin' to me?
C: Lookin' for trouble? D: Feelin' lucky, punk?

Amy's talkin' to $4000 and seeing the $5000 question.

In 1995, residents of what province voted against seceding from Canada by a margin of just 1%?
A: Ontario B: Alberta
C: Manitoba D: Quebec

Sounds like Quebec for the $5000. Amy looks at this for $10,000.

Due to his simple approach to cooking, British TV chef Jamie Oliver is often known by what nickname?
A: The Naked Chef B: The Peasant Chef
C: The Humble Chef D: The Country Chef

Amy gets naked... chef, for $10,000. Now to $20,000.

A common feature of Gothic architecture, gargoyles were originally constructed to do what?
A: Ward away birds B: Drain rainwater
C: Block sunlight D: Reinforce walls

As ugly as they are, they would ward away birds. The audience seems to agree, as in the ATA poll, 56% say A. Amy agrees... and she's WRONG! Correct answer: B. Ouch. Amy leaves with $5000.

And we go to our next FFF.

Put these Oscar-winning movies in order by the time period in which they are set, starting with the earliest.
A: Braveheart B: Dances with Wolves
C: A Beautiful Mind D: Shakespeare in Love

Correct order: A, D, B, C. Three in, and just over four seconds later, Troy Reeves is ready to play Super Millionaire! The Boise native is the 98th most influential Idahoan and a member of the state's historical society. Now let's see if he'll join the 15ers club, starting with this question for $1000.

According to tradition, a person gives "two weeks notice" before he does what?
A: Buys a house B: Quits a job
C: Gets engaged D: Wears a thong

It sure ain't D. It's B, and Troy can continue.

The adjective "gangsta" is often used to describe a type of what musical genre?
A: Rock B: Country-western
C: Jazz D: Rap

It's D this time, as Troy gets $2000 and this for $3000.

According to a famous inspirational sports quotation, "There is no 'I' in" what?
A: Tram B: Trophy
C: Champion D: Winner

A's his final for $3000. Next?

The cause of a serious health crisis in Asia, avian flu is spread primarily through what animals?
A: Fish B: Cats
C: Birds D: Deer

Avian = bird. Try = $4000 richer. Now to $5000.

In the 2003 Steve Martin comedy "Cheaper By the Dozen," the "dozen" in the title refers to what?
A: Children B: Ex-girlfriends
C: College roommates D: Husbands

And Hilary Duff was one of them. A gets Troy the locked $5000. Now to $10,000.

Which of these brand names is an example of alliteration?
A: Pepperidge Farm B: SnackWell's
C: Baskin-Robbins D: Krispy Kreme

Gotta be D for the $10,000. Now to $20,000.

The sciatic nerve runs through which of these parts of the human body?
A: Forearm B: Thigh
C: Finger D: Eye

He asks the audience, and the audience returns with an 89% verdict for B. He goes with them... eventually... for $20,000.

Which of these famous criminal defendants of the 1990s received a "not guilty" verdict on all counts?
A: Erik Menendez B: Amy Fisher
C: Lorena Bobbitt D: Heidi Fleiss

He says A... Not guilty. On all counts... Woops. It was C. And Troy leaves with $5000 and reassurance that he probably won't be back on Idaho's chart next year.

Okay, next up, what could be the last FFF.

Put these novels in order by when they won the National Book Award, starting with the most recent.
A: The Color Purple B: The Corrections
C: Cold Mountain D: Sophie's Choice

Correct order: B, C, A, D. Just one person gets it... Susan McInnes at 4.60!

Susan is from Greenwood Village, CO, a suburb of Denver, where she specializes in pain management. Well, if her husband doctor and her professional sister didn't do it for her, this sure will. First up, for $1000...

Introduced in 1981, NutraSweet is most commonly used as a substitute for what?
A: Sugar B: Butter
C: Milk D: The Love of a Good Man

Don't know what that means, but it's A for $1000. Next for $2000.

What adjective is used to describe animas that sleep during the day and are active at night?
A: Migratory B: Nocturnal
C: Symbiotic D: Omnivorous

It's B, and Susan can continue to 3000.

The phrase "six feet under", used in the title of a popular cable TV series, alludes to the depth of what?
A: Gold mines B: Tree roots
C: Graves D: Wells

C's Susan's final for $3000. Next for $4000.

In May 2004, Sonia Gandhi's Congress Party returned to power in what country's parliament?
A: Russia B: Japan
C: Iran D: India

D's right for $4000. Onto the $5000 milestone.

In which of these card games do you say the name of the game when you win a hand?
A: Poker B: Gin
C: Hearts D: Bridge

She knows it's Gin, and she makes enough to buy in for a hand. Now Dr. Susan can see the $10,000 question.

In the 2003 movie "Finding Nemo", Nemo's father eventually finds him in what city?
A: Sydney B: Venice
C: Honolulu D: Miami

She's watched it enough to say "A, final answer" for $10,000. Now to $20,000.

During intense physical activity, a person's muscles produce what type of acid?
A: Ascorbic acid B: Salicylic acid
C: Acetic acid D: Lactic acid

She should know this... She's a doctor, after all. D's her final, and she sees $30,000.

In 2004, what performers has had mixed reviews for his Broadway debut in the revival "A Raisin in the Sun"?
A: Snoop Dogg B: Ice Cube
C: P. Diddy D: Eminem

She asks the New York crowd, who say, by a count of 85, P. Diddy. She agrees... and goes to the $50,000 question. We're running out of time here.

Spellers at the National Spelling Bee are not allowed to ask the pronouncer for which of the following?
A: Definition B: Use of word in sentence
C: Language origin D: Synonyms

She thinks for a while, and then uses the 50/50, leaving C and D. She's thinking about C. Final answer... Wrong answer. It was D. Susan leaves with $5000. And that's game called. Take us out, Reege.

"We hope to see you real soon. From New York, everybody... Good night!"

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