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The game show spectacle that swept America earlier this year returns with a whole new round and $10 million burning a whole in their pockets.

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Jason Huhn, GSNN

Regis Philbin
Creator: David Briggs, Mike Whitehill, and Steve Knight
EP: Michael Davies, Paul Smith
Packager: Celador Prods Ltd., Valleycrest TV, Buena Vista TV
Airs: 9pm Sundays, 10pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

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Night 3 - May 18

Yesterday, Terry Gaston agreed that it was probably best that he walk with $50,000 in the bank after not knowing that Justice Rehnquist had the special robe, and Wayne Forrester used his game show smarts to walk out of the hot seat a $100,000 winner. Now it's New York City's Devin McMahon's turn. When last we saw the Harvard student, he was up to $2000 with all of his lifelines intact. Let's see how he does now that he's going for $3000 with his mommy watching. Oh gosh.

The term "perp walk" usually refers to a media event in which who are put on display?
A: Criminal suspects B: Award show nominees
C: Military heroes D: Political candidates.

It's A for $3000. Next for four...

Which of these U.S. cities is named after a mythical bird?
A: Phoenix B: Atlanta
C: Omaha D: Seattle

Again, it's A. Now for the locked in $5000.

In 2004, what Internet giant filed initial public offering papers that promised to make "the world a better place"?
A: Yahoo! B: Lycos
C: Google D:

Google sews up the $5000. Now comes the $10,000.

In the well-known abbreviation NAACP, the second "A" stands for what?
A: Accomplished B: Acclaim
C: Achievement D: Advancement

He spells it out as D for $10,000. Next is the $20,000 question:

The novel "The Da Vinci Code" focuses on a theory that the Holy Grail is actually what Biblical figure?
A: The Virgin Mary B: Mary Magdalene
C: Eve D: St. Peter

He hasn't read the book, but his friends have, so he makes B the final for $20,000. Next for $30,000.

In 2004, what team's fans tried to end a decades-long curse by blowing up an infamous baseball?
A: Chicago Cubs B: Baltimore Orioles
C: Cleveland Indians D: Boston Red Sox

It was the Steve Bartman ball that did it in for A. And it does Devin in for $30,000. They blowed that ball up real nice. Next for $40,000.

In 1952, what country became the third to test an atomic bomb?
A: Pakistan B: Great Britain
C: India D: France

He whittles it down to B and D, but calls up Arthur to make sure. After some keyboard clicks: "Great Britain." He'll burn the 50/50, leaving A and B. Goes to B... Goes to $50,000. Goes to this $100,000 question.

A common ingredient in ice cream and toothpaste, carrageenan is an extract of what?
A: Tree bark B: Seaweed
C: Sunflower seed D: Bee pollen

No clue. Time to go to the audience, of which 43 percent agree on seaweed to tree bark, 28 percent. He takes the risk... and it pays off, as he secures $100,000 and goes into the next dimension! Meaning, of course, it's time to meet tonight's Three Wise Men:

Jenny Elesnu; editor, Rolling Stone
Dr. Kevin Olmstead; US television's richest game show winner
Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson; director of the Hayden Planetarium

Now... the $500,000 question:

A person who suffers from coulrophobia has an intense fear of what?
A: Cemeteries B: Needles
C: Tunnels D: Clowns

He goes to the Wise Men. They don't think it's cemetaries. They agree to guess on needles... but they aren't that sharp. It was clowns, and Devin goes home with $100,000. One man's loss is another's gain, as it's time for the first FFF

Put these performers in order by when they released their debut album, starting with the earliest.
A: Nine Inch Nails B: The B-52's
C: Blink-182 D: 50 Cent

Correct answer: B (late 1970s), A (early 1990s), C (late 1990s), D (2003). Two in right, but Mark Ross is faster with 4.68.

Columbia, SC and the University of South Carolina are represented by this man - producer and documentarian Mark Ross. He almost hit football coach Lou Holtz with a golf cart. With $10 million, he can afford to do it again. Okay, maybe not. Fiance Hillary is watching on and trying to defend losing Mark's number initially. But it's not about her now. It's about Mark and the $1000 question.

In a classic ad for Crest, a young girl opens wide and says, "Look, Ma! No" what?
A: Cavities B: Braces
C: Chewing gum D: Tongue piercings

He goes for A and the $1000. Next for $2000.
In 2003, heartthrob Ashton Kutcher raised eyebrows when he began romancing what older actress?
A: Sigourney Weaver B: Sharon Stone
C: Sandra Bullock D: Demi Moore

Mark doesn't get Punk'd as he goes for D and $2000. Next for $3000.

People who have aquagenic pruritus experience intense itching when they come into contact with what?
A: Dust B: Animal hair
C: Sunlight D: Water

It's in the name, as D delivers $3000. Next for four.

Due to its Christian symbolism, what animal is traditionally depicted on weather vanes?
A: Snake B: Lamb
C: Rooster D: Whale

It's C, even as Mark didn't know of the religious meaning. For the $5000 milestone.

In May 2004, what country refused to allow a Tom Cruise movie to film in its parliament building, the Reichstag?
A: Russia B: Germany
C: France D: Canada

He goes for B, saying that it sounds German. And he scores the $5000! Onto the $10,000.

In 2004, what school made history by winning both the men's and women's NCAA basketball titles in the same year?
A: University of Tennessee B: University of Michigan
C: Duke University D: University of Connecticut

He remembers D for $10,000. Onto $20,000.

Which of these newspapers features distinctive portraits called "dot-drawings" instead of actual photos?
A: The Wall Street Journal B: USA Today
C: The Washington Post D: The New York Times

He gets A for $20,000. Now for $30,000.

Known for its bright colors, the gerbera is a type of what color?
A: Lily B: Daisy
C: Rose D: Orchid

He asks the audience, and 55 percent say daisy for $30,000. Now for $50,000.

On the hit TV series "The Sopranos," which of these mobsters has not yet been "whacked"?
A: Richie Aprile B: Christopher Moltisanti
C: Jackie Aprile, Jr. D: Ralph Cifaretto

Mark calls up Tim. Tim wasn't sure. So Mark had to narrow it down by two and the choices left were Christopher Moltisanti or Jackie Aprile Jr. But if you don't know, you don't know, and since Mark doesn't know much on The Sopranos, he opts not to risk $25,000 on a toss-up and takes his $30,000 as he didn't know that Christopher has not been "whacked" on that show. Segueing to another FFF.

Put these U.S. states in order by the number of electoral votes they will have in 2004, starting with the lowest.
A: Arizona B: New York
C: Illinois D: Florida

Correct order: ACDB. Three in right. And the fastest of those, Rich Crook, is next in the hot seat.

The very excited Rich Crook from Eugene, OR just celebrated a birthday, a job offer, and a master's degree. Rich overslept and missed the first night out. But he's here now. And here's the $1000 question.

In 2004, Mary-Kate and Ashley announced that they no longer wanted to be referred to as the "Olsen" what?
A: Twins B: Sistahs
C: Buds D: Signs of the Apocalypse

D is tempting, but it's A for $1000. Next for $2000.

In the U.S., what date is customarily written as "2/3/04"?
A: February 3, 2004 B: March 4, 2002
C: April 2, 2003 D: February 4, 2003

It's A for $2000. Next for $3000.

Due to the rationing of silver foil, which of these candies were not produced during World War II?
A: Milk Duds B: M&M's
C: Tootsie Pops D: Hershey's Kisses

Rich nails D for $3000. Next up for $4000...
In the expression "to give props," the word "props" is short for what word?
A: Proportion B: Proper
C: Propaganda D: Property

Going to the audience now, and 48 percent channel the spirit of Randy Jackson for B. Now to the $5000 milestone.
What primate's name comes from a Malay phrase meaning "man of the forest", not from its reddish-brown hair?
A: Baboon B: Chimpanzee
C: Orangutan D: Gorilla

He gets C for $5000. Now the $10,000.

Scrivener's palsy is a physical condition more commonly known as what?
A: Writer's cramp B: Tennis elbow
C: Night blindness D: Athlete's foot

Sounds like A for $10,000. Now $20,000:

In 2004's much-hyped "Friends" finale, what beloved possession of Joey's is destroyed?
A: Barcalounger B: Refrigerator
C: Stuffed penguin D: Foosball table

Rich didn't get to watch the final episode of "Friends", so he calls up Jason to help him know that Joey's beloved possession that was destroyed was the foosball table. And he'll be back with his 50/50 to try for $30,000 tomorrow.

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