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The game show spectacle that swept America earlier this year returns with a whole new round and $10 million burning a whole in their pockets.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Regis Philbin
Creator: David Briggs, Mike Whitehill, and Steve Knight
EP: Michael Davies, Paul Smith
Packager: Celador Prods Ltd., Valleycrest TV, Buena Vista TV
Airs: 9pm Sundays, 10pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

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Night 1 - May 16

Radio broadcaster Scott Hoff, whose dream is to one day be a game show host, returns from three months ago with $5000 and all three of his lifelines remaining. Waiting, worrying, wondering if he'll make his way into the next dimension and a chance at more money than has ever been won on US television.

Meanwhile, Scott and his mother Diane have had numerous tips on how to use his lifelines. Remember, the money tree is $1000-2000-3000-4000-5000-10,000-20,000-30,000-50,000-100,000-500,000-1,000,000-2,500,000-5,000,000-$10 million. Should he make it to the $100,000 milestone, he'll be granted two more lifelines: Double Dip (two chances to answer a question) and Three Wise Men (expert assistance on a question).

And now, after three months of waiting, worrying, and wondering... The $10,000 question:

Including the end zone, an NFL football field is how many feet long?
A: 120 B: 180
C: 240 D: 360

He reasons 120 yards... or 360 feet for $10,000. Now onto $20,000:

The FDA Nutrition Facts chart, found on food labels, lists what piece of information first?
A: Calories B: Total Carbohydrate
C: Dietary Fiber D: Serving Size

He uses his first lifeline, asking the audience. A whopping 83 percent go for D. He goes for D. Scott's got $20,000. Next for $30,000:

Carly Fiorina, listed in Fortune as the most powerful woman in business, is the CEO of what company?
A: eBay B: Xerox
C: Citigroup D: Hewlett-Packard

He goes for another lifeline, as the 50/50 leaves Citigroup and HP. Then he decides to call her PAF Jean. "Scott, it's Hewlett-Packard." He agrees... and Jean was right! Before we get to the $50,000, Scott tells the crowd that he is currently unattached. Right now, he's unattached to lifelines as we see the next question:

Gordon Shumway was the actual name of the title character on what 1980s TV series?
A: The Equalizer B: ALF
C: The Greatest American Hero D: The Fall Guy

Scott makes B his final... and goes to $50,000. Next is for $100,000 locked away.

If you have a penny and double your money every day, how long will it take to reach $1 million?
A: 27 days B: 74 days
C: 153 days D: 287 days

"Trying to multiply it up? Have you reached a nickel yet?" He has. He goes for A... and he reaches $100,000! That's secure, and now so is his ticket to... the next dimension... Five questions away now, as he goes for $500,000. But before we do, we reveal tonight's Three Wise Men:

Belinda Luscombe; senior arts editor, Time Magazine
Dr. Jim Gates; professor of physics, University of Maryland
Dan Blonsky; former Millionaire winner

Now, to business.

Now used primarily by the blind, Braille writing was derived from a system originally used by whom?
A: Farmers B: Accountants
C: Soldiers D: Prisoners

He goes for the Three Wise Men. They talk it out, every so unnerved, and guess on B. It's only a guess, so he's going for the Double Dip next. He first says B... and it's wrong. Now, with a one-in-three shot, he says C... and he's got $500,000! He... still can't get a date, but can he get $1,000,000 on his own now?

Although the Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776, fifty of the 56 delegates signed it on what day?
A: July 23 B: October 12
C: September 25 D: August 12

Scott has no idea, so he's going to walk with the $500,000. Hey, if you don't know, you don't know. But for gratification, the answer was D, August 2. So if anyone asks, you heard it here. Next up, the ten we were talking to you about on the front page earlier this weekend. Here's tonight's first FFF:

Put these movies in order by their first theatrical release, starting with the most recent.
A: 13 Going on 30 B: Three Men and a Baby
C: Apollo 13 D: Three Kings

Correct order: A (2004), D (1999), C (1995), B (1987). Three in right, the fastest, at just shy of four seconds, is Judi Stauber!

Judi Stauber of Brookfield, IL is a medical transcriber who does her work at home (also being a stay-at-home mom). Her husband was laid off six months ago, and if anyone needed the money, she does. "Mommy, Regis is on! Can I call him Regis?"

Cute kid. The climb up the super money tree... starts now!

According to a children's song, who "sees you when you're sleeping" and "knows when you're awake"?
A: Easter Bunny B: Santa Claus
C: Frosty the Snowman D: John Ashcroft

"I know who I want to say." It's not D... It's B. And here's $2000:
What hormone is primarily responsible for masculine traits such as facial hair and a deep voice?
A: Cortisol B: Testosterone
C: Estrogen D: Insulin

Medical transcriber gets B for $2000. Now for $3000:

Which of these TV series titles contains and ampersand?
A: M*A*S*H B: CSI: Miami
C: Law & Order D: 20/20

She gets Law & Order for $3000 and a chance at five...

In 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments that the words "under God" should be removed from what?
A: Pledge of Allegiance B: U.S. Constitution
C: U.S. currency D: Boy Scout oath

She goes for A and the $4000. For the $5000 milestone.
In a public statement, Justin Timberlake famously blamed the 2004 Super Bowl halftime debacle on a what?
A: Wardrobe malfunction B: Choreography blunder
C: Production oversight D: Staging mishap

Yeah, we all remember this... it was a wardrobe malfunction, and we've got $5000 worth of booty. Husband Ed is in the crowd, and when he gets nervous, he throws up. Everything's fine for now. But wait till he sees this gem for $10,000.

The word "quarantine" comes from an old Italian practice of isolating ships for how long?
A: 10 days B: 20 days
C: 30 days D: 40 days

She looks at the question and reasons 4 from "quarantine". She takes the ball and runs into the end zone for $10,000. Next for $20,000.
George Orwell's classic novel "Animal Farm" features a tyrannical pig named what?
A: Attila B: Mussolini
C: Napoleon D: Charlemagne

She's never read it. She's heard of it, but it's not enough. She goes for the ATA... and 57 percent of the A says C. She goes with the A, and she's got 20 K's en route to 30...
Which of these cities-in-the-news is not located in Iraq?
A: Basra B: Fallujah
C: Nasiriyah D: Kandahar

She goes for D... and Kandahar is in Afghanistan! Going for $50,000 once she gets the faces out of her system.

In the 2004 movie "Mean Girls," a naive teen tangles with a popular clique of girls nicknamed what?
A: The Queen Bees B: The Honeys
C: The Plastics D: The Sweet Tarts

She knows the movie, and she remembers C for $50,000, one away from $100,000. Here's the milestone question:
At the 2004 Summer Olympics, what new event will be featured?
A: Women's wrestling B: Mixed beach volleyball
C: Cricket D: Rugby

Silence... "Women's wrestling just seems wrong!" Judi says as she goes for the PAF, Dwayne. "Oh, boy. Not my expertise at all. It would only be a wild guess." No help there, so she goes for the 50/50, leaving A and B. She takes the chance and goes for the answer that sounds wrong, but really makes sense, that being women's wrestling. Final answer.... RIGHT ANSWER! She's on her way to the next dimension and this question for $500,000.
Botulism, a type of food poisoning, gets its name from a Latin word meaning what?
A: Cheese B: Oysters
C: Sausage D: Honey

She asks the Three Wise Men. Dan thinks that oysters makes sense, but still not fully convinced, she goes for the Double Dip. Her first answer: honey... WRONG. Judi has one more answer. She tries oysters... also wrong. It was sausage, and Judi loses nothing on the freeball, leaving with $100,000. Royal horns sound, and that's game called. Stay tuned for the series finale of "The Practice" over most of these ABC stations and good night!

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