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The game show spectacle that swept America earlier this year returns with a whole new round and $10 million burning a whole in their pockets.

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Jason Huhn, GSNN

Regis Philbin
Creator: David Briggs, Mike Whitehill, and Steve Knight
EP: Michael Davies, Paul Smith
Packager: Celador Prods Ltd., Valleycrest TV, Buena Vista TV
Airs: 9pm Sundays, 10pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

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Night 5 - May 23

What a week! so far, we've seen two million dollar questions thanks in part to Jason Carter. He takes a half-mill powder, though, as Melissa Beyerl comes away with only $5000.

Now it's back to Rich Willis, who continues his journey of fate that led him to the hot seat. He won $10,000 on the last show. The climb up the super money tree continues with this question for $20,000, not $20 million. Though Rich wouldn't mind $20 million.

In the 2004 movie "The Passion of the Christ", the actors speak in Latin and what other ancient tongue?
A: Akkadian B: Phoenician
C: Canaanite D: Aramaic

He hasn't seen it, so he takes the Phone-a-Friend. Sister-in-law Stephanie says D with almost 99 percent certainty. He goes for it... and hits it! Now to $30,000.

Siamese cats typically have what color eyes?
A: Brown B: Green
C: Blue D: Gold

He's pretty sure it's B... It's C. Ouch. Back to $5000 with one lifeline remaining. One lifeline that he'll never use. Oh well, from him we go to tonight's first FFF.

Put these famous "doctors" in order by year of their birth, starting with the earliest.
A: Dr. Phil B: Dr. Dre
C: Dr. Seuss D: Dr. Ruth

Correct order: C (1904), D (1928), A (1950), B (1965). Two in, and the faster of the two by one second, Kim Toncar.

Kim Toncar from Bay Village, OH, is a school teacher with a giant pizza party watching on as she takes the hot seat. Her father is trying to get on the show ("That's supposed to be ME!"). Well, it's her now, and it's about the $1000 question, now.

Forming a "V" with the index and middle fingers is typically used to symbolize what?
A: Peace B: Anger
C: Confusion D: Two tacos, please.

Peace gets Kim $1000. Now to $2000.

What scientist is the namesake for a scale used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes?
A: Jacques Cousteau B: Charles Richter
C: Marie Curie D: Louis Pasteur

She goes for B, and the Richter Scale charts at $2000... Now for $3000.

Due to a famous blunder, what pop star appears in a 2003 music video eating Chicken of the Sea tuna?
A: Britney Spears B: Hilary Duff
C: Jessica Simpson D: Mandy Moore

That would be C, and that would be $3000. For $4000.

"Masticating" is a fancy word for what common activity?
A: Chewing B: Kissing
C: Sneezing D: Crying

Kim is blanking, so she turns to the audience. Three-quarters say A for $4000. Now to the $5000 milestone.

Since 1978, the U.S. government has strictly limited the use of what substance in household paints?
A: Sulfur B: Lead
C: Iron D: Carbon

B locks in the $5000. Now for a doubler.

Because she plays one on TV, Jennifer Garner stars in a recruitment video for whom?
A: DEA officers B: U.S. Marshals
C: Navy SEALs D: CIA agents

D is her final for $10,000. Now for another.
Naan, a type of flat bread, is traditionally served at what type of restaurant?
A: Italian B: Chinese
C: Indian D: Mexican

She goes again for C... and she's right! Now to $30,000.

A sports arena favorite, the Gary Glitter song "Rock and Roll Part 2" features what one-word lyric?
A: Wow! B: Hey!
C: Yeah! D: Go!

Da, da, da da da, HEY! She goes for B... and she's got $30,000! Now to $50,000.

Elizabeth II, Queen of England, is a member of what royal house?
A: Stuart B: Hanover
C: Windsor D: York

She believes, then thinks of an answer, right before she goes 50/50 to leave B and C. She says C... and she gets to see the $100,000 question! But she has only one lifeline left.

Which of these South American countries is located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere?
A: Venezuela B: Ecuador
C: Bolivia D: Peru

She picks up the Phone-a-Friend Rick to secure herself further. "I'm not sure!" Well, I know that it's A. But she doesn't want to risk it, so off she goes with the $50,000. And on we go to the next FFF.

Put these famous structures in order by height, starting with the shortest.
A: White House B: Gateway Arch
C: Statue of Liberty D: Sears Tower

Correct order, A, C, B, D. Four in this time, and with a time of just shy of four seconds, the winner is... Matt Dowdle!

Giving a fist to the crowd, Matt Dowdle makes his way to the hot seat. The Nashville native is a civil engineer who is called "Dowdle" by his cohorts at work.  As long as he calls Regis Mr. Philbin, we'll be set. After a stint in the White Hosue where he was bit by Bill Clinton's dog Buddy, he gets bitten by the $1000 question.

In American history, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria were a famous trio of what?
A: Ships B: Trains
C: Horses D: Vegas showgirls

It's smooth sailing with ships, as Dowdle makes his first grand. Next for $2000.

Nearly 50% of donated blood in the U.S. is supplied by what organization?
C: American Red Cross D: Goodwill

Seems like all of it comes from the Red Cross when you work in a hospital's blood bank, but it's C for $2000. Next up for $3000.

By definition, an amorphous object has no distinct what?
A: Value B: Shape
C: Age D: Origin

Going for shape, and he's ship-shape. Next up for $4000.

Which of the following aquatic creatures is not actually a fish?
A: Blowfish B: Angelfish
C: Swordfish D: Crawfish

Crawfish is not a fish, and Dowdle can see $5000.

At the 2004 Oscars, host Billy Crystal quipped, "There is nobody left in" what country "to thank"?
A: New Zealand B: Canada
C: The Philippines D: Australia

After the lifeline, we find that 50 percent remember Lord of the Rings sweeping the Oscars and being filmed in... New Zealand. It comes to him as they voted, and he goes for $10,000.

"Onus probandi" is Latin for what well-known legal concept?
A: Malicious intent B: Burden of proof
C: Due process D: Probable cause

"Should've taken Latin in high school". He thinks it's D... It's B. So Dowdle dwindles back with $5000. And we doodle to a FFF after what looks like a frightening slump.

Put these toys in the order they were first introduced, starting with the earliest
A: Slinky B: Chicken Dance Elmo
C: Rubik's Cube D: Raggedy Ann Doll

Correct order: D, A, C, B. Three in. Winner at 5.11: Pat Headley!

Pat Headley heads up the mathematics department Gannon University in downtown Erie, PA. There's a calmness, Regis shows. Wife Kristin watches on as the former genius gets his due in the hot seat, starting with the $1000 question.

The nonprofit organization PETA supports the ethical treatment of what group?
A: Actors B: Athletes
C: Animals D: ABBA

Pat gets C for $1000. Now to $2000.

In the recent "Spider-Man" movies, Spider-Man fights crime in a familiar skintight suit of what colors?
A: Green and yellow B: Red and blue
C: Black and white D: Purple and gold

See the movie when it comes out, and you'll see that Spidey's suit is red and blue. Next up for $3000.

The expression "jumping the gun" originated in what sport?
A: Track B: Ice hockey
C: Lacrosse D: Soccer

A gives him $3000 and the right to see the $4000 question

In the TV series "Joan of Arcadia", Joan as the unusual ability to do what?
A: Heal the sick B: Stop time
C: Read people's minds D: Converse with God

He gets D for $4000. Now the $5000 milestone.

In the equation 2x + 1 = 9, what is the "x" called?
A: Variable B: Divisor
C: Quotient D: Remainder

Ask the math guy a math question, he'll get it right. A gets Pat $5000 and the lock-in for the next level. Here's $10,000.

Democrat John Kerry's wife, Teresa, was once married to the heir of what food company's fortune?
A: Nabisco B: Heinz
C: General Mills D: Hormel Foods

He remembers Teresa Kerry's maiden name, Heinz, and gets the $10,000. Next for $20,000:

The catchphrase "to boldly go where no man has gone before" features what grammatical problem?
A: Dangling participle B: Misplaced modifier
C: Split infinitive D: Double negative

He's heard of the problem before, but he's not sure what counts as a split infinitive. He goes for it from friends talking in his head, winning the $20,000. Next for $30,000.

Which of these types of meat traditionally comes from an animal's thigh?
A: Ham B: Pastrami
C: Bacon D: Brisket

He just eat it, so he goes with the audience, who says ham (50 percent) against brisket (37 percent). Going for the 50/50, it leaves both. He takes the audience pick... and he's right! Next for $50,000.

Which of these songs has never been parodied by musical jokester "Weird Al" Yankovic?
A: Gangsta's Paradise B: My Sharona
C: Like a Virgin D: I Will Survive

Let's see, "Amish Paradise"... "My Bologna"... "Like a Surgeon". No parody for D. He calls Eric to confirm it... and he's got $50,000! But all of his lifelines are gone. Before we get there, though, here are tonight's 3 Wise Men, just in case he gets to the next dimension:

Fred Nelson; VP Editorial Content, Entertainment Weekly
Joe Trela; third Millionaire champion
Dr. Anna Fisher; NASA astronaut/chemist

Now, the $100,000 landmark.

The historical city of Troy, subject of a 2004 movie, is located in what present-day country?
A: Turkey B: Egypt
C: Italy D: Greece

He's sure enough to guess A... and he's got the $100,000! Time for the next dimension... and not too soon, because we're running out of time! Here's the $500,000 question.

Which of these compounds of the human body is classified as a steroid?
A: Hemoglobin B: Cholesterol
C: Insulin D: Glucose

It isn't C (an enzyme). He goes to the three Wise Men, and one of them, Joe, goes to B. Pat agrees... and he's got $500,000! He goes for the other half on Tuesday.

And Pat, if you're reading this, you better thank Joe Trela.

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