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The game show spectacle that swept America earlier this year returns with a whole new round and $10 million burning a whole in their pockets.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Regis Philbin
Creator: David Briggs, Mike Whitehill, and Steve Knight
EP: Michael Davies, Paul Smith
Packager: Celador Prods Ltd., Valleycrest TV, Buena Vista TV
Airs: 9pm Sundays, 10pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

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Night 2 - May 17

Yesterday, a three-month wait proved most valuable to play-by-play commentator Scott Hoff, who pushed in six figures with his $500,000 win. Follow-up Judi Stauber didn't do so badly herself as she raked in $100,000. Still looking for the big winner, though. Here's the first FFF.

Put these TV catchphrases in order of their debut, starting with the most recent.
A: The tribe has spoken B: Kiss my grits!
C: You're fired! D: Don't have a cow, man!

Correct order: C ("The Apprentice"), A ("Survivor"), D ("The Simpsons"), B ("Alice"). Seven get it right, one, Terry Gaston, gets it right first in just shy of four seconds.

Terry Gaston is a PR director from Vidalia, GA who looks like... "Hello, Newman." It's his first time in NYC, as he tours in a subway. He and his wife thought they were going to the Statue of Liberty. They ended up in the Bronx. Well, he'll afford some decent transportation with the $10 million. He's 15 questions away. Let's go to the game. First up for $1000.

In 1998, Bill Clinton famously stated, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss" what?
A: Lewinsky B: Tripp
C: McDougal D: Latifah

Obviously, it's A. Next for $2000.

The Rolling Stones' hit 1965 song "Satisfaction" is subtitled what?
A: Let Me Give You B: Where Will I Find
C: This Is My Only D: I Can't Get No

Again, definitely D for some satisfaction. Next for $3000.

A type of light meal, the continental breakfast gets its name due to its origin on what continent?
A: Asia B: Europe
C: Africa D: South America

B... Right again! Next up for $4000.

Which of these animals defends itself using a poisonous stinger on the tip of its tail?
A: Scorpion B: Rattlesnake
C: Black widow spider D: Komodo dragon

A it is for $4000. Now for the guaranteed $5000...

Introduced in 2004, the device known as the "Bleepinator" is to be used by broadcasters to do what?
A: Create laugh tracks B: Edit offensive language
C: Write background music D: Prompt newscasters

"That would be B." And that would be $5000! Ten from ten, and here's ten... thousand.

Dermatoglyphic studies usually involve the analysis of what physical characteristic?
A: Facial structure B: Eye color
C: Hair patterns D: Fingerprints

He thinks, and goes for D, final answer. "Absolutely right!" Next for $20,000.

Convicted serial killer Aileen Wuornos is the subject of what 2003 movie?
A: 21 Grams B: House of Sand and Fog
C: Monster D: Dirty Pretty Things

He remembers the Oscars and goes for C. He's three away from $100,000! Going for $30,000...

Which of these U.S. states is located entirely within the Central time zone?
A: Ohio B: Wisconsin
C: Michigan D: Kentucky

"It's not Ohio. It's not Michigan. It's not Kentucky." He makes B his final... and he's got $30,000! Going for $50,000...

In 2004, NASA announced the discovery of the solar system's most distant object, a "planetoid" named what?
A: Sedna B: Vesta
C: Janus D: Nereus

He goes through his PAFs, finally deciding on Eric, the nuclear engineer. He doesn't get an answer out in time. Audience feels like they knew it. "Audience? I need your help!" Some help. It's a 35-33-21 split between B, A, and C. He was hoping to save the 50/50, but it looks like he might need it. It removes A and D. He goes for A... Final answer. HE'S RIGHT! He goes for $100,000 and the next dimension next.

In 1995, what U.S. Supreme Court justice added Gilbert-and-Sullivan-inspired gold stripes to his robe?
A: David Souter B: Anthony Kennedy
C: Clarence Thomas D: William Rehnquist

"Can't wait to hear the answer." He can't risk that much money on a guess, so he'll walk with the $50K. The correct answer? D. Alright, nine players waiting to profit from Terry's demise. Here's the next FFF.

Put these useful products in order by when they were introduced to the U.S., starting with the earliest.
A: Post-it Notes B: TiVo
C: Wonderbra D: Velcro

Correct answer: D (1948), A (1970s), C (1990s), B (2000s). Three in right, but Wayne Forrester gets it in 3.86.

Wayne Forrester is also from Georgia. Smyrna, to be exact. He and his grandmother would watch game shows from the old school, especially the Hugh Downs "Concentration". He was a ringleader of people who would want to get on a game show. Now, it's his turn to take on the super money tree. First up, $1000.

When playing hide-and-seek, the child who is "It" traditionally calls out "Ready or not," what?
A: Here I come B: I'll get you
C: Time is up D: My body is changing.

He goes for A and the $1000. Next for $2000.
From 1961-65, Americans observed the centennial of what major U.S. conflict?
A: American Revolution B: American Civil War
C: World War I D: World War II

He goes for B for the $2K. Next for three...

Introduced in 1982, Chia Pets are animal figurines with "fur" made of what?
A: Yarn B: Sprouts
C: Candy D: Beads

Just what are those sprouts anyway? He goes for B and $3000. Next for $4000.

By definition, a Mephistophelian person resembles a what?
A: King B: Ghost
C: Saint D: Devil

Took Regis three tries. Took Wayne only one, and now we see the $5000 milestone.

In 2004, Tiger Woods appeared in a prominent ad campaign parodying what classic sports movie?
A: Jerry Maguire B: Rocky
C: Bull Durham D: Caddyshack

Wayne asks the audience... and 80 percent say D. I say D. He listens to the audience, and me. He's got the $5000. Next up for $10,000.

Common among Hindu women, a bindi is an ornamental red dot worn where on the body?
A: Back of the neck B: Small of the back
C: Between the eyebrows D: Back of the hand

He points it out for $10,000. Now to double that.

Named after a region of France, the Anjou is a variety of what fruit?
A: Pear B: Banana
C: Plum D: Lemon

He gets A for $20,000. Now for $30,000.

President Bush gave his famous "Mission Accomplished" speech in 2003 aboard what aircraft carrier?
A: Yorktown B: Abraham Lincoln
C: Saratoga D: Theodore Roosevelt

"This would make a great Millionaire question." Now that's what I call preparation! He locks in B for $30,000. Now for $50,000.

Who coined the term "Homo sapiens", the scientific name for modern humans?
A: Jean Baptiste Lamarck B: Gregor Mendel
C: Charles Darwin D: Carolus Linnaeus

He thinks Linnaeus makes sense, but he doesn't know if he wants to make it his answer. He doesn't want to, but he uses the 50/50 to leave B and D. He'll make D his final now for $50,000. Next up, the $100,000 question.

In a 1992 episode of "The Simpsons", Maggie's first word, "daddy", was voiced by what actress?
A: Elizabeth Taylor B: Kathleen Turner
C: Barbra Streisand D: Sally Field

If it was me, I'd say "A, Elizabeth Taylor, final answer," and be done with it, but he wants to call up his PAF Glen Katz. "Glen, search. Simpsons. Maggie's first word." Sneaky. "We're thinking it's Elizabeth Taylor." I'd agree. He does... and he's on his way to the next dimension with $100,000!

Which also means that it's time to meet tonight's Three Wise Men.

Dr. Anita Krishnamurthi; NASA scientist/astronomer
Michael Starr;
New York Post TV columnist
John Carpenter; former Millionaire champion

Now, the $500,000 question.

Who was Auguste Rodin's original inspiration for his famous sculpture, "The Thinker"?
A: Rene Descartes B: Miguel de Cervantes
C: Jean Baptiste Moliere D: Dante Alighieri

He reasons A and C because they're also French. How would he play this? Call the Wise Men? Double Dip? He decides... to think along with Regis some more. Then he decides to Double Dip, but he cannot use another lifeline. He goes for C... WRONG. Then he goes for A... WRONG. Correct answer: D. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as he leaves with $100,000. Running low on time, as we head to another FFF.

Put these famous women in order by the year of their birth, starting with the earliest.
A: Madeleine Albright B: Susan B. Anthony
C: Eleanor Roosevelt D: Mother Teresa

Correct order: B (1820), C (1884), D (1910), A (1937). Three get it, but Devin McMahon gets it first at 4.5 seconds.

We're running short on time, so we head right into the game with the Harvard grad. Here's the $1000 question.

According to a popular children's rhyme, "Fuzzy Wuzzy had no" what?
A: Claws B: Teeth
C: Hair D: Rogaine

C is right for $1000. Next for $2000...

No-nonsense TV personality Judith Sheindlin is better known to millions of viewers as what?
A: Officer Judy B: Judge Judy
C: Doctor Judy D: Madame Judy.

B is right for $2000. And that's game called. Devin continues his ascent tomorrow.

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