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The game show spectacle that swept America earlier this year returns with a whole new round and $10 million burning a whole in their pockets.

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Jason Huhn, GSNN

Regis Philbin
Creator: David Briggs, Mike Whitehill, and Steve Knight
EP: Michael Davies, Paul Smith
Packager: Celador Prods Ltd., Valleycrest TV, Buena Vista TV
Airs: 9pm Sundays, 10pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

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Night 4 - May 20

On Tuesday's show, Devin McMahon's knowledge of "perp walks", "The Da Vinci Code", and carrageenan got him to the next dimension, but then someone sent in the clowns and sent him packing with $100,000. Then Mark Ross avoids getting whacked at $50,000, taking the $30,000 rather than risking it on what character wasn't offed on "The Sopranos".

Now we come back to Rich Crook, who's extremely hyper... and extremely smart. He's going for $30,000 with his 50/50 remaining.

In 2004, counterterrorism official Richard Clarke released a controversial book about 9/11 titled what?
A: Against All Enemies B: War in a Time of Peace
C: The Price of Loyalty D: Plan of Attack

He remembers it was D... Wrong memory. It was C. As soon as Rich comes, he goes, and he takes $5000 with him. So we're basically starting from scratch. Tonight's first FFF:

Put these advertising catchphrases in order of their original debut, starting with the earliest.
A: I want my MTV B: Can you hear me now?
C: I'm lovin' it D: Got milk?

Correct order: A (1980), D (1993), B (2002), C (2004). One one got it right... Melissa Beyerl!

Melissa Beyerl is the only lady on the panel tonight, from Gibsonville, PA. Her first trip to New York City, and she sees the Naked Cowboy, his hat, his briefs, and his guitar. Husband Glen knew she was the one when she threw her hairbrush at her. Enough of that, let's get to the game and the $1000 question.

In a well-known ad campaign, what phrase is used to describe a popular Thursday night lineup of shows?
A: Must See B: Must Enjoy
C: Must Not Miss D: Must Get a Life

On another network, that would be A. ABC wishes it was D, though. Next up, $2000.

In the saying "none of your beeswax", what does "beeswax" mean?
A: Bragging B: Bashfulness
C: Business D: Back talk

She makes it C for $2000. Now for $3000.

By definition, a coven is a group consisting of what "unlucky" number of witches?
A: 7 B: 11
C: 13 D: 24

C's lucky for $3000... But Melissa doesn't know that until she 50/50s. Note to Melissa, read the $4000 question first.

Which of these animals' habitats is primarily subterranean?
A: Gopher B: Beaver
C: Koala bear D: Antelope

She locks in A for $4000 and a chance at $5000.

Michael Buffer coined his trademark phrase "Let's get ready to rumble" as an announcer for what sport?
A: Boxing B: Basketball
C: Racecar driving D: Ice hockey

She asks the audience... What?! In any event, 74 percent say boxing, and the other 26 percent knew the answer, but said something else out of spite. She sides with A and locks in $5000. Now for $10,000.

In 2004, the FDA banned the use of ephedra in supplements commonly taken to do what?
A: Stop smoking B: Lose weight
C: Increase fertility D: Cure baldness

She goes for B and goes for $20,000 next.

Which of these common shapes is also called a hexahedron?
A: Sphere B: Cone
C: Cylinder D: Cube

Sounds easy enough, but she ops for the lifeline anyway. She calls up her dad John. "It's not a cube. It's not a cone." But it was a cube. Melissa was going to say cube as a guess... Should've went with it. She goes with $10,000. And we go to another FFF.

Put these numbers in alphabetical order according to how they are spelled out.
A: 15 B: 20
C: 45 D: 60

Correct order: A (fifteen), C (forty-five), D (sixty), B (twenty). Two in right, and Jason Carter's in with 5.05.

Jason Carter is a sixth-grade math and science teacher from Valdese, NC, population 1000, who uses "Millionaire" as a motivational tool for his students (end of quarter parties feature the game, and Jason gets to play Regis). Well today, Regis gets to be Regis in his own metallic suit. Jason gets to see the $1000 question.

The word "aphrodisiac" comes from the name of the Greek goddess of what?
A: Wisdom B: The Moon
C: Love D: Chocolate underwear

C gets him $1000. Now to $2000.

What 1970s group's various members usually included a sailor, a construction worker and a cop?
A: The Bee Gees B: Earth, Wind & Fire
C: Kool & The Gang D: The Village People

D, and a YMCA, gets him $2000. Now to $3000.

Which of these vehicles commonly use sonar technology for navigation?
A: Submarine B: Tanks
C: Helicopter D: Subways

He goes for A and the $3000. Next for $4000.
Because its date depends on the lunar cycle, what holiday is celebrated in either March or April?
A: St. Patrick's Day B: Easter
C: Memorial Day D: Valentine's Day

It's Easter, getting Jason the $5000. Onto the $5000 benchmarks.

Which of these words is usually used to refer to men and not women?
A: Philanderer B: Vamp
C: Coquette D: Vixen

A is less feminine, so he goes with that. Good move, Jason. He's got $5000. Going for $10,000.

A 19th-century Chinese nurseryman named Ah Bing is the namesake for a famous variety of what fruit?
A: Apple B: Cherry
C: Banana D: Orange

He tries B, remembering Bing cherries. And he goes to $10,000 and the $20,000 question.

In January 2004, what controversial sports figure released the autobiography "My Prison Without Bars"?
A: Mike Tyson B: Dennis Rodman
C: Tonya Harding D: Pete Rose

Sports is his weak area, and he has to ring up Tracy. "I'm pretty sure it's Pete Rose." D is his final answer, and he's got $20,000! Going for $30,000.

What two characters got married on the last episode of "Beverly Hills 90210"?
A: Kelly & Dylan B: David & Donna
C: Steve & Brenda D: Brandon & Andrea

You can rule out C, but that's all you can rule out. Time to poll the audience. And 64 percent say B. He goes with the audience... and he can continue onto the $50,000.

In 2004, what artist's painting, "Boy With a Pipe," sold at auction for a record-breaking $104 million?
A: Rembrandt B: Renoir
C: Picasso D: Van Gogh

Sounded like Picasso, but he 50/50s it. Picasso's up there, and so is Renoir. He goes with Picasso... and he gets to see the $100,000 question! Downside, his lifelines are gone.

When a car's air bags are activated, they are usually inflated with what kind of gas?
A: Oxygen B: Helium
C: Carbon dioxide D: Nitrogen

It's all him at this point, and all Jason can say is... "I have a hunch." Nitrogen. You know what Gene Rayburn says... go with your gut. And his gut leads him to the NEXT DIMENSION, where we meet tonight's Three Wise Men:

Pat Thompson; former Millionaire contestant, $500,000 winner
Chris Farley; senior editor, Time
Dr. Glen Ferrart; professor of physics, NYU

Now, for $500,000.

What is the only continent that does not have a continental divide?
A: Asia B: Antarctica
C: Africa D: Australia

He's not sure, not even on a hunch of Australia, so he goes for the Double Dip. First answer of Australia... Wrong. Second answer of Antarctica.... RIGHT! He's got $500,000 and is now going for $1,000,000!

What song lyric graces the tombstone of legendary singer Frank Sinatra?
A: Let me sing forever more B: I'll be seeing you
C: The best is yet to come D: Come fly with me

Jason goes to the Wise Men. Chris and Pat think it's either "Let me sing forever more" or "The best is yet to come". Jason didn't feel confident with their suggestions and takes his $500,000. The song lyric was indeed The best is yet to come. And another FFF is yet to come now.

Put these TV series in geographic order by their primary setting, starting in California and going east.
A: ER B: Sex and the City
C: CSI D: The O.C.

Correct order: D (Orange County, CA), C (Las Vegas), A (Chicago), B (New York). Two in, and Rich Willis is ready to play! Again!

That's right, Rich Willis of Grand Blanc, MI, has been here before, twice in the ring of fire four years ago. Since then, he was trying to get back on. Heidi the wife joins him, as he explains how he got talked into a Hot Body competition he lost to an 80-year-old guy. Okay, Richie. You've waited long enough. It's time for the $1000 question!

The term "chick flick" is commonly used to refer to movies that appeal to what group?
A: Women B: Teenagers
C: College students D: Poultry farmers

It's A for $1000. Next for $2000.

What is the punch line to the classic joke that begins, "I just flew in from the coast"?
A: Boy am I soggy B: Boy are my arms tired
C: Boy was the food bad D: Boy was it cold

Rich nails B for $2000. Next up for $3000...
What TV series introduced Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, widely dubbed reality TV's best villain of all time?
A: The Apprentice B: The Bachelor
C: Survivor D: The Real World

Wow... the WORST. She cost Kwame the title of "The Apprentice" for $3000. Next for four.

What physical condition's name comes from an ancient Greek word meaning "to breathe hard"?
A: Arthritis B: Insomnia
C: Asthma D: Migraine

He gets C for $4000. Now the $5000 milestone.

In geometry, a circle's radius can be determined by multiplying its diameter by what?
A: p B: 2p
C: 2 D: 1/2

He doesn't let the symbols trip him up. It's D for $5000. Now onto $10,000.

Founded in 1994, the Juicy Couture fashion line is best known for its stylish updates of what apparel?
A: Sweater vests B: Track suits
C: Sundresses D: Overalls

Having only taken his clothes off for fashion, he goes to the fashionable audience. A very fashionable 68 percent say track suits. He goes with them, and... gets $10,000! And that's game called. Rich goes for $20,000 on Sunday.

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