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It's part reality series, part game show, as each week seven players take on the challenges and pressures of each other and of Studio 7's hard-as-nails format, en route to finding the answer to the question, "When it comes to money, who can you really trust?"

Recaps by Travis Eberle, GSNN

Pat Kiernan
Jen Kelly

Michael Davies
EP: Michael Davies
Packager: Pressure Productions, Diplomatic Inc.
Airs: Thursdays and Sundays (replay) at 9:00pm ET on the WB

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Episode 5 - August 19

"Hello, I'm Jeff Greenberg, and welcome to Studio 7." Obviously not Pat Kiernan, that guy. He's one of seven more players out for $77,000 and a berth in the $777,000 final in a few weeks. We get the study/moving-in montage early, and this could only mean one of two things: a) Davies is reediting the rest of the shows to account for the lackluster connectivity factor, or b) tonight's rounds are embarrassingly short. Let's meet him... and the rest of tonight's subjects:

1: Nicole Edmonds: 24; Ronkonkoma, NY. Her mouth has gotten her into more trouble than she is worth. She's very loud. Almost too loud.
2: JC Cary: 22; Washington, DC. Likes competing against people as long as he's got something to prove. He doesn't mean to be arrogant.
3: Rosie Hunter: 21; Tallahassee, FL. She asks a lot of questions... who may be playing the super-friendly card.
4: The aforementioned Jeff Greenberg: 23; Woodbridge, CT. Comes off as pretty friendly, but is really just a class clown without a shirt.
5: Christina Chin: 18; Davis, CA. Cute. Footballer. Loves being on a game show.
6: Drew Leary: 21; Sussex, NJ. Interested in acting and directing, he is also training to joust for his Ren Faire role as... Robin Hood. Wouldn't that require archery skills?
7: Katie Madden: 21; Haverford, PA. She thinks she can do pretty well. Everyone else thinks she's under the radar.

We finally get into the quizular element (it's a technical term, really!... Okay, it isn't) at :02:09... if you were to count Pat's spiel. If you weren't, we go to :03:26. But enough rambling from me, or else Travis is going to stiff-arm me once he gets back from London. "To your pods."

Round I: The 21st Century

Jeff is first, and correct. Rosie and JC, also correct. Drew has to ask for Katie's help on this: "In 2001, more than four million animals were slaughtered as a the result of an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease that was first identified in what nation?" Katie: "I would love to help you, but I honestly don't know the answer." He'll try anyway, as he goes for England... Sorry, Travis. He's right.

Christina tosses this one to JC: "In 2002, what politician resigned his post as Senate Majority Leader after his public support for a pro-segregationist got him into trouble?" JC: "We shook on it, so I figured, 'quid pro quo'. His name is Senator Trent Lott." Christina agrees... and she can return to her pod.

Under-the-radar Katie goes over here. "In June 2002, the US Postal Service increased the price of a postage stamp for a first-class letter to what amount?" Katie's answer: 39 cents. Correct answer: 37 cents. So Katie can go over... to the Block to await her fate.

Nicole doesn't play nice with others, and when the time comes, she will not help anyone out. Well, karma's a wench, as it's ring time for her. Nicole asks Jeff "In the 2003 animated movie Finding Nemo, Nemo and his father, Marlin, are what species of fish?" She knows it's his favorite, but Jeff will only offer this: "It's a funny fish." Nicole answers back... "I would like to answer the question. What is a clownfish?" Save it for some other game show, will you?

"As soon as I gave it to you, I kicked myself." Yeah, I'd kick you, too, Jeff. And speaking of karma, now he must ask Katie for help: "Following his death in July 2002, family members of what legendary Boston Red Sox player became involved in a legal dispute after he was cryogenically frozen?" Katie: "I'm not going to help you, because, I kinda don't think you know it. I think I have a good chance of being voted back on." He tries anyway, "Mickey Mantle". Correct: Ted Williams. And Jeff... hope you kissed a blarney stone or three. Time to vote.

Rosie: JEFF
Christina: JEFF
Nicole: JEFF

Sorry, Mr. Friendly, but you're just too much of a sucker. Bye bye!

Round II: 2004

Christina's first and right. Rosie's second... and wrong. "In February 2004, the Bush administration lifted a 23-year-old ban on travel to what North African country led by Muammar Qaddafi?" Rosie's answer: Liberia. Correct: Libya.

And Nicole's right behind you. "Which aging British rocker and vegetarian reportedly banned employees on his 2004 summer tour from eating meat while working?" Nicole's answer: Sting. Correct: Paul McCartney.

I'll save you the heartbreak. Nicole's gone... Okay, I'll make it official.

Christina: NICOLE

Drew probably would've joined in as well.

Round III: The Last 30 Days

JC, Rosie, and Katie can still take off their rings and toss them into the Pool of the 7. Christina and Drew... just look freaky. Christina is blank on her question: "On July 9, conservationists announced that they discovered the Cozumel Thrasher, a bird thought to be extinct, on an island off the Yucatan Peninsula located in what country?" Correct: Mexico.

Stupid answer of the night comes from Drew. "On July 8, it was announced that the woman accusing Kobe Bryant of sexual assault has hired attorney Lin Wood, who previously represented the parents of what murdered child beauty queen?" Drew's answer: "Lara Flynn Boyle?" Pat's response: "Wonder if we'll be hearing from her lawyers." Correct answer: JonBenet Ramsey. "Which of your competitors do you dread facing in the final round? After those answers, do you dread facing EITHER of them in the final round?"

Katie: DREW

That's all she wrote for Drew. TV lights, man... TV lights.

Round IV: The OJ Trial, tonight's specialized subject. Try not to get juiced (I couldn't help myself).

Rings are still in play for everyone except Christina. Katie is first... Right. Rosie is next... Right. JC is next... Right and interrupting the host. Speedround is later, my friend. Christina is next... and makes a mediocre answer even more mediocre by pronouncing it wrong. Question: Ron Goldman worked as a waiter at what Italian restaurant near where Nicole Brown Simpson lived? Christina: "La Montezuma". Correct: Mezzaluna. No calling Johnnie Cochran to get back to your pod, Christina, you're gone.

Round V: The Mad Memorization Round: Bond Girls. Character, actress, movie, 141 elements. JC thinks he knows them all without having to look at the memorization assignment. But he does spend one hour before gametime on it. Just like a college student.

JC: 24/141... and still going.
Katie: 40/141 (said "Diana Riggs" instead of "Diana Rigg")
JC: 43/141 (said "Angela... Saunders" instead of "Angela Scoular")
Rosie: 8/141 (said "Dr. No" instead of "From Russia With Love")

Round VI: The Speedround to Seven - The Last Seven Days.

JC's pretty confident. He's proven himself justified. We'll see how justified in a moment. JC vs. Katie. JC goes first, getting Mandela, Angels in America, Martha Stewart's five months, the Governator's "girlie men", Bolivia, France, and Martha's Vineyard in 1:46.17. It should be noted that he missed seven.

Now to Katie, who answers to Mandela, Martha's five months, "girlie men", an alligator, Krispy Kreme's frozen beverages, Botox for sweating, and Apollo 11... Katie gets the final question, the fifteenth in the series, on the bell. This is going to come to a photo finish.

"By the narrowest of margins... JC is the winner." So JC will join Amadou Doumbia, Craig Phillips, George Jarroush, and last week's winner, Sheila Shaigany, in three weeks for the final.

And yet no one thinks about Duke's iPods... I just think it's funny. Travis'll be back next week, and so will Pat and Ms. Kelly. Until then, I've been Chico Alexander. Thank you for your participation.

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