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It's part reality series, part game show, as each week seven players take on the challenges and pressures of each other and of Studio 7's hard-as-nails format, en route to finding the answer to the question, "When it comes to money, who can you really trust?"

Recaps by Travis Eberle, GSNN

Pat Kiernan
Jen Kelly

Michael Davies
EP: Michael Davies
Packager: Pressure Productions, Diplomatic Inc.
Airs: Thursdays and Sundays (replay) at 9:00pm ET on the WB

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Episode 2 - July 29

Tonight, one more young person will have his or her life changed right before our eyes, and have a shot at a massive grand prize. Let's meet the players. And The WB are right bastards for not posting their last names on the website...

4: Erin Meadwood, 22, Patterson, NJ, trying to prove that Patterson NJ isn't a poverty stricken city for people with no drive.
5: Craig Phillips, 22, Los Angeles, CA, Craig isn't as cruel as the players think.
3: Dave, 23, NYC, opts for money over ethics, because it is $77,000.
7: Nick, 19, North Bellmore, NY, doesn't want to be insignificant. Needs the money for school, since Mom just lost her job.
1: Brandon, 23, Chicago, IL, honesty is important to him.
6: Sarah, 18, Shoreline, WA! Whoo! Home state bias! Doesn't like first impressions, and is proud of being an MIT math nerd.
2: Erica, 21, Morristown, TN, wants to live in NY, modeling to pay for school before med school.

In December 2003 Which preacher and Democratic presidential candidate hosted SNL?
Erica's Answer: Jesse Jackson
Correct Answer: Al Sharpton

One inning down, one out. You're not supposed to miss the first question, Erica.

Erin, At the end of August 2001, Bush returned to DC after spending nearly a month at his ranch, located in what Texas town?
Erin's Answer: Beaumont
Correct Answer: Crawford

That was quick.

We now go To the Block after just eight questions.

Nick goes the strategy route, and votes of who he perceives the stronger player. Sarah trusts Erin more than Erica. Craig is petrified of Erin's intelligence. Dave noted the stack of note cards, and pledges to miss Erin, and that's all she wrote.

Nick: Erin
Sarah: Erica
Craig: Erin
Dave: Erin

Erin was too smart for her own good, and knew she was toast before the votes were cast.

Round Two, everyone still has their rings,
Sarah asks Brandon for help, Brandon comes through with a right answer. Question: In March, what government agency's official website began running a recruitment video starring Jennifer Garner?
Correct answer: The CIA.

Nick asks Dave for help. Question: In March 2004, six of the voice actors for what long-running animated comedy series went on strike demanding higher pay?

"Nick, I feel that you're a very worthy competitor... I will not be helping you." Didn't need it, though. He knew it was "The Simpsons".

Brandon asks Dave. Question: The 2004 film Control Room is a documentary centered on the operations of what Qatar-based Arabic news network?

"I'm not going to be helping you either." Again, Dave denies Brandon. Again, Dave is shocked to hear that Brandon knows of "Al-Jazeera".

Eric is correct.

Erica calls upon Brandon, and they are right. Question: April 17th marked the premiere of Never Scared, the fourth HBO comedy special from what comedian who Entertainment Weekly picked as the funniest man in America?
Correct answer: Chris Rock

Sarah is flat wrong. The founder of IKEA is in fact not richer than Bill Gates, nor is Sam Walton.

Dave asks Brandon for help. Dave can suck spit, apparently. California was the location of the grocery workers strike, not Illinois. That, my friends, was a heaping helping of karmic justice.

Time for a vote.

Brandon: Dave
Craig : Dave
Nick: Dave

In quite possibly the most anticlimactic vote since Big Brother 3, Dave is out straight away. Wow, that was satisfying, though. I just may take up smoking, just to light up a celebratory one.

Nick is right.
Craig is right.
Erica guesses and is wrong. Not even close.

June 5, which horse did not win the Belmont Stakes, losing out on the Triple Crown.
Erica: Lightning
Correct: Smarty Jones

"Surprisingly, that's wrong." Someone give Kiernan a raise!

Sarah is right.

Brandon is wrong.
June 10, due to a shipping mistake, six or more researchers were exposed to what deadly bacteria?
Brandon: Ebola
Correct: Anthrax

Sarah: Erica, strategy
Nick: Brandon, strategy (?)
Craig: Brandon, even though the three of them did some bonding.

Pat thinks maybe Erica has a brilliant strategy. Yeah, the strategy of missing questions. But she's survived two eliminations, just like the first week's winner.

ROUND FOUR: The Specialty Subject
Fine dining and etiquette and the proper way to eat everything.
Now I've seen everything.

Nick: Correct (Use the non-slobbered on large ends of chopsticks to pluck sushi)
Erica: Correct (Use a fork to eat french fries at a formal dinner) Maybe Erica only studied the Savant Category. We'll never know.
Craig: Correct (Firm stalks sans sauce makes asparagus a finger food)
Sarah: Correct (Orange slices as a cocktail trimming should be avoided because they are too messy to be eaten gracefully.)

Nick: "When eating mussels served in their shells, there are two proper methods for consuming any remaining juice or broth. The first is with a spoon, what is the other?"

"A piece of bread" isn't good enough, and Nick is confused.

Pat reads the question again. How very helpful. You're really earning that check tonight, Pat.

"To sop it up with a piece of bread," says Nick.

Cue more deliberating. Excuse me while I grab a soda.

Judge says it's part of the correct answer, but they need more. Whatever happened to "One chance for more information," from "Joker's Wild '90"?

"To sop it up with a piece of Italian bread."



Since it was an etiquette question, the second half had to be right, and it was "...speared on the tines of a fork."

Wow. That sucks for him. Nick is completely shocked and distraught at that. Nick is crying on the way out. "You've gotta absolutely be kidding me!" "What more do you want?" "You blew it!" All that is swirling around in his head. My pick to win just got knocked out.

Sarah looks to blow everyone away with...

ROUND FIVE: The Insane Memorization Challenge!

Selected Presidents and their pets. President, pet name, type of pet. 116 elements.

Sarah pulls the short straw, and has to go first. Erica and Craig get to hear the white noise for a bit, while Sarah stands over the pool.

"You may set your own pace in this round, I do warn you that you will be timed."

I wonder what happens if there's a perfect score in this round. Or a tie.

Three minutes and two seconds later, Sarah names George Washington's hound Tipsy as the last element. Holy cow. Perfection. Sarah barely bats an eye and gets the first perfect score.

Surely that can't happen again.

Craig: 116/116

Wow. Did these two find a copy of "Harry Lorayne's Memory Game" at Goodwill or something? Good grief. And they showed this episode second? What were they thinking? I hope Erica studied *something* while in the house, because she's skated by up to now.

Erica: 51/116

It's not enough, and we have our two for the final round. Craig posted a time of 2:51, so he gets the honor for the finals. Sadly, the players get nothing extra for a perfect score. Couldn't they afford $777 or something?

FINALS ROUND: The past seven days.
Craig opts to go first in the last round. Could we shine a light on Miss Kelly? Please?

Craig is going to use the money to buy a pony and a Cadillac, according to Nick.

"Confidence is good," says Pat. Craig thought all along he'd be in the Final Two.

Craig: 60 and 20/30. Wow. That be fast. Craig would have smoked both players from last week's program. He interrupted three times, passed once, and missed one, for nine questions total.

Sarah: Six of seven at the bell. Much more interrupting from her, and one more right answer could have won it for her. Craig Phillips has just won $77,000 in cash.

Everyone is happy that Craig is the winner. He is the man, and is going to be back in six weeks for the UberChampionship and an ADDITIONAL $777,000.

Dave thinks that Craig may win the whole thing. We'll have to wait six weeks for that. But for now, this is Travis Eberle, saying, "Thank you for your participation."

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