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It's part reality series, part game show, as each week seven players take on the challenges and pressures of each other and of Studio 7's hard-as-nails format, en route to finding the answer to the question, "When it comes to money, who can you really trust?"

Recaps by Travis Eberle, GSNN

Pat Kiernan
Jen Kelly

Michael Davies
EP: Michael Davies
Packager: Pressure Productions, Diplomatic Inc.
Airs: Thursdays and Sundays (replay) at 9:00pm ET on the WB

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Episode 4 - August 12

Welcome back to Studio 7. I am NOT Travis Eberle. He's on holiday on the other side of the pond. And having a damn fine time from what I hear. As such, I, your humble webmaster will play pinch-hitter. Meanwhile, we have these seven:

Alice; 23; San Francisco. Part British (dig the accent, BTW), part American, she moved to the US at age 10, having lived her life up to that point in Cambridge... I think Travis is actually there now.

Austin; 22; Minerval, VA, outside of Richmond. He lives on a farm, where it's about as country as it gets.

Caroline; 22; New York City. Originally from Chicago, she's either really friendly or really neurotic. I'm going for the latter of the two.

CK Sweat; 22; Sacramento, CA. He says he's been reading since he was a child. He likes to surround himself with words.

Greg; 22; The Bronx, NY. "Good thing about me is that I have street smarts." He's not here to make friends. He's here to win 77 Gs.

Sheila; 21; Bethesda, MD. She went to Catholic school as an Iraniaian, and she worries that it will be a stereotype. Oh, and she's a struggling actress.

Tom; 19; Harrington Park, NJ. Definitely not part of the athletes, hopefully not part of the nerds.

Round the First: The 21st Century

Number 5, CK is first and correct. Number 4, Sheila is also in with a right answer.  Number 1, Austin, also right. Number 7, Greg... fakes out the players and returns to his pod. Number 2, Caroline, also hits her question on the money. Player #3, Tom, rides on sturdy tires his first time out. Finally, number 6 is on the mic... and in the Pool of The Seven for help on this: "In 2002, a painting from what French impressionist's Waterlilies series sold for just over $20 million?" Alice asks for help from Caroline. "I'm pretty sure the answer is Monet. Claude Monet." And she's that much closer to the Monet.

CK cycles back, and he needs Alice's help in the Pool. Question: "In 2001, what newsman appeared as the first guest on The Late Show with David Letterman after the September 11 attacks?" Alice's response: "I will try my hardest. CK, I believe it's Tom Brokaw. About 70%" Doubtful. Correct answer: Dan Rather. CK is now on the Block.

Sheila could join him if she doesn't use her Ring. She asks Tom for help on this: "In May 2003, former New Jersey governor Christie Whitman resigned as head of what government agency?" Tom says, "Department of the Environment, or something to that effect." She goes with it... and she goes to the Block. Correct answer: Environmental Protection Agency."

So who stays and who goes? Here's the vote:

Alice: Sheila
Tom: CK
Caroline: CK (citing girl power... you know that was coming sooner or later)
Austin: CK

That's three. That's enough. CK, sucks to be you. And after the break... "Caroline's not here anymore. This is her alter ego, Miranda." Nice to know that they have time to kill in that posh suite.

Round the Second: 2004

Greg, Tom, Austin, and Caroline/Miranda are still rung.

Greg takes a guess on his initial question... and it pays off. Tom, on the other hand, pays a hefty price for this question: "A series of lawsuits and countersuits begun in May has threatened the business relationship between and what giant toy retailer?"
Tom's answer: K-B.
Correct answer: Toys 'R' Us.

Alice and Caroline continue the players on the winning ways. Austin, on the other hand, zigs when he should've zagged. "In February, what Daytime Emmy-winning comedienne married her longtime girlfriend, Kelli Carpenter, in San Francisco?"
Austin's answer: Ellen DeGeneres.
Correct answer: Rosie O'Donnell.

So now it's down to the vote, and "girl power" is not an issue. Caroline: "If Austin's on the block, he's gone."

Greg: Tom
Caroline: Austin
Sheila: Austin
Alice: Austin

Austin leaves with a ring he'll never again use. Greg, Tom, and Caroline can still use theirs in...

Round the Third: The Last 30 Days

Caroline is stalled at the gate, and she goes for her lifeline, Alice, for this: "On June 24, what Internet giant announced it would purchase for $435 million?"
Alice can only offer "I think it's Yahoo!, but I did scrap CK, so I don't know." Alice sidetracks and goes with Amazon. Well, they're BOTH wrong. Correct: AOL. Off to the Block.

Greg pops a sac fly over to Sheila for this: "On June 12, a funeral was held for 97-year-old Alberta Martin. She is the last known widow of any soldier who fought in what war, which ended almost 140 years ago?" She thinks it's the Civil War. He thinks it's the Civil War. I think it's the Civil War. We're all right.

Sheila and Alice get by on a guess. Tom, though, doesn't have that luxury available to him, as he joins Caroline on the Block. Question: In June, diplomats from India and Pakistan agreed to resume peace talks to discuss what disputed border region?
Tom's answer: Kandahar.
Correct answer: Kashmir. "Tom, you know the Block."

Voting time, and things aren't looking good for Tom.

Sheila: Tom
Greg: Tom

Again, that's enough. Alice need not move. So, in case you've just tuned in, we have the requisite Girl Power episode, and we're halfway home. Next up...

Round the Fourth: The Savant Round. Today, Goodfellas.

And Greg gets whacked. "What was Robert DeNiro's character's name in GoodFellas? No playing, as Greg just gives up, congratulates the girls, and heads for his seat in the Loser's Lounge. Correct answer, by the way, Jimmy Conway.

Round the Fifth: The Big Dumb Book of Stupid Lists Round. And if you thought the history of common vermin was weird, this week, we have competitive eating records. I can name one off the top of my head... Takeru Kobayashi's hot dog record (53.5 in 12 minutes). Food, record-holder, record; 135 elements.

And chances are, if you say "Cookie Jarvis" or "Richard LeFebvre", then you'll have about 12 or 13 right there.

Caroline: 41.5/135 (said "11 oz. in 9 min.". Correct: 12 min.)
Sheila: 80.5/135 (said "53.5 in 15 min." See above)
Alice: 92/135 (said "jars" instead of "bowls")

Painfully strict, but Alice moves on alongside Sheila. Caroline, though, you and Miranda are now gone.

Round the Last: The Stairway to Seven of the Last Seven Days.

So it's my favorite versus... low-key Sheila. Alice goes first. Alice, for $77,000... Here is your first subject... GO! Cole Porter, John Edwards, "YMCA", Greece, Bill Cosby, the Running of the Bulls, and Mary-Kate and Ashley's milk ads stop the clock at 1:41.67.

Sheila has to beat that time in order to join Amadou Doumbia, Craig Phillips, and George Jarroush in the $777,000 series final on September 9. Time starts... now. General Ricardo Sanchez, Belgium's Tour de France, John Edwards, Greece, Portland's archdiocese, Bill Cosby, "Before Sunrise", and an awfully fast question-reader stop Sheila's clock... at :17.20. She wins tonight, and I personally think Alice was robbed. But again, she was my favorite, so of course I'm going to think that.

Another seven, and another $77K next time. Until then, this is Chico Alexander for Travis Eberle, saying "Good night, and thank you for your participation."

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