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It's part reality series, part game show, as each week seven players take on the challenges and pressures of each other and of Studio 7's hard-as-nails format, en route to finding the answer to the question, "When it comes to money, who can you really trust?"

Recaps by Travis Eberle, GSNN

Pat Kiernan
Jen Kelly

Michael Davies
EP: Michael Davies
Packager: Pressure Productions, Diplomatic Inc.
Airs: Thursdays and Sundays (replay) at 9:00pm ET on the WB

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Episode 3 - August 5

Ashley Moore, 21, Austin TX. Might think she's a fake/ditz, but it's an asset for her. Plans to 'kill 'em with kindness.'

Becky Lewis, 22, Enid, OK. Always takes the road not taken. Looks to not burn any bridges.

Danny Kahn, 19, Marlboro, NJ. Lives in a trailer park. Most afraid of getting to the end, but not winning.

George Jarroush, Butler, NJ. His family is different, everyone is working. Lots to do with the money. George doesn't want to help anyone.

Leslie Knott, 19, Los Angeles Greatest asset is her intelligence. I like her attitude. Plays by the Golden Rule.

Saira "Pepper" Weeks, 19, Reston, VA. Has to work part-time to help out while going to school.

Jong "Tom" Kim, 19, Lynnwood, WA. Money going to parents. The girls won't get in his way.

Round One: The 21st Century
5, Ashley (Carlos Santana teamed with Michelle Branch for "The Game of Love.")
6, George (Camp X-ray is at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.)
1, Leslie (Who was beatified in October 2003, one step closer to sainthood.) asks George. George has no clue at all. He's not Catholic. Yeah, that makes a difference.

"Now you're on your own."

Leslie: Queen Neuer(?)
Correct: Mother Teresa of Calcutta

7, Saira/Pepper (Robert Hansen pled guilty to spying for what country for 15 years?)

Pepper: Germany
Correct: Cuba

As the Comic Book Guy from "The Simpsons" says, "Shortest. Round. Ever!"

And with just four questions, we have two players On the Block. Recall that round one questions are posed in multiple choice format. This is gonna be a long night, go grab something to eat. I'll still be here.

Back yet? Good. Now the votes.

Tom: Leslie
Becky: Pepper
Danny: Pepper
George: Leslie
Ashley: Pepper

And with that, Pepper is gone. Let's continue on. Maybe the other players will get to play.

Round Two: 2004
Five still have their rings. Leslie is sans ring.

Danny (Hugh Jackman won a Tony for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical?)

Tom (June 11, which former PM of GB gave a videotaped eulogy for Reagan's funeral?)
Tom: Winston Churchill
Correct: Margaret Thatcher

Tom is making Lynnwood look bad. Not like it's hard, but still... this is Washington here. We're supposed to be enlightened folks. Yeesh.

Ashley asks Danny who was the lead juror at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. He thinks it's Tarantino. Director, lead juror at Cannes. Correct.

Leslie (In May, a stadium explosion in Grozny killed the president of Chechnya.)

George (The April 30 broadcast of  what program listed the names of American soldiers killed in Iraq?). "What the hell, I'd like to answer. Nightline."

Becky asks Ashley. Ashley doesn't know, but she tries to puzzle it out.
March '04, first country in Europe to ban smoking in bars and restaurants?
Becky: Sweden
Correct: Ireland

George: Becky "How do you vote off a guy who said Winston Churchill?"
Danny: Tom
Ashley: Tom, as recompense for the Ireland question.
Leslie: Tom

Round Three: The Last 30 Days. Danny and George can still phone-a-roommate.

George: At his July 1, arraignment, Saddam Hussein claimed the real criminal was George W. Bush.

Becky: July 1 protesters marked the seventh anniversary of what city's transfer from British to Chinese rule?
Becky: London
Correct: Hong Kong

Danny asks Ashley: On July 3, scientists monitoring the Cassini spacecraft released photos of Saturn's largest moon, named Titan.

Leslie: On July 4, Mayor Bloomberg unveiled a cornerstone for the skyscraper built at the site of the WTC. Name the 1,776 foot tall tower, a monument to the World Trade Center.
Leslie: Liberty Tower
Correct: Freedom Tower

Leslie is mad, and doesn't want to know. Pat tells her to sit down, and lets us in. Now the vote.

Ashley: Leslie
Danny: Leslie

My pick to win is now gone. Chico, lock up please. (C-Note: Not yet, you still have three more rounds)

Round Four: The Savant Category. Common rats and mice. Historical significance and facts about same. And I thought the etiquette thing was off-the-wall.

Danny (teeth grow five inches a year, that's why they gnaw on hard surfaces.)
Becky (Ganesa/Ganesh has the head of an elephant, and rides a rat)
George (rat droppings are distinguished by fragments of insects.)
Ashley (a rat can travel four miles in a week if disturbed.)
Ashley said 30 miles. "Really? That's fascinating! Thank you!"

Ashley is gone. Too bad, she was easy on the eyes.

Round Five: Date, outcome of Super Bowls. 152 elements.
Number, date, winner and their score, loser and their score.

George: 84 (said 20 (28?) instead of 22)
Danny : 58 (Wrong team for 15.)
Becky : 10 (Wrong winning team for 3.)

Wow. I could have *guessed* ten of those and been right. Too bad, Becky. No cash for you.

Round Five: The Best of Seven Test of Knowledge

George elects to go first. George has five at one minute, Six at 90 seconds, and seven at 95.93 seconds.

Danny four at a minute... Photo finish! How do you like THEM apples.

Danny, that answer was... LATE.

George wins the game. Not only that, but Danny got an extra question.

Danny's prophecy comes true. By the slimmest of margins, George is the winner. While I retch, this is Travis Eberle, saying good night, and thank you for your participation.

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