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Skin Wars
Season 2
GSN 9p ET Wed

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America's top body painters are competing for $100,000 and a chance at skin immortality.

Recaps by Chico Alexander GSNN
Host Rebecca Romijn
Judges RuPaul Charles
Robin Slonina
Craig Tracy
Creator Michael Levitt
EP Michael Levitt
Jill Goularty
Colleen Sands
Rebecca Romijn
Packager Michael Levitt Productions for GSN Originals
Origins Los Angeles
Airs 9p ET Wed, GSN
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Body and Soul
June 10
You know those feelings you get when you miss an entire season of a show that you had every intention of watching? Of course you don't. What, with your Netflix and your Hulu and your On Demand app. You people make me sick. I'm leaving...

(after 30 seconds of "convincing" by Gordon)

... Fine, I'll come back. Anyway, I just had a moment. I had every intention of covering last season of Skin Wars. Unfortunately, life got in the way. Well, thanks to the advent of modern technology, the same that I railed upon in the first paragraph, that's not a problem. And it's a good thing too. My recordy-box could only take so much.

... so let's keep a good thing going with Skin Wars season 2. First, every good show needs good contestants.

- Sammie Bartko (38; Herber City, UT)
- Rudy Campos (30; Houston)
- Lana Chromium (29; San Diego originally from Russia)
- Rachel DeBoer (40; Maui, HI)
- Aryn Fox (27; Newport, KY)
- Marcio Karam (43; Miami originally from Brazil)
- Cheryl Ann Lipstreu (37; Winston-Salem, NC)
- Dawn Marie (44; Madison, WI)
- Fernello Nelson (30; Queens, NY)
- Avi Ram (28; Ft. Lauderdale, FL originally from Israel)
- Rio Sirah (33; Atlanta)
- Kyle Vest (25; Orlando)

At stake: $100,000, a trip to compete in the World Body Painting Festival in Austria, custom art supplies from Royal & Langnickel, and the title of America's ultimate body painter. And as season 1 set the bar, season 2 is expected to raise it.

FIRST CHALLENGE #1: Paintings Inspired by Life Moments

Because it's GSN, we have to have wink, wink, nod, nod to the game show community, so we have this wheel. On it, six wedges: Greatest Achievement, Love of Your Life, Favorite Song, Most Memorable Adventure, Biggest Passion, Favorite Childhood Moment. Where it lands will be the first subject of your challenge.

You will be judged on creativity & concept, technique, and execution. A win will put you one step closer to the finale. Lose... and you could be going home. You have three hours to complete. The good news: you will only have to paint your model from the waist up, front to back.

One thing becomes crystal clear among the contestants... Fornello... Is... Annoying. And Lana works WELL under pressure. She went from barely halfway done to DONE in 15 minutes.

- FERNELLO: PASSION - art. What is "subtle" for Fernello is rather loud for the rest of us.
- LANA: SONG - "Let It Go". The model definitely screams "Frozen". She sells it well.
- RACHEL: SONG - "Superfreak". It's superfreaky.
- RUDY: SONG - "Masquerade" from "Phantom of the Opera". Very dark. Very brooding. A few accents that make her stand out.
- CHERYL ANN: PASSION - horses. It's rather basic for someone who was "classically trained"
- AVI: CHILDHOOD - his father, RIP. He created a guardian angel piece.
- KYLE: ACHIEVEMENT - designing a haunted house. It works on a lot of levels, from the "mask" to the "painted-on eyes". But things weren't tying together.
- MARCIO: ACHIEVEMENT - moving to America. It's a living, breathing American dream. But the painting is a bit muddy.

TOP 6: Rudy, Rachel, Lana, Fernello, Cheryl Ann, Avi


You will have 5 hours tomorrow to create a chess-inspired head-to-toe painting. The top 6 get to choose their chess piece AND opponent. This is a head-to-head challenge. One will be safe. One will be in danger. Fernello, as the winner of the First Challenge, will select first.

- FERNELLO vs. Kyle: King
- Rachel vs. Rio: Rook
- Rudy vs. Sammie: Bishop
- Cheryl Ann vs. Aryn: Knight
- Avi vs. Dawn Marie: Queen
- Lana vs. Marcio: Pawn

(C-Note: half an hour in, and I'm thinking to myself... 1) this show is so easy to write, I wonder why I didn't do it sooner. 2) ... DAMN Fernello is annoying.)

Marcio is using earth tones, while Lana is being mum about her plans. Rudy is working on a cross... which is a work-in-progress. Fernello's king story is a pair of kingdoms: crime bosses vs. the police. HUH?! Kyle wants to make the king the main character. With a twist. Cheryl Ann's knight... is a horse. She loves horses. ... Ponies. Avi's worried about his concept... taking the queen and changing the game. He's got a thing about dragons.

Oh, and Cheryl Ann is a classically trained painter. In case she hasn't made that painstakingly obvious.

KNIGHT: Cheryl Ann
PAWN: Lana
BISHOP: Sammie
KING: Kyle

The above named ... are ALL SAFE! And your top 3: Cheryl Ann, Lana, and Kyle.


The winner of this challenge... LANA! Great use of color and composition.

Fornello had a great concept, but the execution fell flat. Rachel's piece was "filled with chaos". Marcio's aesthetic didn't shine though.

ELIMINATED: MARCIO. Checkmate, dude. Rachel and Fernello live to paint another day. But for now, Marcio... it's time to clean off your canvas.

For more information on the show & the contestants, check out or DOOR3 on YouTube.