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Who is the funniest person in America? Is it a seasoned professional or a person with just a funny story to tell? Find out as Jay Mohr invites some of the funniest people to take the stage in competition for a contract with NBC and a special on Comedy Central.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Jay Mohr
EP: Peter Engel, Barry Katz, Jay Mohr, Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz
Packager: Peter Engel Productions, Giraffe Productions, NBC Studios
Airs: Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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Return of the Eliminated - July 20

There's just ONE more episode until the finale - or so they say, except that have it programmed that Last Comic Standing 2 has another few weeks left to go. Therefore, I am guessing that there will be a decent amount of TWISTS!!!! before the series is done and over with.

The first twist is... Jay London is back on stage!!! Oh wait, that's the recap. We start the show with Gary returning to the house. Gary wishes that it wasn't Jay who he was going against - maybe he wanted to go up against someone... like... Tammy, who greets Gary with a hug when she comes in. Alonzo points out that he's the first one to win twice, while Gary said that he didn't want it to come at the expense of Jay. Tammy pointed out that he was thrilled when he beat ANT, to which Gary replies that Jay never told him that he'd give him 'three more days' in the house. Touche'.

Jay... Mohr has come to tell all of the comics that they have weathered all of the twists so far... but can they handle THIS? Jay opens the door, and 3 of the hunks from Average Joe wearing nothing but skimpy shorts come out and by the look on Kathleen's and Tammy's faces, yes they can handle it. Corey: "The dude ain't rooming with me." Tammy: "Don't you wish that ANT was here?"

Tammy gets her wish - unfortunately for her, as Jay opens the door - and in comes ANT... and Todd, and Bonnie, and Jay. Only Gary is happy to see any of them (Todd and Jay) while this comes from John: "All my past came rolling in in a hideous green mist." ANT says that the look of shock was like a priceless Mastercard moment, and it looks like Corey wouldn't mind having the Average Joe hunks come back and all pile up on his side of the bed in preference to what he has to deal with now.

Jay tells the still in-the-running comics that the 4 booted comics will have an active hand in terms of who will be going up in the final head-to-head. ANT pulls off his first diva-esque moment in a while, when he says that someone who promised that he wouldn't vote for him did - and that person will pay. He storms upstairs, but John blurts out that it was him and he admits it while ANT vents to Kathleen and Tammy. ANT also tells them that Tammy is on the block - and they plot while Bonnie comes and tells them that ANT told them the outed comics about the alliance. Well, they weren't funny, they may as well be useful in some fashion...

Speaking of the aforementioned Tammy, she's in the spotlight, talking about her trip to Disneyland again. ANT is talking about how none of the other comics are worried about the immunity challenge - since they are already out of it. Todd is... well, Todd, and he does an annoying dance outside.

For the other 6 comics who do need to worry, the immunity contest this week is to create a sitcom pitch. Just like last season, the pitch will be brought to a focus group and the best-received pitch wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final 5. "You're going to want immunity this time. Trust me," says Jay in a very mischievous smile, which signals to me that there could be a very nasty twist to the other 5 later on down the road...

Gary says that there is nothing that can be said that can hurt him, while Kathleen thinks that she's been invited to an execution. Without further ado, Corey talks about Married With Children Vs. Frasier. Critic: "I didn't like him, and I didn't know why." Kathleen talks about being a host of a Branson-type show. How are you going to sell it to Middle America? Alonzo talks about a recovering middle-class drug-addict, which is a story of his life, but it's not really funny.

Gary plays a pediatrician who has to move in with his mom. The show is called "A Doctor in the House". First of all, there is a show with that premise already in England. Second of all, the focus group didn't find him likeable, and Gary found something that not only hurt him, but brutalized him as he withered on the floor. "Even a serial killer is likeable some times," says a morbid Gary. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I don't find you likeable - or funny - either.

Tammy does "The God-Daughter". "Not all Italians are in the Mob - some of them are in the Witness Program." She combines Mama's Family with The Sopranos, and she even has a tag line. Everyone likes it - except an Asian woman who doesn't like anything. Finally, there's John, with "The State I'm In", which is about a couple who are trying to get a relationship together from different states. John himself thought that the idea sucked, and this critic agreed. "I don't know what the show is about, but I'm already rooting for the couple to break up."

The results are in, and the highest rating is a .... 65.3. Yeccch. Well, one of the bad ideas have to win, so let's see who did. Speaking of bar, we get a comedy spotlight on Bonnie McFarlane. Do we have to? Well, now at least, with the 'Crying while you're drunk' sketch, I remember why exactly I didn't like her.

The results: 48.9 = Alonzo, 50.8 = Corey, 59.4 = Gary, 61.7 = John, 63.4 = Kathleen, 65.3 = Tammy. Tammy gets to the final five, and the deposed comics now need a new target to go after. John bows his head in disappointment, knowing that he is probably going to be going to the head-to-head.

Once the comics come back, Todd and Bonnie reveal that they got Tammy a present. Tammy is expecting it to be knives, but they got her flowers, a thank you note, and a look of disbelief on Todd's face. Tammy's reaction? "They didn't know it was going to be me." and I'd have to agree with her.

John is slowly walking up the steps when Todd reminds John that he said that he had his 'B' game when he beat Bonnie, and tells him to get his 'A' game ready. John gruffly says that it's ready, and Todd once again gets into his annoying repeat everything moment. This time, the phrase is 'It's only a game', and he and Bonnie scream while Bonnie is taking apart pieces of set. I guess this is what they wanted to see for 5 weeks - and I'm so glad that it's condensed to 30 seconds.

The voting commences - and here's what we get -

Tammy votes for Gar....Corey, and Tammy exchanges a playful high-five with Gary.
Alonzo votes for John.
Corey votes for John.
Gary votes for Kathleen.
John votes for Kathleen.
Kathleen votes for Gary.
ANT votes for John.
Jay votes for Kathleen.
Todd votes for Alonzo.
Bonnie - who doesn't like anyone (shocker) votes for... John, in a pure move of spite.

Much to ANT's pleasure, John is going to get it on - and he chooses to get it on with Corey. Everything is set... but Jay says that there is a twist. There will be a THREE way showdown, as the 8 comics who aren't going up get to revote.

Here we go again...

And here we go with Kathy talking about the Catholic Church. If she doesn't get voted on, she and/or Alonzo (if Gary gets picked) will be the only person who doesn't get a head-to-head.

Tammy votes for Gary. Well, so much for the fun high-fives. Meow.
Alonzo votes for Gary.
Gary votes for Alonzo.
Kathleen votes for Alonzo.
ANT votes for Alonzo.
Todd votes for Alonzo.
Jay votes for Alonzo.
Bonnie votes for... well, it doesn't matter, since Alonzo is joining them all.

Gary and Kathleen (who never did a head-to-head) join Tammy in the final 5. Gary is thrilled that he got through the mentally grueling experience, while Kathleen wants to spend the rest of her life on reality shows. Heh.

Alonzo says it's pressure-time, and pressure turns coals into diamonds. Jay tells the comics to pack - but he tells everyone else to pack to, because they are about to lose their lease on the castle. Heh. Jay loses his humor in his intro (as he talks about birds), but it was bound to happen.

Corey says that a lot of people are relying on him to make the final five. We come back to the ghetto portion of the show (which we've heard now for 7 times). He says other repeated material, which is cute, but it doesn't get a lot of yuks from the audience. "I'm really not a comedian, I'm a motivational speaker." Well, based on the applause, it sounds like it.

This opens the door wide open for both Alonzo and John. Alonzo goes first, and we can see why no one wants to go head-to-head with him. "Cleavage is like currency. You don't pay - you lean over and the drinks are free." He continues on and the crowd goes nuts.

Finally, John is left to perform - and this is the best that I've seen him. He talks about icing up a Nerf football to make it a lethal weapon and the perils of a Christmas paper wrapping paper tube. I'll even give him bonus points for new material. He is very good, and I think Corey will not be making it to the Final Five.

Here are the results. In first place, with 55% is... Alonzo! In second place, with 38%, is... John! 7% goes to Corey, and he is done. "To make it all the way to the end... and to not get there, man, it hurts. It hurts." So the final five are Tammy, Kathleen, Alonzo, John and Gary.

But we're not done yet. Here's the final twist of the episode - the 5 booted comics get one last chance to make the finals. Corey, Todd, Bonnie, ANT and Jay all get one last chance to crash the party. I give the edge to Corey, but I would love to see Jay advance. Who will? It's up to YOU, as you get to vote. We'll see who jokes it up - and who pulls it off - next week.

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