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Who is the funniest person in America? Is it a seasoned professional or a person with just a funny story to tell? Find out as Jay Mohr invites some of the funniest people to take the stage in competition for a contract with NBC and a special on Comedy Central.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Jay Mohr
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One For The Kids - July 13

The good news is that all of the comics who had 'questionable' credentials are now out of the house. The bad news is that we will now be saying good-bye to a good comic. Gary Gulman, one of those good comics, gets welcomed by Corey, John and Kathleen, while it's now Tammy's turn to be stone-faced. Corey, who feels that ANT=DRAMA, is happy that ANT is gone, as he does his ANT dance.

The mood has changed that there is now happiness in the castle. How has the mood changed? Corey, who moves out of the ANT room as soon as he humanly could, has not gone back into the room, none of the comics want to be in that room, and it stays vacant. John even goes further, saying that it should be set on fire. Anyone have any dragons handy?

After some fun with superficially planting ANT's faces on statues, a dog pops into the castle. Corey decides to feed the dog the leftover pizza. Jay feeds more food to the dog, now called 'Rusty', while Kathleen wonders if she can teach the dogs to eat comics. Heh.

The comics are plotting to get to the final 5, while Tammy believes that immunity is vital. Speaking of which, the comedians will face their toughest crowd ever. The comics go to downtown L.A., and Kathleen thinks that they have to be hilarious as they sell crack. Jay Mohr tells them that they will be facing a notoriously tough crowd, which turns out to be...


The comedians are thinking that selling crack may be a better option.

I personally can't wait to see what Jay London does.

We get to see what Alonzo Boden does in his Comedy Spotlight. He talks about how the polar bears think that he is chocolate and how he can tag the other black guy there and tell him to go home. I can see why no one has challenged him.

Kathleen, who hates roasts and clowns, says that if she has to get dressed up in a clown outfit, she will leave and let NBC sue her for a million dollars. The comedians draw licorice sticks for the order, and the comics can pick their costume, including...a clown. I guess Kathleen didn't pick that one, while Jay London gets stuck with a ballerina outfit.

We get a token clown introducing them to John - aka 'Marmaduke Don't Stink'. Well, his act does, but John tells them all to remember him - and only him - by yelling skunk 10 times after seeing each act. Uhhhh....ok.

Gary Gulman is Simon Cheese, and he asks about his brother Chuck E. Cheese. He gets dead silence and he is concerned that he could be vulnerable. After playing 'Simon Says', he's not looking too good.

Jay London is Freddy the Flame as he channels the spirit of ANT. He does just as well as he talks about not lighting a fire in the forest. John - 'I'm sure that there's a 1-900 number somewhere with him having the same voice.' Jay gets booed off-stage to the chants of 'skunk' and I wonder if he is going the same way as ANT.

Tammy Pescatelli, who is Blue Hoo, asks them what do they say after a knock knock joke. Their response? 'SKUNK'! Well, that didn't work - and neither did Corey Holcomb's Mr Bootyscratcher, who asks Roland what his parents do. Roland: "Scream all night." That's the funniest line in the place - and better than the comic's material so far (besides SKUNK!, which Corey gets an earful of), and that can't possibly be a good sign. Can Alonzo do any better as Cleanie the Genie? No. He pours water on himself and does a pratfall, but that doesn't work and he now respects clowns.

The last chance to beat John Heffron and his magic skunk is Kathleen Madigan, who is Lucky the Leprechaun. She was wondering where the bouncer was, but she was able to have the kids play games with her, instead of doing comedy. Did that work? We'll see, as the kids will now decorate their favorite comic with stickers. John is yelling for stickers, and some of the kids oblige. Is it enough?

We'll find out, after seeing Corey Holcomb talk about liking older women because they realize that he isn't a bad guy after all. Eh.

It's time to count the stickers. John gets 5 stickers, Gary and Jay each get 2, while Corey gets 3. Tammy and Alonzo get one sticker, and Kathleen gets..... 6. Kathleen wins by a sticker, and based on her success, she wants to entertain babies next week. She can entertain her stomach now, as she gets to take 2 comedians with her to NoE' in LA. She brings Corey and Gary with her as they order it up. Everyone else orders up... grilled cheese from the grill of Jay London. Mickey D's, anyone?

While Jay is grilling up the sandwiches, Tammy is cooking up a scheme to cook Jay. We see who is the real planner in the house, as Tammy decides that she's doing what's best for her family. John decides that he will vote who he can actually beat, as does Corey. Gary is also thinking strategy, while Alonzo just wants to avoid being challenged. That disgusts Tammy, who wants people to show what they are made of (as she has already won a challenged) and accuses comedians of hiding until the final 5. Well, if the strategy works...

Tammy and Kathleen are still venting that there are no men in the house. We see a hidden alliance between Kathleen and Tammy, who are trying to figure out how to cook the votes up. Hmmm...

That being said, Mr. Mohr brings back up the eliminations, and we go to the voting polls. Here are the voting results...

...but not before we see Tammy's Spotlight. She talks about Janet Jackson shocking people and she wants Janet to explain the gross national product. Well, we can see why she doesn't want to go up against. But who will go up?

Kathleen votes for Jay
Tammy votes for Jay
Corey votes for John
Gary votes for Tammy
John votes for Corey
Alonzo votes for Gary
Jay votes for Gary

We have a 2-2 tie, so Gary and Jay will compete against each other. Gary goes for his second straight elimination competition, while Jay gets his toes wet. Gary says that Jay will be tough. I say that Jay better be concerned about his acquired taste in comedy. I prefer Jay over Gary because I like his style, but I don't know if the audience will...

I don't know if the audience will like Jay Mohr either, but they do as he trashes cats. 'When the girl likes to ask if I want to meet her cat, I say 'You're close'. This set, he was good. Let's see how well the comics can follow him.

Gary, who is almost rooting for Jay, is ready, while Jay wants to score a TKO. He goes first, and as long as he stays away from being too esoteric, he should be fine. He doesn't. The crowd doesn't get it and he has to repeat some jokes twice. 'This is death.' he says and the applause seems more sympathetic than comedy. He does get some good jokes in 'My wife had crabs, so I got her some fishnet stockings.' The crowd liked it, but it was too little too late and all Gary has to do is to not run over anyone's pets and he'll be fine.

Does Gary run over anyone's pets? No, but he does go after those rotten school kids and dashboards and the pill. I didn't like his material at all, but it's not what I think - it's what the audience thinks, and they are whooping it up for Gary.

I'll say the same thing I said for ANT - if it's close, then Jay has a shot, but I don't think it's going to be close. It isn't - a whopping 89% vote for Gary, and he has to leave. Gary is sorry to see Jay go, but he is happy that he gets to come back. Jay says that the devastating loss will make him stronger.

Next week - the old comics return in a TWIST!!!! Well, it's not really a twist, if you've seen the first season, because they will get to decide who will be going up. Is there a twist on that? We'll find out next week.

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