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Who is the funniest person in America? Is it a seasoned professional or a person with just a funny story to tell? Find out as Jay Mohr invites some of the funniest people to take the stage in competition for a contract with NBC.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Jay Mohr
EP: Peter Engel, Barry Katz, Jay Mohr, Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz
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Episode 12 - April 1

This past week, Katrina got booted, but not before she sewed up some seeds of destruction for Amy and Nick's chances to win the game by accusing Amy if playing favorites with Nick. She also may have planted seeds of destruction with their 'relationship' as Amy thought that Bill would be a tougher competitor than Nick - and she says this in front of Nick.

Nick is convinced that Amy will not be fired - and she goes in wondering why there is no one left to greet her. She talks about how she has only been there once - and she talks about how she is the last woman left (which is true - Trump, after eliminating the first 4 guys, has knocked off 7 straight females).

Amy praises Bill, who thinks that Amy has gotten a God complex. Amy says that she thinks that Bill is the stronger player - because she meant it - and she says that Nick should realize this. He does - and he now realizes that Amy could stab him in the back at any time. Someone who doesn't think that he will be backstabbed? Troy - but he thinks that although Kwame is one of his best friends, that he is also his greatest threats. Is this an alliance - or is it foreshadowing? It's foreshadowing to Bill, who knows that he is on the outside looking in for that alliance. 'I'll be a fool not to take that into consideration.'

The Donald meets everyone in World Towers as they come back from Atlantic City. He shows everyone an apartment in Trump World Tower - the 90th floor Penthouse, so to speak. Trump rents it out only in special events. He tells the group to rent it out for one day - and the minimum is $20,000. The team that rents out the space for the most amount of money will be taking the Trump Jet for lunch in Florida at the Merlago. The losing team will have someone sacked.

Trump notes that Nick has a relationship. Nick's answer - "We do have a strong business relationship and sometimes we engage in meaningful conversation." Trump likes that answer - and so do I. Heh.

Troy takes over as Project Manager for Protege while Nick takes it from Amy for Versacorp. Both teams take out different sections of the lobby to call up different event planners. Bill asks what the average sell point is - and e is told that it's $40,000. "It's really going to come down to finding the right person at the right time."

Amy's idea is to let the people to rent out the space and have their own vision, but Nick tells the planners what exactly they could do - and that turns Amy off. She talks to Nick about it and Nick tells her that it's the way to operate. Amy says "If you say so" and the love bird's nest may have found a few wormy twigs.

Trump's lesson for the day? Passion. "You cannot be successful without passion - if you don't have passion for it, forget it. Do something else. You'll be a lot happier with your life."

Troy has passion to not give Amy and Nick a romantic lunch - so they get some people in to look at the place. Troy says that they are looking for a number in the $30,000 range - and the clients response is 'Oy Vey.' Troy says that there are a few offers on the table - but Bill is concerned because they don't have any offers on the table - and they may be losing this one. Nick and Amy are having just as little luck, as Amy is offering in the $40,000 range and people are laughing at her...

...until Ian shows up, looking for a place for a New Year's Eve event. That didn't work for them, because the lease says that they have to be out by midnight - and as we all know, New Year's Eve parties last much longer than there. "That's another client that we lost" says a wistful Amy.

Troy's team now has an opposite problem - both Troy and Kwame have perspective bidders. Troy tries to turn on the charm on to one group as he tries to jack up the price - but the guy interested thinks that he's being hustled and he passes. Bill is concerned about that - but fortunately, they did have another group in the wings at $35,000. Bill asks if they can make the deal $35,001, and they do this, as Kwame says, Price is Right style, just in case Amy and Nick get a $35,000 deal. A happy Protege come back down and see Nick and Amy scrambling to get a client - with 35 minutes left to go in the competition. They are feeling very good about themselves as Bill says - "I think it's time to gas up the jet."

Amy and Nick are indeed struggling - but with 2 minutes left to go, Kate comes back - with Ian, the New Year's Eve person. He makes what he says an 'extravagant offer' and calls them walking in at the last second 'an act of God.' An Act of God? No. An act of kindness by Mark Burnett - like he did with the house rental a few episodes back by sticking someone in there at the last second? That's more likely.

We'll see how likely that is when we hear the numbers. Protege got $35,001. They needed to make it $40,801, because Versacorp gets the win with a $40,800 rental. The Donald continues the relationship talk by saying that if this isn't a match, he doesn't know what is - and he sends Amy and Nick to Florida.

A stunned Protege are now licking their wounds. "I said gas up the jet." says Bill. "I was wondering if I can retract that statement." They feel devastated as they are trying to figure out what to do next. Bill, meanwhile has a heart to heart talk about trying to get a little action from Amy. Bill tells Amy that Nick wants to make some magic, Amy's response? "Well, maybe there will be an attractive flight attendant." OUCH.

Trump says that time will tell if they are in love - but they better not use the bedroom. Sure enough, there is a bed in the back of the plane - but it's going to be really tough to use it as The Donald has brought in some guests with him to the plane. Any magic that could be made for Nick just went down the toilet as the guests are...Amy's sister and Nick's dad.

Amy says that Nick talks about his family, so she may have a bead on him. He says that Amy is a beautiful girl - but that Nick has a horrible track record with women. Dad isn't helping when he asks Nick about the women on the west coast - in front of Amy. Her face immediately changed from joy to wondering why she didn't bring Nick into the board room instead of Katrina.

After the turbulent air flight, the group gets a tour of the mansion and are served drinks by the guests. The treat is not only seeing our relatives, but experiencing their reactions to things that we are used to, says Amy.

Troy's team is also used to something - losing. Bill didn't sleep a wink, so he went out to get a haircut. Bill reads the horoscope to Kwame, who believes in that stuff. Kwame's horoscope? Someone who you love and respect will let you down in the next 24 hours. Don't let that affect your relationship. Like we don't know what this means. Kwame thinks that it's possible that Troy will send him back up because of their relationship - but he also knows that Troy would be committing game suicide if he went up against Bill, who has the better record.

The Board Room knows all - and Kwame tells the Donald that they were disappointed. The Donald was happy with the money - but accuses them of setting their goals too low, which is what cost them the win. Bill then talks about that he wouldn't hire Troy as a CFO. Kwame says that he would hire him - as a sales exec. Donald tells Kwame that he should have kept his mouth shut.

Donald compares the education of the people in the room. Kwame comes from Harvard, Bill comes from Loyola of Chicago, and Troy has no experience in college - but 15 years ago, he got all of his learning from Trump's book "The Art of The Deal." He sends Donald a copy of the letter that he sent him 15 years ago - and that either helps him - or screws him entirely. Troy is asked who he will be bringing with him - and he says Kwame, as they shake. Donald is surprised, but I'm not, as that was the only move that Troy could make.

What move will Carolyn and George make? Carolyn says that Kwame is textbook - but not practical, while George says that Troy is a loose cannon and isn't right for Trump - yet. This could be a good match-up. Troy says that Kwame has done great in a supporting role - but Bill has been good in the leadership role. Kwame says that he's been steady, but the Donald says that his style is more laid-back then active. Troy says that he has more instinct than Kwame - and he goes back to the education - until Donald says that "'Education isn't a bad thing."

Donald notes that Kwame has been chosen to led three times - but it comes down to what they were doing when they were leading. Quite simply, Kwame was more successful while Troy was more of a loose cannon - and could be detrimental to a company. Trump says that Troy isn't ready for the next level - and Troy is fired. Troy and Kwame's alliance is broken - but they shake hands and end their pact in the game with a hug. AwwwwBarf.

We are down to the final four - and the hugs are over. They are really over when some of the past contestants return - including Omarosa. Will the ghosts of the past come back to haunt the present players? Tune in next week to find out.

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