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Who is the funniest person in America? Is it a seasoned professional or a person with just a funny story to tell? Find out as Jay Mohr invites some of the funniest people to take the stage in competition for a contract with NBC and a special on Comedy Central.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Jay Mohr
Scouts: Bob Read, Ross Mark, Colin Quinn, Kim Coles, Rich Vos
EP: Peter Engel, Barry Katz, Jay Mohr, Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz
Packager: Peter Engel Productions, Giraffe Productions, NBC Studios
Airs: Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 2.3 - June 15

So what ten comics get in the house? Which comics leave Brett and Drew fuming? Will any of the comics that get in be any good?

That's what we are here to find out.

We are down to 20 comics. Ten of them get to be in the house. The other ten get to go back to what hey were doing before-hand.

YES, this is the set of episodes with Drew Carey and Brett Butler calling foul on the show. They are two of the Celebrity Scouts. The other ones are Tess and Anthony Clark.

Before we get to them, we get to the comedians, who all say that they know what the stakes are. Todd Glass is once again annoying people - this time saying how he is on too much and how he needs to tone it down. Sure, that's looking like it - he's only now in every scene whining. Please don't let him in the house.

Unfortunately, they let him in the hotel - along with everyone else, as the comedians find out that they are getting roommates. Gary Gulman finds out that he's stuck with Todd and asks if he gets any sedatives. Heh.

Kerri Louise and Bonnie McFarland also stick with each other. Kerri thinks that Bonnie doesn't like her. Bonnie doesn't think that Kerri is funny. Meow. Meanwhile, ANT makes his Cleopatra-like entrance into his room, to the dismay of Dan Ahdoot, and the calm Todd decides that it would be fun to jump on his and Gary's bed - while Gary is still lying in the bed. Just so he can annoy everyone, Todd continues his jumping around with the group, which gets ANT to say, "OK, Todd sees he's having a good time, let's f#ck with them." Bonnie is f#cking with the women, as she hates all of them and decides to bond with the men instead. Those are your two early nominees for the most hated comics in the house.

The cattiness section of the show is over. The competition part has started. The special comedians have been introduced and we are ready to start the show. The comics are divided into groups of 10. 5 of the 10 in each group get to advance. Don't forget that in my eyes, repetition of material is bad, regardless of how funny it is the first time.

Contestant #1 - Jessica Kirson, who repeats her first joke. She talks about how she is intimidated by English children. Eh. She's been much better earlier. Tess likes that she was borderline psycho - and I agree, but she wasn't wonderful.

Contestant #2 - Gary Gulman. He quit his job after seeing the Shawshank Redemption - and he's looking for redemption here. He talks about the overratedness of cheerleaders. It was cute - also did nothing for me, but he scored major points with the judges afterwards, especially when he tells Tess that he would walk around naked in the house. He looks in to me.

Contestant #3 - Corey Holcomb. I'm waiting to see if he can do anything else besides ghetto jokes - and when he repeats the ghetto portion of the show, the answer is a quick and concise 'no'. He is much better this time around when he talks about bad marriages and he is the best so far.

Contestant #4 - Tim Young, who leads a spiritual lifestyle as an aspiring buddha. He talks about how his dad was so hairy that he had to release him out of the woods. He also wonders about religion and how they can make a reality show called Who's G-d is it Anyway? "Mohammed - Jesus turned my water into wine - he knows I don't drink, what's up with that?" He was very good, and his quirks should get him in.

Contestant #5 - Kathleen Madigan. She does a gymnastics sketch on how the gymnasts are falling because they are hungry - and he does ethnicity scenes based on the Olympics. She gets a standing ovation and she looks in to me as well.

Contestant #6 - ANT, who is nervous because this is the first time either of his parents will see him in action. 'My girlfriend is so pissed I'm gay.' well, that was new - and then he goes into an old sketch. He does a cute sketch about dealing with people in a drive-in theater and this is the best that I've heard him - then again, the other two times were full of old material that I'd like anything new from him. Afterwards, his dad hugs him and ANT says that he doesn't care about the competition because he's already won. AwwwwBleh.

Contestant #7 - Kerri Louise. Her kids follow her to Vegas - as well as her husband and parents. She talks about the fashion stereotypes and pregnancy, "He's Irish, I'm Lebanese, so you know they're going to be drunken terrorists." She was ok - but she may have sunk herself when she was talking about how her husband wrote her act. You're going to say THAT to the judges?

COntestant #8 - Monty Hoffman. "I know what you're thinking - another hot babe." Monty is his traditional Monty self - but everything is a repeat - from the operation table to the psychic "I was done with the psychic. I was asking her, why are you disappointed? You knew this was going to be bad." He gets a standing ovation and he seems like a lock - but will the repetition hurt him?

Contestant #9 - Dan Ahdoot. He's here with his family and he looks nervous. He also repeats the same material that he did earlier (the timeline and the Jew part), and that's a strike against him. Another strike - he talks about being nervous as ANT is his roommate. Will his past stuff get him in - or keep him out?

Contestant #10 - Bonnie McFarland. "My agent calls me 'Sweetheart'. Some people seem to be uncomfortable, but when you are called c#nt as many times as I have, I'll accept sweetheart." WHOA. She talks about breasts and she does a porn sketch at an 8pm show. That stunk and I don't understand why she thinks she is better than the women. She talks about her verbiage and I am wondering if the shock value got her in. ANT talks about it, describing a dollar bill as her career - and then dropping it to the ground.

So who gets in? My top 5 are Corey, Tim, Kathleen, Gary and Dan - but I think that there has been too much camera time on Bonnie and ANT to not think that they aren't getting in the house. I think the 5 who get in are Bonnie, ANT, Corey, Kathleen and Tim.

Jay is back - and he says that the decisions have been made. He stresses that the comedians will irritate the hell out of each other, which in my mind means that the annoying Bonnie, unfortunately, is a lock. Getting into the house are Kathleen (who won a lot in video poker), Gary, Corey, Bonnie and...ANT. Apparently, the camera time doesn't lie and the lack of new material comes back to sting both Monty and Dan. I am 4 out of 5 - whoopee!

Reactions? The contestants are all disappointed, but they all take it well. Drew and Brett seem to take it ok as well, so it seems like the controversy isn't in this hour. As for the promise of drama? "Corey Holcomb is in the house, so drama is inevitable."

What else is inevitable? The second half of the finals. We'll see who gets in, who should have gotten in, and if Drew and Brett make any nasty noises.

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