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Hell's Kitchen
Season 14
Fox 8p ET Tues

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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Jason Huhn, GSNN
Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous-Chefs James Avery & Andi Van Willigan
Maitre D' Marino Montefarro
Announcer Jason Thompson
Creator Gordon Ramsay
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Gordon Ramsay
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions
ITV Studios America
Origins Century Studios, Los Angeles
Airs 8p ET Tues, Fox

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18 Chefs Compete Season Premiere
March 3

It's a kitchen unlike any other... where 18 souls go to die... only to have one rise again. This go-round, the one chef who is fortunate enough to outlast the others will find himself or herself the head chef at Caesars Atlantic City with an annual salary of $250,000.

And tonight, it's open AGAIN. Well, maybe. It's locked as the 18 make their way to the former Century Studios lot. Ramsay appears from the rooftop to usher in this 14th running of the bull-headed with a ceremonial jump into an airbag with two contestants named Enrique & Ruth.

Only one thing. They're not really chefs. They're professional stunties. Only in Hell's Kitchen, folks.

Time now we must meet the REAL chefs AND their dishes of great significance.

CHALLENGE #1: Signature Dishes

This year's signature dish challenge is different in that a) you're cooking in front of a live audience, and b) Ramsay is rating each dish on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being hot stuff, and 1 being a hot mess.

Sarah Baumert (27; Dallas; chef instructor)
- Filet Mignon (4)
Monique Booker (23; Lynn, MA; line cook)
-"Mo's Pasta" with Marinara... from a jar (1)
Meghan Gill (28; Roanoke, VA; executive chef)
- Rainbow trout (5)
Torrece "T" Gregoire (31; Atlanta; line cook)
- Coffee-Crusted Flank Steak (5)
Christine Hazel (30; Philadelphia; banquet chef)
- Scallops with Polenta Cake (4)
Mieka Houser (25; Olney, MD; sous chef)
- Shrimp Cake with Asparagus (1)
Alison Rivera (27; New York City; sous chef)
- Red snapper (3)
Chrissa Schmerler (34; Bellmore, NY; food truck chef/owner)
-Ginger-Cookie Crusted Chicken Breast (1)
Michelle Tribble (22; Dallas; line cook)
- Huevos Rancheros with Queso Fresco (4)

Randy Bell (45; Nashville; line cook)
- Salmon with Raspberry Bourbon BBQ Sauce (3)
Michael Dussault (38; Hartford, CT; senior center chef)
- Herb-roasted Chicken Breast (3)
Bret Hauser (30; Delray Beach, FL; sous chef)
- Bone-In Veal Saltimbocca with Smashed Potato (3)
Adam Livow (31; Freehold, NJ; amusement park chef)
- Rack of lamb (4)
Milly Medley (33; Philadelphia; executive chef)
- Seafood Macaroni & Cheese (3)
Brendan Pelley (34; Bedford, MA; executive chef)
- Tempura Soft-Shelled Crab with Ginger Sauce (4)
Nick Peters (25; Stoneham, MA; private chef)
- Pan Roasted Duck Breast (3)
Cameron Spagnolo (33; Jersey City, NJ; banquet chef)
- Coriander-Rubbed Rack of Lamb (4)
Joshua "Josh" Trovato (24; Brooklyn; chef de cuisine)
- Seared scallops with apple fennel slaw (4)


For the record, you don't try to pass off a canned product for fresh from Gordon Ramsay, who knows a thing or two about Italian cuisine. Not as much as Lidia Bastianich, Mario Batali, or Masahiko Kobe, but damn near close.

For winning this first challenge, the Blues are going to have dinner with a surprise Hollywood legend. Ramsay's not saying who just yet. The Reds, on the other hand, will redress the living room, clean the kitchens, and handle the mailing of the confirmations of reservations to Hell's Kitchen all. Night. Long. So if GSNN's gets lost in the mail, we know who to blame.

So. Who's going to be meeting the chefs at Saint Rocke? Randy has met numerous generals... but has he ever met a CAPTAIN before? Yep, eating with the Blue Team tonight is William Shatner! He also has the menu books to study tonight. Signed by him.

And yes, "Holy (^_^)" indeed. I'm about to nerd out here.

The next day, everyone's dressed and ready to prep for opening night. Everyone gets a set of JA Henckel knives. Yours to keep no matter what. So while the women are practicing how to not screw up as much, the men are ... well, just getting ready for battle. Bring your A game... or get sent the bleep home.

But first, Chrissa needs to pee.

DINNER SERVICE #1: Opening Night

Joining the 18 chefs in Hell's Kitchen tonight, "Chopped Canada" host Dean McDermott, Michael Ohoven & Joyce Giraud from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills", and Tennessee Titans TE Delanie Walker.

In addition to the classic menu, Ramsay has added a tableside pan-seared prawn appetizer. Handling that: T for the Reds and Josh for the Blues. The Reds' first order... flawless. The Blues'... juuuuust a bit outside. Sarah's working on trying to keep Chrissa focused. Chrissa's thinking about dessert. Too soon. And she's the first to feel Ramsay's wrath, sent to help T on tableside. Next up, a VIP ticket, the McDermott party for entrees. Back in the Blue Kitchen, Michael delivers the first order of scallops... and true to form, they suck out loud.

Forty minutes into season 14, and Michael is holding back the first table of apps. He recovers. From then on, it's app after app after app. Meanwhile, the Reds move onto entrees, and Christine & Monique are looking to complete a pork and a lamb... both of which are not near completion. REFIRE! The Blues are onto entrees now, with Milly and Brett on meats. And Milly's lamb is (^_^)ing raw. Is the Red VIP table ready YET? Nope. Monique's oven is not even on. End result: raw lamb and dry pork. At this point, Dean would've said... "Red kitchen... You've been chopped." Ramsay orders the Reds OUT of the kitchen.

It's up to 90 minutes in, and the Blue Team has to pick up the slack while the Reds play the blame game and Ramsay is picking up the VIP. The Blues finish strong to complete their FIRST EVER Opening Night Service. The question now, who will be on the block tonight? T votes Christine and Monique, on the meats... while Chrissa... seems to be lost in her own little world making coffee. T: "I don't want no damn coffee. I want a cigarette and a W. Can you provide me with that?"


Alison nominated Monique (poor performance on meats) and Chrissa (not aware of what was going on). Ramsay also wants Christine down.

Monique cops to putting meat in a cold oven, but says she's better than these two, and that Chrissa has no self-confidence. Christine says that she's the better of the three, saying she takes it more seriously. Chrissa... well, she was nervous about dinner service. She thinks it's a serious opportunity.

Ramsay cuts his ties with... CHRISSA. He doesn't get it. She can't even give her the jacket off her back.

"There's nothing more terrifying to Chrissa than jumping off the building. But there is nothing more terrifying to me than the thought of having her as my next head chef."

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