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It's anything but politics as usual as ten people from all walks of life compete for a $200,000 purse and some prime TV space to air their grievances.

And you get to decide who.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Montel Williams
Creator: RJ Cutler
EP: RJ Cutler, Tom Lassally, Jay Roach
Packager: Actual Reality Pictures, Kustom
Airs: Sundays at 9:00pm ET on Showtime

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"Move On" - September 19

Political ads were dog-eat-dog last time, as Park once again secured the frontrunner position due to a split liberal vote. But can he do it again now that Bruce is out of the running? We'll find out as the campaign bus heads to Philadelphia for a celebration of freedom - the Fourth of July.

If you remember, Lisa voted for Bruce, turning her back on the once-strong alliance. Will that cost her in the end now that Keith and Malia have bonded together?

The stakes has gone higher as we move toward the next phase in competition: recruiting volunteers to get out individual votes. Here's how this round works. There are three ballot boxes: the Melrose Diner (a good target for working-class voters), South Street (a target for youth), and at a multicultural festival. Candidate with the most votes will be the new frontrunner. The other three will debate.

To aid the candidates, has granted every item in each individual wish list. But the candidates only have eight hours, so they don't do a bit of good unless they act quickly.

Malia's strategy: Get out the vote early. Lisa's strategy: ally herself with, a progressive PAC. Keith picks up on this as she backtracks an earlier statement made to Keith that she would NOT use Typical politician...

Keith and Malia confront her about it, which quickly escalates into an argument over why Bruce was voted off yesterday. And like any politician with a hidden agenda, she dodges around the initial question, saying that "she'd think about it." Dean (her CM) says its all about winning.

Keith heads to the Kinko's to find Lisa there. What a perfect time to fight another battle. Lisa calls Keith the most reasonable person in the race... And he doesn't buy it. Bottom line: she lied and then had a hissy-fit. Goes back to what Chris Rock said once upon a time: "I know you did it, just admit it."

This week's poll: Would America elect an African-American as President? Result later.

Malia hits up the diner first to ask for volunteer. She gets some, but some vote for Keith. Lisa takes on the diner as well, taking on the non-white volunteers that Malia manages to wrangle with... the white volunteers. The two meet, where she decides not to use Malia is about to get caught up when Team Lazu pulls her away.

Park, on the other hand, has a different idea -- being different. Keith follows suit, as the two head for the other boxes.

On South Street, Lisa beats Keith, while Park bills himself as a "consensus builder." Malia's camp also arrives to play dirty ("She's politics as usual"). But Lisa's camp gets some much needed flavor as a lady who went to fight in Iraq at 16, only to come back to no job at 20, starts handing out flyers and calling Rashad (Malia's CM) "a fag." Welcome to Showtime, folks.

Keith also arrives to get his message across. Park.. is trying. He walks a couple of people to the poll, only to be met with Malia's camp saying that the coordinators have to actually SEE the voters do it at the box. Park talks to Malia about it. Keith.. moves on to the festival box, where he hopes to tap into support. Keith enlists a zone-defense. Ready.. HIKE!

Results of the wireless poll are half-and-half. Heh. Without prejudice, indeed.

The other candidates join the party, with Carlos of Team Lazu leading the charge for Malia. Lisa has the same problem with him, though, that Park did earlier. So what does she do? Offer Team Witter ice cream! Beat that, Carlos. "Take the ice cream then vote for whoever you want to vote for. Just take the ice cream! It's free!"

Malia's camp answers back with... limo rides to the polls! It's politics at its grittiest. But will it work? Time is running out... Sorry, time has RUN out.

Perspective through Keith: "Anyone who tells you that they don't want to win is lying through their teeth." Time for the results in what Montel says was a very tight race.

Malia (34%) - FRONTRUNNER

It's another changeup and another focus group brought in to vote, as right now, I'm predicting another split liberal vote. Everyone agrees that the victory is well deserved.

Next day, the debate... which is going to turn into a fight. It's a town-hall meeting with elimination hanging in the balance. And it wouldn't be a focus group with.. Frank! Sum-up:

Keith: Has a plan to change America, drawing from his experience in the White House. Wants to extend Medicaid protection. Is facing an uphill battle because of his looks.

Lisa: The only pro-choice Democratic woman in the race. Plans on bringing people together. Wants to take away "with-us-or-against-us" mentality. Admittedly not a "Beltway boy". Comes from a "new generation of women leaders."

Park: Plays the "war on terror" card. Dodges questions. Is willing to talk to hammer things out. Believes that fiscal responsibility and tax relief can go hand in hand.

Now it's onto the vote for who would make the best President. The votes are in... "Keith, you are off the ballot." There goes my favorite.

Keith says he would not change anything simply because a focus group doesn't like it. Malia was upset. What happened? Simply put: Keith played the race card... but Lisa played the gender card. But in the end, Keith is as determined as ever. "I'm a black gay man. How many black gay men do you see running for office? This is not the end for me."

Next week will be the end for someone else, though, as we're going going... back back to Cali... And hey! Watch for Dennis Miller AND a twist. Also, for the first time in the campaign... YOU the people will vote.

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