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The game show spectacle that swept America earlier this year returns with a whole new round and $10 million burning a whole in their pockets.

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Jason Huhn, GSNN

Regis Philbin
Creator: David Briggs, Mike Whitehill, and Steve Knight
EP: Michael Davies, Paul Smith
Packager: Celador Prods Ltd., Valleycrest TV, Buena Vista TV
Airs: 9pm Sundays, 10pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

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Night 6 - May 25

Last time, we were in some dire straits. After seeing big chance after big chance, Rich Willis, Kim Toncar, and Matt Dowdle don't get past $100,000. Kim leaves with $50,000, while the boys left the hot seat prematurely with $5000.

The real star of the show was Pat Headley, who made it up to $500,000 thanks to the Three Wise Men. He begins tonight's game in the next dimension with his Double Dip, going for $1 million.

Thanksgiving Day was inspired by a feast that the Pilgrims shared in 1621 with what Native American tribe?
A: Narragansett B: Micmac
C: Chickasaw D: Wampanoag

Pat talks it over, and Regis wonders if he and his wife talked about this last night. He thinks about trips and bills. "I... I can't do it." He walks with $500,000. Correct answer: Wampanoag (if I had taken the DD, I would've gotten it). Still, $500,000 ain't hay, you know. Anyway, who will take his spot. One way to find out. Tonight's first FFF.

Put these famous U.S. generals in order by year of their birth, starting with the most recent.
A: Ulysses S. Grant B: Norman Schwarzkopf
C: Douglas MacArthur D: Wesley Clark

Correct order: DBCA. Eight in this time, all under six seconds. The fastest, though, would be, at 3.61, Daniel Sperry!

Daniel Sperry, 22, from Orem, UT, is a biology major at BYU. He's thinking about geography in order to be an optometrist. "I majored in sociology," Regis says, "and look what happened to me." Just goes to show you. Major in sociology, and you too can have a game show. Let's go to the $1000 question, please.

Insider trading is a crime that involved the purchase and sale of what?
A: Pharmaceuticals B: Concert tickets
C: Corporate stock D: Vital organs.

It's C, and Daniel can continue to $2000.

What body part shares its name with a verb meaning "to tease"?
A: Rib B: Elbow
C: Jaw D: Finger

Daniel knows the body biologically, but not figuratively. It wouldn't be to "finger somebody", that's for sure. He asks the audience, who give him the nod with 74 percent going for A for $2000. Next for three.

Which of these fictitious creatures is commonly described as being "undead"?
A: Mermaid B: Zombie
C: Martian D: Wizard

That would be B for $3000. Next for $4000...

Made famous by TV's "Seinfeld," the expression "yada yada yada" is usually used to indicate what?
A: White lies B: Bad jokes
C: Idle chatter D: Helpless laughter

"Yada yada yada..." Yada yada C, yada yada $4000. Yada yada milestone.

In the media, states that vote Republican in presidential elections are usually identified by what color?
A: Red B: Green
C: Yellow D: Purple

A is Daniel's final answer for the $5000 lock-in. Now to $10,000.

In competitive swimming, what stroke is most commonly used during freestyle events?
A: Breaststroke B: Front crawl
C: Butterfly D: Backstroke

He halves it to B and C thanks to the 50/50. Then he locks in B for the $10,000. Now for $20,000.
In what language do women's last names traditionally end with the letter "a"?
A: Spanish B: German
C: French D: Russian

Hope you remember Anna Kournikova. He doesn't. He makes A his final, and I have to introduce him to my sister. Correct answer, of course, D. Daniel leaves with $5000 and a phone-a-friend in wait. And here's the next FFF.

Put these monster movies in order by their first theatrical release, starting with the most recent.
A: Monsters, Inc. B: Teen Wolf
C: Interview with the Vampire D: Van Helsing

Correct order, D (just a couple of weeks ago), A (2000), C (1993), B (1985). Bang on those keys, guys. Everyone except Chris Smith got it in. The fastest, though, was Dan Michelini.

Dan Michelini from Bloomfield Hills, MI, a suburb of Detroit, is a worker in the software industry and has been warching the show since its US inception in 1999. You know back in 1999, this was worth $100. Now, it's time for a $1000 question right off the bat.

Occurring in about 7% of all people, O negative is a relatively rare what?
A: Body shape B: Blood type
C: Eye color D: Dislike of Oprah

If it's D, then I'm one of the 7 percent. But it's B, and Dan can continue.

In 1985, Nike introduced Air Jordan, a popular line of sneakers designed for used in what sport?
A: Tennis B: Marathon running
C: Basketball D: Cycling

It's C for $2000. Next for three.

Which of these prehistoric animals is classified as a member of the Elephantidae family?
A: Woolly mammoth B: Saber-toothed tiger
C: Cave lion D: Woolly rhino

It's the mammoth A for $3000. Next for $4000.

In the 1800s, the U.S. pursued a police of territorial expansion known as "Manifest" what?
A: Fortune B: Promise
C: Destiny D: Ambition

He manifests $4000 from C. Now for the $5000.

In the "Austin Powers" movies, Austin is fond of what saucy exclamation?
A: Oh, obey! B: Oh, behave!
C: Oh, relax! D: Oh, deliver!

He's only seen one. And he's sure it's B... and he's got the $5000! next up for 10.

Often used during the 9/11 hearings, the abbreviation "PDB" stands for "presidential daily" what?
A: Briefing B: Broadcast
C: Budget D: Blessing

A's his final, and here's $10,000! Now here's $20,000...

Which of the following is not a type of subatomic particle?
A: Neutron B: Quark
C: Proton D: Molecule

Doesn't waste time on D for $20,000. Now to $30,000, eight away from $10 million.

Which of these Grammy-winning artists is not one of the stars of 2004's much-hyped Ladies First concert tour?
A: Alicia Keys B: Mary J. Blige
C: Missy Elliott D: Beyonce Knowles

He asks the audience, and 45 percent come back with Mary J. He agrees, and has $30,000 to show for it. Next up for $50,000.

"By any means necessary" was a slogan popularized by what famous activist?
A: Malcolm X B: Sojourner Truth
C: Susan B. Anthony D: Abbie Hoffman

He's leaning towards A, but doesn't know for sure, so he decided to use a lifeline, but which one? He's gonna go 50/50, leaving A and B. He goes with A on chance... and chance pays off! Gateway to the new dimension at $100,000.

Arabic is not the official language in which of these countries?
A: Jordan B: Syria
C: Afghanistan D: Kuwait

Again, no idea. He phones up Peter. "I hope you have more lifelines." No idea from his end, and he's out of lifelines. Dan has no clue, and he bails with $50,000. Correct answer is C, believe it or not. Time for another FFF.

Put these durations in order by their length, starting with the shortest.
A: Six hundred seconds B: One third of an hour
C: Five minutes D: Fifteen minutes

Correct order: C, A, D, B. Three are in, and leave it to a math question to stymie even the brightest mind. At 4.88, Amy Green steps up to bat.

Coming all the way from Santa Monica, CA, Amy Green is a special events coordinator who directs charity events. She's rather successful, as her newlywed husband can attest to. Well he can't help except with the ATA lifeline, so that's about all he can attest to. Let's play.

"Stickup" is a slang word for what criminal act?
A: Arson B: Forgery
C: Robbery D: Flagpole sitting

Amy goes for C for $1000. Next for $2000.

Modeled after the public buildings of ancient Rome, a basilica is a type of what?
A: Hospital B: Church
C: Barn D: Library

It's B for $2000. Next up for three.

By definition, melancholia is a condition characterized by extreme feelings of what?
A: Joy B: Suspicion
C: Jealousy D: Sadness

Or DESPAIR! D gets her $3000 and the right to see this...

In 2003, Subway introduced "Atkins-friendly" wraps that promised to be low in what?
A: Animal fat B: Carbohydrates
C: Sodium D: Protein

Amy watches those carbs for $4000 and a peek into the $5000 milestone.

In a famous Robert Frost poem, a traveler finds "two roads diverged in a wood" and chooses which one?
A: The one less traveled by B: The one most forgotten
C: The one in full bloom D: The one homeward bound

And that made all the difference. Amy secures the $5000 and sees the $10,000.

"American Idol" reject William Hung became an instant celebrity due to his mangled version of what pop song?
A: Hot in Herre B: Beautiful Stranger
C: She Bangs D: Walking on Sunshine

Will Hung's the "She Bangs Guy" for $10,000. Next?

In the federal law known as "RICO", the "R" stands for what?
A: Reconciliation B: Religion
C: Racial D: Racketeer

She doesn't know, so she goes to the audience. Sixty-nine percent say D. She agrees. She can continue to $30,000.

"Hoy", the title of a major Spanish-language newspaper, means what in English?
A: Voice B: Today
C: Truth D: Eye

Mom always told me. "Hoy" is today. But she's not Spanish, so she phones Bob. He agrees with me, instantaneously. "Today. What's the question?" No question, she goes to the $50,000 question. But before we do, we're at 48 minutes, so we go to the three Wise Men for tonight's requisite camera time:

Lori Meduski; executive director, Us Weekly
David Goodman; youngest Millionaire champion
Dr. Tyra Spiegel; program director for the Library of Congress with a PhD. in poli-sci

Now, the $50,000 question.

In 2004, who did Entertainment Weekly magazine name as the Funniest Person in America?
A: Chris Rock B: Will Ferrell
C: Jon Stewart D: Jack Black

She remembers A for $50,000 and the $100,000 question.

Waterloo, the site of Napoleon's famous 1815 defeat, is a small town in what European country?
A: France B: Belgium
C: Germany D: The Netherlands

She thinks she knows, but she 50/50s it to Belgium or Germany. She doesn't want to guess, so she walks with the $50,000. Correct answer: B. Okay, one more FFF for the night.

Put these U.S. state capitals in geographic order, starting in California and going east.
A: Boise B: Nashville
C: Providence D: Topeka

Correct order: A, D, B, C. Everyone is on the right except for Beth Makibbin. Eddie Lawhorn takes the slowest in 13.24. In a fifth of that, at 3.24 is our next player, Chris Smith!

Hailing for Calhoun, GA, Chris is "a large person" who plays trivia at Hooters, where he is known for an instance of pants-droppage. Not to be seen here. Running out of time. Let's play!

Doctors are commonly associated with the homespun advice, "Take two aspirin and" do what?
A: Have a cup of tea B: Don't forget to smile
C: Call me in the morning D: Pray for a miracle

It's C for $1000. Next for $2000.

Kids traditionally say "jinx" when they accidentally do what at the same time?
A: Say the same word B: Wear similar clothing
C: Sit in the same seat D: Raise their hand

It's A for $2000. Next for $3000.

Derived from Latin, the world "lunatic" comes from the belief that odd behavior is caused by what?
A: Fire B: The moon
C: The sun D: Water

It's B for $3000. Next for $4000.

Teacher John Scopes became the defendant in a famous 1925 trial due to his approach to what subject?
A: Music B: English literature
C: Mathematics D: Biology

It's D for $4000. Time for five.

The stars of TV's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" are usually known by what name?
A: Boys in Black B: Preen Team
C: Fab Five D: Atta Dudes

It's C for the guaranteed $5000.  More tomorrow? We'll see, as Super Millionaire concludes.

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