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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 3.10 - November 18

Julie McCracken has been on every single episode and is ready to meet Joe. Land Kligermand is ready for the unexpected. Monica Travis is ready to be competitive, Ryne DeGrave is ready to win the $50,000, Kristina Justinano is ready to do what it takes - even if it includes lying, and 33 year old Shawn Hauser is ready to take the young 'uns to school.

Two of them will be ready to go home as we get to the first stunt, which involves a ladder, some flags and a helicopter. You have to move to the ladder from the platform of a speeding truck, and you have to release flags while climbing up the ladder. The slowest man and woman will be leaving the show earlier than planned.

Ryne is first - and Joe makes fun of his name. Land is making fun of everyone - including Ryne, who looks like a model, and Shawn, who is full of muscles and tattoos. Land is the lightweight of the group (think red-haired Jon from Survivor) and he has worn out with welcome with everyone.

Shawn says that the tattoos will make him go faster - especially the one of his wife on his neck. While he's talking, Ryne completes the stunt in 39 seconds. That's the time that Shawn has to beat - and he is using all arms, which Joe doesn't think is smart. It doesn't matter what Joe thinks - Shawn gets into the groove and flies - good enough for 29 seconds. Shawn is representing the muscle dudes...

...and little Land, according to Shawn, "is worse than a woman - he can't shut up." Land will be shutting Ryne up if he gets it done quicker than 39 seconds. He does get caught twisting on the ladder - but he gets it done in 37 seconds. The model will be making good-bye poses as he leaves.

Time for the ladies to show their rung raising abilities. Kristina is going first - and is setting the bar. The bar, unfortunately, is set pretty low, as she has problems unlatching the flags. She gets it done in 40 seconds - and that is what Monica needs to beat. "Monica is all legs," says Joe, and with no upper body strength, she is in trouble - 48 seconds worth.

All Julie needs to do is to beat 48 seconds. All she does instead is to commit the dumb-ass move of the episode by grabbing the second lowest rung of the ladder. By doing that, she can't get her feet on the ladder and she falls off. Monica and Kristina advance due to stupidity.

This time around, people will need to do better than hoping that the other person does something stupid. They may need to hope that the other people have weak stomachs, as Joe unleashes buckets of cow and pigs parts, super worms, and rotting fish parts. You have to clear the lovely buck items with your mouth, for at the bottom of the buckets are numbers which are the combination to the locks that they are chained to. After they get out of the locks, they have to take a pigs foot in their mouth and drop it in a bucket. Whoever is the slowest person will be putting their face in nasty stuff for naught.

Kristina goes first - and she gets it done in 3:10. It seems like a decent time, but everyone else thinks that it's too slow. Monica thinks that she can get it done in 2 and a half minutes, but she is getting hampered by Kristina, who is yelling out numbers while Monica is working out the combination. Kristina's yelling pays off, as it breaks her concentration and it confuses her to the point that she almost quits. she gets it done - but it's in 5:07 and she wants to dump Kristina in the bucket of rotting fish parts.

All the guys have to do is beat 5:07 - but Shawn, the big muscleman, has big fat fingers, and he can't get the combination locks open. That, plus Monica doing what Kristina did to her, leads to him completing the stunt in a turtle-like pace of 6:39. Shawn needs to do the same thing to Land - but he doesn't, and the women, who would much rather face a scrawny Land than a muscle boy Shawn in the finals, don't screw up Land either. Land gets it done in 2:17 - and that's enough to get rid of Shawn.

We are down to 3 people - and one last stunt. This one is pretty cool - the contestants get to drive a sportscar under a big rig for as many times as they can until they run out of road or until they wipe out. Whoever traverses under the truck for the most amount of times wins the money. KIDS - DO NOT TRY THIS ONE AT HOME!!!!

Monica starts the shebang off - and she is very tentative. Very tentative does not win you squat - but she does pick up the pace. She gets to 6 when she spins out with 370 feet left of road. Could that last spin-out be a $50,000 error?

Kristina would like to hope so - and wants to set the bar up high so that Land would be overzealous and make some mistakes. Joehas been very impressed with how Kirstina plays the game - and he will continue to be impressed as she gets 8 laps done. Once again, she gets the best of Monica, and this time, Monica pays the severe penalty of being eliminated.

Now the other strategy that she had would be for Land to be overzealous and spin-out. It may work - Land has a ton of speeding tickets. He isn't overzealous at all - he is too conservative and he only gets 5 laps. Fear was not a Factor, but psychology was, and Kristina, the master of psychology, gets to pay for college with a $50,000 scholarship - and straight As.

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