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Home improvement takes Malibu by storm as eight couples renovate their way through tests of their relationship skills and handywork in four apartments in an attempt to turn a huge profit.

Visit the Complex Blueprints to see who is still in the running!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Tyler Harcott
Judges: David Kessler, Lourdes Marie Barros, and Jason Marshall

Nine Network Australia (based upon "The Block")
EP: Ted Haimes
Packager: Chaos Theory, FremantleMedia North America
Airs: Friday at 8:00pm ET on Fox

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"Living Room Lunge" - September 17

Last time, Brad & Lew were outed... as threats to the other teams to the point where they were put on the eviction block. But Steve & Nicole set new standards in futility delivering the worst sleeper bedroom (aside from everything else) and sending teammates Carl & Kim (who had escaped eviction twice before) to the scrapheap.

This week is a must-win situation for Upper Complex. If they don't, then one of them, either the Rednecks (Scotty & Sam) or the All-American Couple (Steve & Nicole) is going down. It's put-up-or-shut-up time.

Meanwhile, Brad & Lew are applauding their victories in Lower Complex, putting Rose in a bad spot. She was initially in it for the money. Now she wants blood.

Next morning, your next challenge:


2. TOTAL BUDGET: $14,000 ($11,000 cash, $3,000 Sears gift cards) - in addition to any money left over from previous challenges. Last week's winning room, Lower Complex Apartment 3 receives an extra $2,000 cash. That money is to be used solely for the second bedroom in that apartment and cannot be used on any other apartment
3. PROPERTY MANAGERS: Before work begins, choose a "property manager" to oversee this week's assignment. The Property Manager is your team's leader. He or she can make all the decisions themselves or he or she can choose to be democratic, but the final say on all matters will be theirs, so choose wisely.
4. TRANSPORTATION: One car per team, one pickup truck to be shared by both teams. Each team gets the pickup for four shifts to be designated by both Property Managers.
5. TIME: You will have five days. The living room must be completed by noon on Wednesday. The clock starts now.

"Wednesday?" Yes, Rose. Wednesday. Ana Banana gets the nod for PM this week for LC. For UC, it's Steve who will man the slowly-sinking Good Ship Upper Complex.

Brad & Lew's plans include making furniture first while waiting until later for the floors. Scotty is overplanning, just as Lew said, thinking about pillars. Yeah, way too elaborate. Barney wants some waterfalls. Rose doesn't want that. That precipitates into a quarrel. Nothing gets done until Rose decides to do what she wants.. which, consequently enough, is nothing.

What's going to keep UC out of the doghouse this week? A visit to, of course! They shop for a sick entertainment center.  Afterwards, it's happy trash time. Steve says clearing floors is better than sex. Way too much info there.

The guys of LC4 head out to get some floors over at Beverly Blvd., home of Television City in Hollywood! Back in the flat, Rose and Ana are butting heads again because Ana's working and Rose is... well, not. The guys come back with news of a couch, which gives her hiccups.

Meanwhile up in UC2, Scotty & Sam have decided to make UC1 their project, their Seabiscuit if they were. So they go from Rednecks to Horse Whisperers. Meanwhile, Steve doesn't see much of Nicole anymore. Mostly because he's busting his own chops.

LC4 got a good floor... just not enough of it. Brad & Lew bails out the team while shopping for their own carpet. They got the carpet.. but forgot the wood. That's what happens when you focus on kittens.

While UC2 works on a door, Rose is adamant that their room doesn't get a speck of taste, so all of Ana's decorations have to go back. Unless she exercises her will as PM... which she does. You can tell that Brad & Lew have brought out the worst in Rose.

Scotty puts his ceiling together while the others in UC get furniture. Speaking of which, the furniture arrives on time at LC4. Ana thinks.. tacky!

Meanwhile, Steve & Nicole are working at their flat hard, even if it means the occasional fight now and then. In LC4, they're this close to being done. By contrast, UC1 needs furniture in the worst way. Will tomorrow be a turnaround?

LC3 gets the floor done, and not much else. LC4 is way ahead of schedule. Sam & Steve work on UC1 while discussing Nicole's state of distress. At the 24-hour mark, Tyler asks Steve to wrangle the other tenants for a special warning. Delivering a very badly-needed lesson in teamwork, each group will move into their teammates' own apartment and finish their teammates' work before judgment is handed down. Definitely a setback for LC, who is a) not yet done (LC3) and b) done for days (LC4). Scotty & Sam, on the other hand, have to pick up their teammates' slack, while Steve & Nicole act as mediators. This one is going to go to UC say the guys of said part of the Complex.

Brad decides to modify the plans so it can be finished. Downstairs, it's rug-laying time and furniture placing time. Ana calls it "groovy-looking." Barney and Rose call it... bad.

The girls get their furniture, as Nicole starts getting more upbeat and cheerleader-like. Both teams are pulling red-eyes. Barney loves his room. Rose is predicting that Unit 3 will come in last. Last minute scramble time again... The Army of Darkness is approaching... and that's the horn. Tools down, the living room battle is over! This round is different, as only LC will cast eviction notices, since UC's votes cancel out. In the end, only one final couple will be evicted tonight.

UC1: The one room in UC1 that sticks out as the best one. Steve is ever the pitchman as Lourdes thinks the curtains are short, Jason likes the even lines, and David would've rather seen a unified room.

UC2: Nice homey feel. David agrees. Lourdes doesn't like the fact that it's without an ocean vista, and Jason is the victim of Steve's half-truths. Sure the entertainment unit is a custom piece, but he didn't ask who customized it.

LC3: Very simple. Very brown and green. Lourdes likes the contemporary feel. Jason finds fault in the door. David thinks that the arrangement says "thanks for coming by, don't stay too long." Could spell trouble.

LC4: Nice little living room. Lourdes likes the door, but both she and Jason give the couch what for. David calls the whole room a bad dream.

Dave & Ana have a difference of opinion on their flatmates. UC unites in one final show of solidarity in hopes that they will not come in last AGAIN. Lumberyard time for one final eviction. Running down vitals:

UC1 spent $12,691.18 out of $17,477.72, leaving them with $4786.54.
UC2 spent $14,483.09 out of $17,390.21, leaving them with $2907.12.
LC3 spent $14,471.25 out of $19,738.59, leaving them with $5267.34.
LC4 spent $11,363.05 out of $17,414.87, leaving them with $6051.82.

Most valuable this week will receive an additional $2000 to begin project #5. That room, unanimously, is in... LC1. Great start to hopefully a long road. But before you celebrate, someone must be held accountable for failure. Marked for eviction today are...

UC: Steve & Nicole and Scotty & Sam. The couple at risk is determined by random draw... Brad & Lew draw... Steve & Nicole.
LC: Brad & Lew

Once again, Brad & Lew tried really hard, only to find resistance from individuals. They have no regrets, and wouldn't mind not seeing any of their teammates again. On the flipside, Steve & Nicole laud their teammates for sticking with them through thick and thin. "I want you to win" brings a steel-eyes Sam to tears.

And now, the results of the appraisal. The least valuable room is in... LC4. Brad & Lew are rewarded for a good job with a royal boot. That's gratitude for you. As for the rest of the teams, it's their final trip to the Lumberyard EVER! But it comes at a high price. From here on out, teams are dissolved, and it's every couple for themselves to finish the decks, the second bathrooms, & the kitchens (Apartments 1-3) and the second bathroom, kitchen, smaller deck, and third bedroom (Apartment 4).

Four couples remain. Four apartments. Unit 3 is now empty, so someone has to move, and Barney & Rose choose to stay in #4. Dave & Ana move. So we are all set for the biggest real estate challenge since Monopoly with some high stakes riding on victory.

And as always, their next challenge comes tomorrow.

As for the final auction, bidding starts at $500,000. Too rich for my blood.

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