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Home improvement takes Malibu by storm as eight couples renovate their way through tests of their relationship skills and handywork in four apartments in an attempt to turn a huge profit.

Visit the Complex Blueprints to see who is still in the running!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Tyler Harcott
Judges: David Kessler, Lourdes Marie Barros, and Jason Marshall

Nine Network Australia (based upon "The Block")
EP: Ted Haimes
Packager: Chaos Theory, FremantleMedia North America
Airs: Friday at 8:00pm ET on Fox

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"Sleeper Salvation" - September 10

Last time, the seven couples were reduced to six thanks to a voteout of Erik & Jayna. Not only that, a wrench was thrown, giving the very lax (okay, HALFWAY finished) bathroom of LC4 the nod over UC1, which the experts agree would have to be gutted in its entirety to be of any use.

We begin with a drawing. A bunny-beaver creature saying "You can do it! 3 Weeks, 4th Place... Keep going! E&J! XOXO." I'd post the picture, but there are kids watching this page, and we wouldn't want to give them nightmares. Their response: "Grow up!" They're probably not watching, but.. yeah.

Meanwhile, LC3 revels in their backdoor victory, as Carl & Kim prepare to move up to Upper Complex, saying that UC has a pretty good shot of winning this week. Dave and Ana on the other hand are apparently so good that they can't even lose on purpose. Guess you're going to have to try to win, right? Try with this. Challenge #3....


2. TOTAL BUDGET: $8,000 ($5,000 cash, $3,000 Sears gift cards) - in addition to any money left over from previous challenges. Last week's winning room, Lower Complex Apartment 3 receives an extra $2,000 cash. That money is to be used solely for the second bedroom in that apartment and cannot be used on any other apartment
4. PROPERTY MANAGERS: Before work begins, choose a "property manager" to oversee this week's assignment. The Property Manager is your team's leader. He or she can make all the decisions themselves or he or she can choose to be democratic, but the final say on all matters will be theirs, so choose wisely.
4. TRANSPORTATION: One car per team, one pickup truck to be shared by both teams. Each team gets the pickup for four shifts to be designated by both Property Managers.
5. You will have until four days. The second bedroom must be completed by noon on Thursday. The clock starts now.

Steve & Nicole are worried as to why Carl & Kim are always on the block as she volunteers for PM duty AGAIN (because she knows the judges by now). But Steve can't argue with those strengths, so there she goes.

Before any peace can be made on Lower Complex, they decide that Ana should be PM, citing that she can be trusted.

Cutouts are in order at UC2, as the Rednecks (Scotty & Sam) sing Kim's praises. "She's as anal-retentive as I am," Sam says. Something tells me we're going to get along fine this week. Sam helps Kim up in UC1, where Steve doesn't have the confidence to see any of Kim's ideas to fruitiion. Sam says simple's fine, but UC has lost two weeks in a row.

Meanwhile, the five-designer team that is Brad & Lew are taking on more man-hours with less men. Downstairs in LC4, we have logistics planned, we just need some verticals for Rose to chill and bitch somewhere.

We're 10 minutes in, so it's out with the old time. That night, The All-American Couple of Steve & Nicole start to believe that they're so off key on what the judges are looking for. Exhibit A: The bathroom. Enter Carl from downstairs who helps out with UC1's walls, just as Steve is stopped by Nicole for "not doing it right, baby."

Rose gauges the Boys' (Brad & Lew) design style as "like a Chinese restaurant" as the Boys head out to get a computer. End result of spying: the Boys are going down. Just remember what Tyler said last week: it's more important to try to win than to force other people out.

Laying the floors with less than half of their time to go, and Steve is going at it alone. Needless to say, he's hurting, and not just from the hammer. Meanwhile Kim and Sam are heading to the official department store of the Complex and DIYers everywhere... You guessed it. Target. Joke! Kim uses the shopping time to feel out the all-of-a-sudden-really-goofy Sam. Meanwhile back in UC1, Nicole seemingly can't do a simple task handed down by her partner Steve, especially on the moulding. Enter Scotty, who plays damage control to make sure Steve isn't screwing something up.

We're down to a day and a half, as the boys of LC3 are building cubes for the back wall. We're looking at a red-eye. Downstairs, Barney's working on the ceiling while Rose is trying to wrestle with the rotary saw. "That wasn't good."

Scotty gives the Boys their props from up above. Below that night, Ana and Rose are working out the fiscal matters of their newest project. Ana can't figure out why they keep coming up short. Rose knows why. Because she's bogarding it all. Ana decides to go over all the books again. "Once we're done with this room, things are going to get ugly."

Sam's threatening Scotty with the prospect of no sex. Enough to drive any sane man to his knees. Meanwhile in LC4, Rose finds the missing money. Mysteriously, to boot, as the NYC breaks all ties with the Seniors. "A few more days, and we'll never see these people again."

We're playing the 24-hour rush again as Dave & Ana are arguing about furniture. Dave says they don't have time for shopping around. "I can't go shopping with you, you annoy the (^_^) out of me."

Back at UC, Scotty's overzealous hammering puts an unwanted hole in another wall. Sam: "Because he's a dumbass." In LC4, Dave & Ana are trying like heck to get their shelves in. Ana likes working with Brad & Lew, because their tastes are the best in the entire complex. The two worry about her and Dave being cooped up with Barney & Rose. Speaking of which, Ana has considered them over the Seniors to keep.

Scotty isn't buying Steve's offer that Carl & Kim are playing up to the old roommates. Meanwhile, Barney and Dave are grabbing furniture, Brad & Lew are worried that their bedroom isn't going to happen, Sam thinks that Scotty's wall shelves are clutter. The Boys are finishing what looks to be an impressive wall, and Mr. Bullhorn and his friends are coming down the front steps with three minutes to go! *HORN!* And that's it, tools down, the bedroom battle is OVER! Now it's time for inspection.

UC1: Looks like a bedroom I could work in. I'm looking for an actual bed, though. Jason likes the computer space. David doesn't see a connection in the pieces. Lourdes like the cherry red. Infinitely better, I must say.

UC2: Looks like a bedroom I could sleep in, but it's a bit unfinished. Jason likes the craftsmanship. David needs a bigger carpet. Lourdes really likes the look.

LC3: It's Brad and Lew. Very stylistic. But Jason faults them on the finish of the wall (could've been "a teeny bit more consistent"). David likes the matching and the fresh. Lourdes likes everything... except the moulding.

LC4: Simple... but in a complex way. Jason doesn't really see upscale in the vertical blinds (but hey, Rose'll like them). David and Lourdes seem to be fixated on the faultiness of the shelves.

It's going to be a close one, but I think Upper Complex can finally notch one in the W column. We'll see at the Lunberyard, right as Kim pledges that if she's going down, she's going down fighting. Dave & Ana would rather take out the Seniors if they lose, as the Rednecks will not get rid of the AAC, Steve & Nicole, even if they do a shoddy bass-ackwards job in the end.

Time for this week's judgments, where Tyler says that success is rewarded... like that, but failure is punished. Running down vitals:

UC1 spent $7310.97 out of $10,788.69, leaving them with $3477.72.
UC2 spent $8212.02 out of $11,602.23, leaving them with $3390.21.
LC3 spent $9122.51 out of $12,861.10, leaving them with $3738.59.
LC4 spent $7223.61 out of $10,638.48, leaving them with $3414.87.

Most valuable this week will receive an additional $2000 to begin project #4. That room... is in LC3... again. Now to see who is at risk as the eviction notices are served for...

UC: Carl & Kim
LC: Brad & Lew

Again?! Well, Carl & Kim think they're making a huge mistake. The Boys just say that everyone's done a good job. And Kim and Ana are fighting.

And now, the results of the appraisal. The least valuable room is in... UC1... again. Lower Complex gets their wish as Carl & Kim are evicted.  Brad & Lew are still there, but now they have a choice. They can rejoin Lower Complex or move on up to Upper Complex and hopefully teach Steve a thing or seven about DIY. But Tyler warns them to choose carefully, because they will be forfeiting all of LC3's monies to inherit UC2's. Feeling the odd couple vibe from both teams, they decide to stay in Lower Complex.

Only two couples in UC left. If they lose next week, BOTH will be up for eviction. A lot riding on the next project next week. Meanwhile, Carl & Kim leave UC a message: "Please kick unit 4's tenants out."

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