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Home improvement takes Malibu by storm as eight couples renovate their way through tests of their relationship skills and handywork in four apartments in an attempt to turn a huge profit.

Visit the Complex Blueprints to see who is still in the running!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Tyler Harcott
Judges: David Kessler, Lourdes Marie Barros, and Jason Marshall

Nine Network Australia (based upon "The Block")
EP: Ted Haimes
Packager: Chaos Theory, FremantleMedia North America
Airs: Friday at 8:00pm ET on Fox

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"Bathroom Blitz" - September 3

Last time, eight couples moved into the Complex and were in for the shock of their lives, but even the shock of a rundown apartment wasn't enough of a jolt to get them to work on something together, as arguments and sabotages ensued. But now that Sanyika and Monique are gone, it's up to the other seven teams to stay in the race for all the profits... even if it means... that's right, more sabotage. Today's target: the master bathroom.

Morning comes on day 1 after a "very dusty" night. Lower Complex is full of energy, with the exception (again) of Rose, who wants to go home. Meanwhile, we get tree-mail... without the tree. It's blueprints to your first challenge: the master bedroom.

2. TOTAL BUDGET: $10,000 ($7,000 cash, $3,000 Sears gift cards) - in addition to any money left over from previous challenges
3. ADDITIONAL RESOURCE: To save time on planning and design, consult
4. PROPERTY MANAGERS: Before work begins, choose a "property manager" to oversee this week's assignment. The Property Manager is your team's leader. He or she can make all the decisions themselves or he or she can choose to be democratic, but the final say on all matters will be theirs, so choose wisely.
4. TRANSPORTATION: One car per team, one pickup truck to be shared by both teams. Each team gets the pickup for four shifts to be designated by both Property Managers.

A little more time than last week, as we now have 144 hours. Erik of UC2 nominates Jayna to be the PM, because she's good with money and great at shopping. "I'm not planning to be an autocrat, but you've got to listen to me when I talk. You've got to let me finish a sentence once in a while." Gee, that's her only concern... and Sam (UC2) has a problem with even that.

Meanwhile, LC's Barney wouldn't mind seeing Kim having PM duty again. The risk is high that she'd be in a position to be voted off again, but it's a risk she's willing to take. Barney: "What kind of idiot would she be when she said she'd do it again?"

In UC1, Nicole doesn't want a tub, even though Jayna saw it as a good idea. Brad and Lew of LC3 decide to keep the walls as is, just one of their many great ideas according to Carl and Kim, even as they think that LC4 is clueless, "as always". Kim, on the other hand, decides to take matters into her own hands by telling LC4 what to shoot for. That said, it's time for the junk to meet the junk.

Jayna lines up the contractors for a) the tiling and design and b) Sam to start another argument with her. "I gave her a dose of her own medicine, and she RAN! I think she is psychotic and needs to be on medication."

Meanwhile, Brad and Kim follow through on their top secret connection, while Ana, Barney, and Rose note that Kim's been spending six hours with the team car. Later that night, Barney dreams odd dreams of sabotaging the bathroom. LC4 meeting, as Barney tries to convince Dave and Ana to vote off the Dirty Dirty. It takes a while for the plan to sink into Dave's brain, but he's all for it. Dave tries to reassure Ana that a hack job now will be rewarded later.

With 89 hours to go, UC1's main problem right now... "Someone just stepped on my tile that I just cut!"

Team NYC is meeting in the LC car to discuss Operation Put the Flames Up, "because we're gonna be voting off Brad & Lew." The two get some time to enjoy the Malibu beaches in the dreary cloudiness, or as Kim put it, "get tiles".

Scotty and Sam take the pickup to Sears (because everyone on the Complex loves Sears) to pick up more tools and paint. Hopefully, none will be spilled. Meanwhile, UC1 is down to their last $87.23 as they realize that Jayna's tub was a big hole. One door down in UC2, Erik and Jayna tile while Sam is... "mentally being tortured."

Barney gets the cheapest vanity he could find. "I think it'll be enough for the judges to go there and vomit." Over in LC3, quite the opposite: laminate marble countertop, Kim's idea. Brad and Lew pretty much dispel that idea. Not because they want to get rid of their flatmates... just because it's tacky. She heads down to LC4 to chew Barney out on his vanity. Quoth Dave, "Kim is freaking out right now. She should be. I love watching Kim suffer."  In the end, she washes her hands of LC4, telling them to do everything their (^_^)ing self.

Brad & Lew time-lapse through the night to get the bathroom done. Hmm... wall looks nice. In the same time frame, LC4 is... asleep. UC1 also burns the midnight oil to finish the floor, as are Erik and Jayna while the Rednecks are still sleeping. Will that keep them in the game? Jayna hopes so.

Tyler (yeah, remember him?) gives everyone the 24-hour warning. But there's an added wrench, as the PM gets to see the opposite team's bathroom. As long as their blindfolded through the other rooms. Kim heads up to UC, where she thinks that UC1 has done a better than expected job, but UC2 looks "a little cheap".

Jayna heads down to LC3, where she is taken aback by the special-order mosaic tiles. Then down to LC4 where she's taken aback by... everything else. Sam hears the report and basically writes it off.

Kim is being haunted by discount vanity after seeing what the other bathrooms have to offer. "It almost seems like they're trying to lose on purpose." Gee... you think?! Basic premise goes like this, no original design, no work.

Erik and Jayna confront the rest of UC about being made PM only to deprive them of a vote. Sam, once again, unneedingly expresses team views as her own. Meanwhile down in LC4, Ana is beginning to have second thoughts. Well, it's a bit too late for that, even with the peace offering made. Because hey, when has a reality show on Fox ever been about peace?

UC1 is still behind with ten hours on the clock. UC2 has issue with their sink handles ("Maybe that's what those washers were for"). Ana has it out with LC4, calling the plan disrespectful. "I thought the plan was to make it look simple enough," she says. Dave rebuts, "No, the plan was to make it look bad. You're weak!" Kim enters again to survey the work (or absence thereof). So far, just a few tiles and a vanity (that is in whether she likes it or not). She decides to take matters into her own hands and take the mirror back. And good news, folks. Plan uncovered, so Brad and Lew are taking over. "[Barney and Rose] are now my personal vendetta."

We're at 3:23, with tools down at UC2. Probably the best flat in the complex in terms of dynamic, which... isn't saying much. Brad and Lew are working to the nail on LC4's bathroom. Running on little more than half and hour, the teams scramble to patch up any loose ends. Little too late for that, because there's the horn, that's it! The work is done, the battle of the bathrooms is OVER! Now, the moment of truth, inspection and judgment.

UC1: Simplistic, to say the least. Lourdes like the simplicity, but isn't too crazy about the details in tile and grout. Jason finds faults in the tub and vanity. David, well... "My first reaction is 'Why?'."

UC2: Another simplistic room (after all, you're only going to the bathroom for so many purposes), but it's lighter. David likes the bathroom, but hates the flooring. Jason wishes he had a jet bath. Just because it's Malibu and stuff.

LC3: In a word... Nice. Jason only finds issue with edging. You know, budgeting time instead of bickering will help you out, but the casting department wasn't really going for ability, now was it?

LC4: You read what happened. Need I say more?

Looks like LC3'll take this one hands down, as we vote to evict and head to the Lumberyard, but not before Kim appeals to Ana's soft side. "I really wanted to win, but not like this." Because where has hard work gotten you that sabotage hasn't gotten you faster? Running down vitals:

UC1 spent $7685.38 out of $10,474.07, leaving them with $2788.69.
UC2 spent $7394.91 out of $10,997.14, leaving them with $3602.23.
LC3 spent $9196.15 out of $12,057.25, leaving them with $2861.10.
LC4 spent $8050.06 out of $10,688.54, leaving them with $2638.48.

Most valuable this week will receive an additional $2000 to begin project #3, and that much more, you can hear Ana squirming. That room... is in LC3. Tyler guilts the team even more by saying that it's far more important not to lose. Eviction notices are served for...

UC: Erik & Jayna
LC: Carl & Kim

Erik & Jayna wanted to have fun, but instead, they had to go through sixth-grade politics. Sixth-grade? I think Jayna is giving reality TV too much credit there. Carl & Kim think their team isn't worth it (especially the Seniors), "because America is going to see you for the pieces of (^_^) that you really are." And surprise surprise, an argument erupts.

And now, the results of the appraisal. The least valuable room is in... UC1. All Carl & Kim can say is "Holy (^_^)!" But the news not so good for Upper Complex. The experts all agreed that the bath in UC1 added so little value that everything would have to be ripped out and started from scratch, and that an unfinished room -- with the right sense of style -- is far more enticing to buyers. That said, Erik & Jayna, you've been evicted. "You're toast, you're toast, you're toast."

In a word for LC4... BACKFIRE! Hope you took Tyler's word to heart, but judging from next week's clips... Probably not. See you soon.

Oh, and ONE MORE THING... Carl and Kim, your team wanted you gone, so be it... You're moving on up to Upper Complex.

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