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Fourteen men and women kick, shoot, dive, punch, and literally fall for the chance to work with one of the legends of American action cinema, Joel Silver, for a made-for to be aired later.  

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Tina Malave
Casting Directors: Victoria Burrows, Scot Boland, Josh Einsohn, Marki Costello
Creators: Gary R. Benz, Michael Branton
EP: Joel Silver, Gary R. Benz, Cris Abrego, Rick Telles,
Packager: Warner Bros. TV, Silver Pictures TV, GRB Entertainment, NBC Studios
Airs: Wedesdays at 8:00pm ET on NBC (replays Fridays at 11:00pm ET on GSN)

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The Captives - July 7

On the last show, Mark and Jeanne, despite the lack of chemistry, sneak into this week, at the expense of Somere and Greg. Will Jeanne and Mark, who realize that they are on the bubble, bounce back this week? Or did they just postpone the inevitable by an episode?

For this Screen Test, there will be less action and more acting, as this scene focuses on the man and the ex-wife who betrayed him. They will be tied up and delivering the drama, as the women has to face her greatest fear in order to survive. Not a lot of action, but it is a major acting chop scene and it may separate the light weights from the Hamlets.

House says that the closer the show is to ending, the more you want it. The door rings, and someone who has really wanted it walks into the room - Denise Richards. She wows the room while she shows up and talks about her life. Her words seem to motivate everyone into kicking it into overdrive, as she leaves them with, "There's no magic thing to this. Their dream can be achieved if they pursue it and work hard."

The hard work looks to take a break as everyone gets to go to a auto race track. Everyone gets to take a few laps around the track, and the person who takes care of their car the best gets a "retake" card, which allows you to redo the scene if you didn't like it the first time. This is probably even more important than the Casting Card.

Jared starts it off with a 24.81 second time, and he thinks he stunk. He actually set the bar high, as no one can beat his time. Mark, however, instead of standing and watching, gets advice -but it didn't do him any good, as he gets it completed in 27.31. The 24.81 time holds, and Jared wins the retake card. Jared, however, is seeing the bigger picture than just a card. "I want to do the best, so I can be the best."

That night, House is trying to make the moves in Corinne - and maybe she is in his own mind, but Corinne isn't buying what House is selling and laughs it off, saying that she has her situation and he has his situation, that doesn't sound like the strongest defense to me, but they don't go past talking, so Corinne - for now - is continuing her celibate ways.

Corinne and the other women are distracted by a French film that they get in the bucket. Most of the women enjoy it, but Linda savages the film and the performances in the movie. The next morning, they all bicker about the movie and Corinne tells Linda that she better not talk about her like she talks about the movie actresses. That was pretty funny, as Linda calls herself the Blonde B#tch. Appropriate, no?

In Howard Fine's acting class, they were doing a rehearsal of the scene as they were both blindfolded and tied. Corinne and Mark seem to like each other, while Mae, who has House, wants nothing to do with it. Jared likes working with Linda, but Howard didn't think they took it seriously and Melisande, who is used to working with Jared, thinks that if Jared got a big head, it could lead to disaster. Foreshadowing?

Howard gives the Casting Card to.... Mark, who will get an extra hour worth of training with him and his female partner. Outside of the area, House is concerned because he felt that there was no fear in the performance - and he thinks that it could haunt him. We already have Mae saying that she has no desire to work with House.

Mark gets to select his co-star, and he picks.... JEANNE!!! Only kidding. He selects Corinne. Everyone else has to write down someone's name on a piece of paper. John selects Melisande, and Melisande picks John, so that's settled. Everyone else's card got a little complicated. Jared puts a question mark next to his sign, as he says that it doesn't matter to him who he gets selected with. Sean comments that it's because Jared can't make up his mind, and that gets Jared cursing out at Sean. They have a war of words and I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of this.

It's not the Jared vs. Sean show, so we'll get to rest of the selections. Jared gets selected with Linda and Jeanne gets to act with Sean - which means that Mae gets stuck with House. Mae says that it has nothing to do with House, but she thinks that she's screwed if she's stuck with House. The way she is reacting to House, she may want to exchange him for Viviana.

Mark gets the hour - but it seems like Howard is working more with Corinne, which gets Mark a little steamed. When their hour is over, Mae and House come in and Howard immediately realizes the tension between them. He warns House to not put up the comic front and to get into the drama aspect. He lays into Sean for not being dramatic, and he realizes that he wanted more time with Howard. "I want to try to understand what he's talking about."

He can find more drama with Jared, as the continue to get into it. Sean was joking around and Jared thought he was being serious. Jeanne notes that Jared has to get out of his candy-coated bubble, as things are going to get harder from this point on...

House and Corinne are talking about bringing characters up to life - and they compare noted to try to create the fear for him. Jared has the fear of not getting up on time, so she goes around and makes sure that everyone is awake. Jared waits outside for everyone else, who are taking their sweet time to get out of the house.

Gerry Lively warns everyone that there is no action to hide behind, and Marki adds that they have to rely on each other only - and if they can pull it together, they deserve to advance. Gerry warns Jared that if he uses the retake card, the first take is thrown out and the second take is the one that they use. As always, everyone only has one shot. Will they use it wisely?

Melisande was 'interesting', said Jared, but in a good way. Corinne and Mark looked good, but Mae feels very frustrated with House. After the acting, she eats her words, adding that she was ashamed because he was actually very good and turned it up.

It's Jared's turn. He didn't feel like he was emotionally connected, so he uses the Retake. The second time, to him, was worse, and he felt that his overconfidence may have cost him. Gerry didn't like it and Linda wanted to punch him in the face. That would be the sign of some dissatisfied people.

Melisande is having an episode of self-doubt as she is concerned about being eliminated. Jared thinks that he is toast. The producers and directors think that...Mark/Corinne - the two of them are terrific. House/Mae - they are both stilted and not growing. Sean/Jeanne - they are connected. John/Melisande - John was driving the scene, and Melisande dropped the ball. Jared/Linda - Jared overplayed to the camera and Linda was over the top. Linda/Mae/Melisande is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The men seem more cut and dry - Jared or House will be gone.

Tina (who seems like this is her only role now) is there with the next scripts, which is a watery action sequence - but only 8 of them will see the scripts. Those 8 people are... Mark, Jeanne, Sean, Corinne, John, Mae...and Jared and Melisande. House and Linda are eliminated.

Jared knows he got away with one, while Corinne and Jeanne cry openly that House got knocked out. The lack of emotional range did House in, while Jared's flubbing, which forced Linda to overplay her hand, may have gotten her. Also what may have gotten her - the producer and director, who apparently have their sights on Jeanne or Corinne - which means that Mae or Melisande could be the next to go.

Can Mae or Melisande turn it around? Can Jared get out of his candy bubble? We'll find out next week as two more people are chewed up and spit out like... well, you know.

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