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Fourteen men and women kick, shoot, dive, punch, and literally fall for the chance to work with one of the legends of American action cinema, Joel Silver, for a made-for to be aired later.  

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Tina Malave
Casting Directors: Victoria Burrows, Scot Boland, Josh Einsohn, Marki Costello
Creators: Gary R. Benz, Michael Branton
EP: Joel Silver, Gary R. Benz, Cris Abrego, Rick Telles,
Packager: Warner Bros. TV, Silver Pictures TV, GRB Entertainment, NBC Studios
Airs: Wedesdays at 8:00pm ET on NBC (replays Fridays at 11:00pm ET on GSN)

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Special Ops - June 29

We are down to the final 14 - and they are rewarded by having their own names in the intro. Ooooooooh. Aaaaaaaah. After this episode, some of the people's names will be irrelevant to the show. Let's watch and see whose...

This week's screen challenge is for a scene called "Special Ops". The actors not only have to work well with their co-star, but also have to use weapons appropriately.

But forget about the dangerous stuff right now. It's time to see even more rewards for the 14 people in the house - like a trip to their new mansion-house, complete with a pool table, gym and 14 person dining table. Also waiting for them - a litter of cars decorating the front and a swimming pool, which only the guys jumped into - and Viviana, who came in with her bra and g-string. Mark's reaction? "Bah," as we, so to speak, get to see the full moon in the middle of the day.

It's time to claim the bedrooms, and Jared and Viviana lay claim to the same room. Jared gives Viviana the room, but not before giving her the business about it.

Also waiting to claim their time - Howard Fine, who will be giving them lessons once a week. The person who does the best job gets a casting card, and that person can pick who they want to act with for their next screen test - and it allows you to pick your role for the test.

Howard comes on and tells them to bring an object that is very special to them. He wants to do an exercise called "memory recall", which has each person opening up and talking about something that is very special to them. Mark has a gold chain, Melisande has a good luck charm, Jeanne has a picture of her daughter who she gave up for adoption. Howard tells her to take that and change the emotion to being scared.

Howard (nicknamed "House") talks about being a gangster and about selling drugs to a friend's mother. While he was talking, he went into a zone which Howard Fine can't talk him out of. He gets him out of it eventually, but the tears coming down just shows the history that he had. Howard says that he needs to take that pain and make something out of it. He finds that House has gone into a deep area that he hasn't dealt with, and he gives a card to him, He also gives a card to Jeanne.

After the class, everyone is brought down for a casting call. Harold picks Sean and Jeanne picks Melisande. Melisande is playing this like a true games-player, noting that not only can you pick a role that you want - but you can also pick to give your main competition a less-than-desirable role.

This scene is a group scene which will feature seven people. The scene is based on Commandos, a Sniper who works alone, and two pilots who need to be rescued. In the first group, the Commandos for the scene are House, Sean, Mark and Viviana, the pilots are Linda and John, and the sniper is Santino, who thinks that the role is up for you to make, hence the casting card is 'Crap'.

The second group had 5 women and 2 guys - and they decided that the 2 men would be the people that would need to be rescued by the 5 women. The commandos, therefore are Jeanne, Corinne, Melisande and Somere, the Sniper is Mae, and Jared and Greg are the victims.

Remember Jared and Viviana arguing about the bedroom? Well, they are going after each other again in the casting room about a chair. The girls think that Viviana is a time bomb, while Jared, it seems, just likes to push her buttons. Viviana just says to not mess with the tail, or 'Grrrrrrrrrowwwwwwl'.

Maybe she can put her anger into good use as they get into firearm training. They are going to teach them how to look good and how to be safe when using the weapons. The head of the training, Scott Reitz, tells them that the actors who have trained here include George Clooney, Benicio Del Toro and Jennifer Lopez - and he tells them that if there is any violation on safety protocol, they are off of training.

Viviana continues to cause trouble for House (Team Alpha) when she drops a gun and Greg has to tell her to pick it up. The other team, Jeanne (Team Bravo) has no such problems. Both teams are set for their speed challenge, which requires the team to pick up two injured people and to use their weapons accordingly. Team Bravo gets it done in 19.57 seconds and Mae knew that her team is ready. Team Alpha... takes considerably longer and Viviana's shooting forces the other team to take cover. She eventually gets someone to help her with the gun and almost has to take the weapon away from her. Their time - 29 seconds, and a scared Greg saying that "I do not feel safe around her."

Back at the house, Tina introduces them all to Joel Silver, who talks to them for feedback. He reminds them that two of them will be in a movie he is producing, which makes them stare at him in awe. What is also making them stare in awe is Viviana, who is now picking fights with everyone else, and she tells Linda, "You think you are a great actress, and I don't think you are." Well, that doesn't boost morale, and it results in them getting into a catfight and nothing getting done. Well, they did want drama...

At the crack of dawn (4am), everyone proceeds to the site of the Screen Test. Director Gerry Lively tells everyone to make sure they know their lines, and under NO circumstances does anyone direct anyone else. That probably doesn't sit too well with her - and she makes no friends with Lively as she can't get her gun functioning.

During lunch, 13 people were laughing and having fun - but not Viviana, who wasn't having fun, and decided that she wanted to eat alone. Jared decided that part of the reason was the way that he was treating her, so, "she left... and I followed her.... like an idiot." She then proceeded to unload on him and told him to stay away from her. A very guilty Jared then realized the monster he created and told the other team that they need to continue working with Viviana - even if she's gone.

Too bad he didn't use that advice for his own team as John forgets a line which causes them to stop shooting the scene. Lively, who will be their director for the show, tells them that they all did marvelously, and that he'll see 12 of them next week. House, who realizes that two of them will be gone after tonight, and that Viviana, if she isn't eliminated, could continue to damage the team - or herself, goes into the house later and talks to her. That works just as well as Jared's conversation with her, as Viviana says that if she wanted to shock him, she would jump on the table and eat one of the flowers in the vase. She then proceeds to do so, as a disgusted House just walks away...

...and into the swimming pool area, where he is interrupting a conversation between Sean and Linda. He realizes the tension and leaves. Hmmmmm...

John is walking around - and he notices Viviana packing her stuff. He goes to see what's up with her, and as House and Jared have found out, that is a mistake. Viviana feels that people are threatened by her and has had enough, as she lays into John as well. "I've been waiting so long for someone to talk to me - now I don't want to hear you." She packs her stuff and even though she thinks that she would get a callback, she leaves. "This is no longer a callback between people - this is now a fight between people."

The fight now moves to the board room, as producer Alan Schechter and Director Louis Morneau now will be doing the judging. They get to watch the Special Ops screen test. They find out that Viviana will not be evaluated since she dropped out. They go after Santino, because they don't think he is strong enough to carry a two-hour movie. John immediately gets a strike for bobbling the lines, but they like Jeanne - and everyone else gets mixed results.

Now to Team Bravo. They rip Corinne for not handling the weapons correctly, and she may be thankful that Viviana's departure may have given her a second chance. They like both Jared, Greg and Melisande, but mixed results from everyone else.

Based on that, it looks like the female part is Melisande's or Jeanne's to lose, while Jared, Greg and Sean are the favorite for the male lead. In terms of who is eliminated, it certainly looks like John and Corinne will be going home...

...unless no one from the women's side will be eliminated, as Tina tells everyone that Viviana has left the show. We get parting words from her. "Right now I am not mature enough to deal with people who do not like me." She is officially out, and I can imagine Michelle, Kristin and Matt M. right now cursing at the TV.

The people who won't be cursing, because they have advanced, are... Jared, Jeanne, Greg, Melisande, Harold, Mae, Sean, Corinne, Mark, Linda, Somere, and... John. Santino gets knocked out, and he takes in stride, saying that he learned a lot from the experience, and it will help him in the future.

The future is kind to the latest 12 - but it won't be so kind to two more people. Find out in 24 hours who those people are.

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