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Fourteen men and women kick, shoot, dive, punch, and literally fall for the chance to work with one of the legends of American action cinema, Joel Silver, for a made-for to be aired later.  

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Tina Malave
Casting Directors: Victoria Burrows, Scot Boland, Josh Einsohn, Marki Costello
Creators: Gary R. Benz, Michael Branton
EP: Joel Silver, Gary R. Benz, Cris Abrego, Rick Telles,
Packager: Warner Bros. TV, Silver Pictures TV, GRB Entertainment, NBC Studios
Airs: Wedesdays at 8:00pm ET on NBC (replays Fridays at 11:00pm ET on GSN)

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Episode 3 - June 22

All of the contestants want it - and they all say how bad they want it. Brenda Cooper, from E!'s Fashion Emergency, will find out how bad their fashion sense is as we open up this episode of the show. Brenda will give them her makeover - and she warns that major changes may be made.

Viviana, who is consistently told to stop touching her breasts, wants blue eyes - but Brenda tells her to be the best with what she is given. Mark is calling her the Viviana show, because you never know what you are going to get with her. The directors know what they want to get with this week's pairings, and they are...

Matt M./Somere

With that, it's off to the beauty parlor and Prive' Una Salon. We already get complaining from the women, as Linda doesn't want to go blonde and Mae doesn't want her hair short. Viviana has a beauty complex and feels like she is naked without her makeup, while Sean apologizes to add for the makeover. Harold doesn't second-guess his manhood, but he's still from the hood and thugging - though he's getting a manicure. Heh.

While in the salon, people are already going over their lines. Krista and Young and John/Corinne and Greg/Michelle are already rehearsing, while Matt M. says that this would take him one step closer to his dreams. Todd is happy with his new London rock look, while Viviana is upset that she looks now like Selma Hayek - and she once again is rearranging her breasts. Selma Hayek is not a bad person to be compared to.

Brenda tells them to enjoy the food, but she tells them that roll call is tomorrow at 6am. Viviana and Harold (who calls her DQ for Drama Queen) are off rehearsing while Jared decides to take tonight easy. Harold is being silly, and Viviana feels like she is being disrespected. Harold replies that she is a drama queen - and Viviana says that if you disrespect her, she will be your worst nightmare. That isn't sounding too good for Harold...

What isn't looking too good for anyone else is their sleep pattern, as everyone gets up at 5am. Some people have gotten no sleep, and Michelle hasn't rehearsed her lines - but she says that she is good at improv. We'll see... Meanwhile, Laura, who looks like she did study her lines, goes over her character's rationale.

Top acting coach Howard Fine will help her with said rationale, as the contestants get coached by him at the Howard Fine Studios. Howard, who comes out to a standing ovation, will help break down the scenes and the motivation, as he says that the acting will come within the person. Howard wants to break down Viviana's vocal chords, as she starts talking about the Stanislavskian method and the problems that she's had with it. Howard calls her difficult right from the start while Jeanne called her 'a huge test'.

Howard, who called her ideas misconceived, wound up spending half of the time arguing with Viviana. He says that the cup of experience must be emptied. Viviana argues again, saying that it is transparent, while Howard calls it very full with 'stuff'. Heh.

Howard has everyone doing an intimacy exercise with their stage partners. It starts with feeling and groping, and Jared is thrilled that he is with Meilsande, who jokes that Jared said that she would fall in love with him at the end of the scene. The intimacy continues with a kissing scene and Laura finds it tough because she is married. Certain people did better than others, as certain people felt that they got more out of it than others, but Viviana didn't feel loved because she feels like she wasn't getting acceptance from the group. That led Howard to criticize her that she is looking for other people to stroke her self-esteem, and Viviana just stared at him, as staring was a sign of affirmation. Jeanne then realizes that this may be her, and she may not be as manipulating as she thought - but if this was her trying to be manipulative, then she would be furious at her.

After the session, the actors are led to the Green Room, where people either continue to work on their script - or sleep. Michelle is complaining that her partner Greg, may have rehearsed twice, while Greg is overwhelmed with the whole set and experience. "The only time that I have seen myself on camera is in front of a Circuit City camera." (C-Note: cha-CHING!)

Everyone gets to do a dry run without all of the effects - and the dry run, as well as the performance, gets judged. Victoria thought that they were good, while Marki thought that there was no chemistry going on. She says that she is going to be especially tough this time around because there's not a lot of words.

Mae and Santino are next. Mae was judges as well, while Santino had mixed results. Jared loved what Melisande was doing, but the critics thought that she was all over the map. They did like Jared though. Laura/Todd are next, and Laura didn't like what she did. The judges didn't like what Todd did. "It was like picking up a chick in a coffee bar - I HATED him in it."

Sean/Linda - I thought they were great, and the judges loved everything that they did in it. This is the first couple that are locked to advance. John and Corinne also have a knock out performance and they seem to be a lock to move on too. Santino thinks that he is the toughest competition and Jared thinks that if he was in a scene with him, it would make him look bad. That's pretty powerful praise...

On the other end of the board, Krista wants to work, while Young wants to sleep. That's a bad sign from someone who's already on the bubble. Krista doesn't have any professional acting experience - and it shows as the judges rip them up. They don't want the actress already crying as the scene starts. Both of them blame each other, and this could be the first duo that both leave together.

Matt M./Somere - I couldn't understand Matt M. and the judges were on the fence with them. They thought that they did well, as they thought they worked hard and they thought they did the best that they could do. Viviana, who is already told by someone to let people finish talking, is another one on the bubble, and she needs a good performance with Harold. Marki says that it was the best kiss and the judges were impressed with her improvement. Is it enough to erase the disaster she had with Howard? If she did, Jeanne/Mark, who though that neither of them had any chemistry, may be taking their place. Mark: "Today was a bad day to have a bad day."

Judging - Well, every person that was judges had someone say something good and something bad, so there's nothing there with any good insight. With that, we go to the call backs, as Tina the host has the 14 call back books - and invitations to the Next Action Star Mansion. Michelle thinks that the Asian pressure is on her while Jeanne is just nervous. The first book goes to...Sean, who seemed like a lock. Joining him are Somere, Jared, Corinne, Harold, Linda, Greg, Melisande, John, Mae, Santino, Viviana... and Mark and Jeanne. Eliminated - Michelle, Todd, Laura, Young, Krista, and Matt M.

There is never eliminations without controversy. Krista wants to talk to a judge and see why she is out and why Viviana is in - and Matt M. wants to know why as well. Michelle calls racism and Laura says that things happen for a reason. Matt says that this hurts more, because unlike a typical audition, 3.5 million people are watching him fail.

Well, he's right about the number - and the problem is that it's a very low number for prime time TV. As a result, the show is getting moved, and we'll be moving with them. Tune in next week to see who gets to move into the mansion for a very short time.

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