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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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June 28, 2004

Gordon: We are back here with WLTI, and we are up to the 20 Questions segment of the show. The guest of honor is new writer Aldo Villalona.
Chico: Say Hi, Aldo.
Aldo: Hello everyone. How you guys doing?
Chico: Well, you know how this goes. 20 questions, ten each. Yeah. Hey, we'll ask the questions around here, buddy :-) How YOU doin? :-)
Aldo: Very tired. But I'll live.
Chico: That's cool, that's cool. Gordon, you want to start it off?
Gordon: So are we ready with the questions?
Aldo: I'm ready.
Gordon: I'd like to start us off here. 1. What are your favorite shows on right now?
Aldo: Sportscenter, Survivor, and Outback Jack, yeah I know it just started lol
Chico: 2) What show would you see yourself on?
Aldo: Survivor, most of the people are wussies.
Chico: Can't argue with that.
Gordon: 3. You, on the other hand, are from the Bronx. How does it feel to represent and what insights do you think you can bring as someone who doesn't fit the white bread crowd?
Aldo: Its great to see things from a different point of view, simply from area and ethnicity. People always wonder how Hispanics feel toward certain subjects and its fun giving my side of it
Chico: 4) Example. Joe Millionaire. In one or two sentences.
Aldo: Love seeing people getting duped, too bad the minorities dont usually make the cut to see their reaction at the end -- lol.
Chico: You know it's bad when they parody it on Joe Schmo.
Gordon: 5. How far do you think the African American woman is going on Outback Jack?
Aldo: I'm hoping deep, according to him she might be the favorite but time will tell
Chico: 6. Why do you think the "favorites" always lose out in the end?
Aldo: When one person is the favorite, all the others step up their game to beat that person
Chico: Makes sense.
Gordon: 7. What were your favorite shows growing up? Game shows, I mean.
Aldo: Price is right, wheel of fortune, and jeopardy
Chico: 8) How do you think the shows this summer are faring?
Aldo: They've got a lot of stuff I'm watching, Outback Jack , WSOP 2004, and this guy Ken destroying Jeopardy, lots of good stuff and stories
Gordon: 9. Would you spend $25,000 to enter the World Seres of Poker?
Aldo: If I had that type of money yes, one of the few sports that allows amateurs to enter and play with the best. Also, amateurs have faired pretty well of late.
Chico: 10) You're covering Extreme Dodgeball. What teams are Your favorites?
Aldo: The jockeys of course, have to root for the little guys. I also like the corporate, real cocky lots of character on that team they are pretty entertaining
Gordon: 11. If you were to meet one game show host or contestant, who would you want to meet?
Aldo: I would love to meet Bob Barker. I've watch TPIR for over 20 years and it was my grandmothers favorite show so the show and Bob have a lot of sentimental value
Chico: 12) What's the first game show, primetime or otherwise, you remember watching?
Aldo: I remember being 4 years old and watching The Price is Right with my grandmother.
Gordon: 13. Since you have an affinity for the show, I assume that you've seen the games. If you were to get on to the stage, which game would you want to play and why?
Aldo: I would love to play Plinko, its one of the oldest games and it is relatively unchanged after all these year. Besides the opportunity to win a ton of cash -- lol
Chico: 14) If you could see one game show return to TV, what would it be?
Aldo: Lets Make a Deal. That's was a great show seeing people looking through pockets and purses for ridiculous items. And i love seeing people lose, giving up a great prize to get a porcelain dog.
Gordon: Or a stuffed buffalo. Speaking of stuffed, 15. Do you think the comics chosen for the Last Comic Standing were fair, or do you think that the producers stuffed the ballot box?
Aldo: Stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey in my opinion. 2 of those comics had no reason to have been chosen. I think Drew and Brett would agree.
Gordon: Who should have been picked? (followup question)
Aldo: Dan Naturman and Jim Wiggins should have made it. Jim's thong comment had me crying
Chico: 16) Who are your Top 3 Favorite hosts?
Aldo: Bob Barker, theres a theme here lol, Joe Rogan cause he actually has eaten some of the nasty stuff on the show, and Alex Trebek, always seems to have the right joke and loved him on parodies on Saturday Night Live.
Gordon: 17. How far is Ken Jennings going?
Aldo: Ken is going to go until Jeopardy secretly pays him out to throw the match.
Gordon: LOL - You think they'll pull another Quiz Show?
Aldo: I don't think they would considering the prestige of the show. I think they would have to retire him eventually. Or wait out the 103rd show when he gets upset
Chico: lol - 18) Ever try out for a show? Ever want to?
Aldo: Never have. I want to and am planning on going to The Price is Right when they come to Atlantic City.
Gordon: Catch it... 19) - What do you think about Fantasia Barrino winning American Idol 3?
Aldo: I think id rather buy the William Hung CD. I said it before, this year was like asking you do you want the electric chair or lethal injection. Either way your screwed.
Chico: OK - Final question - 20) Anything we left out or you want to say?
Aldo: Minorities = Ratings
Gordon: LOL - Anything else?
Aldo: It was a pleasure and I hope everyone will enjoy my future work.
Gordon: Cool - it was a pleasure here too - thanks, Aldo.
Chico: Yeah, man. Stick around. We've got game time with Take a Side right after this. It's the thing and we're the guys...

(Brought to you by the Sony Card... Now the sole property of Ken Jennings.)

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