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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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June 28, 2004

Travis: Is it just me, or does Ken kinda look like Dave Foley?
Gordon: We are back, Chico and I are in ref's shirts, and it is the battle of the new people! In one corner, it's the Amazing Aldo Villalona! And in the other corner, it's Big Country, Travis Eberle! Say hi, Travis.
Travis: <bows> Hello, all.
Chico: Tell you what we're going to do. Gordon and I will present you with several instances within the game show world. Aldo, you will argue one side. Travis, you will argue the other. Thus the term, "Take a Side."
Aldo: ok
Travis: Very good. Who was the genius that came up with the segment title?
Chico: *points to Gordon*
Gordon: The genius would be me. Just like Around the Horn - but you have no clue on the topic beforehand. Any questions?
Travis: Yes. Do we get paid on scale, or per point scored?
Aldo: lol
Gordon: You get paid on fish.
Chico: So have fun.. and don't be afraid to kill people.
Gordon: Ready?
Aldo: yup
Travis: Si.
Chico: Gordon... the first subject, please
Travis: Subject...number one!
Gordon: Here is the subject. Wheel of Fortune just visited Atlantic City to randomly pick out people to play a demo show - which offered no prizes, but it did give you a chance to get on the TV show, while The Price is Right will also be coming down to Atlantic City, and they will be offering lesser prizes (a couple of hundred dollars in value - and a little car if you come within $250 of your own showcase) - but no chance to be on the big show.
QUESTION - If you are not a person who goes to California to audition, which scenario for you is better and why? Aldo starts off the round.
Aldo: Question: If you go to TPIR are you guaranteed participation?
Gordon: No - random draw, - just like Wheel.
Aldo: I'd rather go the Wheel of Fortune. Although making either show are both crap rolls, Wheel of Fortune is way easier to cash in considering its 3 people on vs. the several hundred who go for the TPIR. Winning on WOF is most likely going to give you bigger profits then TPIR.
Gordon: Your rebuttal, Travis?
Travis: Yes? I'm not really that clear on what the question was.
Chico: If you couldn't go to California, would you rather earn a trip there or take a chance on winning it?
Gordon: Would you rather go on Wheel, which wou;dd'nt opff any prizes but a chance to go on the big show, or TPIR, who wouldn't give you a shot on the big show but would offer decent prizes.
Travis: Well, I think I'd try out for Wheel. Part of the fun of going to TPIR is seeing the actual show, and it's not the same if Temptation is played for a love seat.
Gordon: You don't get that option - you have to go for TPIR and defend why.
Travis: Well, yay... Ok...
Gordon: Because Aldo took Wheel - ROOKIES!!! lol
Travis: At least you have the chance to win something. As opposed to the longshot of getting on Wheel, which would still payout more if you made the last cut. Now I know how Hans the mountain climber feels when he reaches step 20.
Chico: Interesting point, but Aldo's was more so. Point, Aldo.


Gordon: Chico, next subject.
Travis: Well, gee, when I get my rebuttal by's not hard.
Chico: Now my turn... Preston Mercer knows of the value of each woman's check on For Love or Money. If the winner does choose him over her check, then he can choose between the woman and her money.
Gordon: It gets hard if the rebuttal is something that you don't necessarily want to defend.
Chico: Trust me on that one. I've lost many a match to this person because of that.
Gordon: BWA HA HA HA.
Chico: So far, he's gotten rid of every woman with a million-dollar check. The QUESTION: Is Preston in it for love or money?
Gordon: Travis - you go first and take a side.
Travis: I think he's playing for the BIG BUCKS. What he's done is a smart move.
Chico: Care to elaborate on that?
Travis: Yes, by tossing the women with the $1m, he has built up trust with the women that he's playing for the love. When the time comes, he'll pick a woman with a phat check, she'll go for him, and he's even richer.
Chico: Nice... Okay, Aldo. Love. Go.
Travis: Besides, anyone who goes on a show like this hoping to find true love is off his gourd.
Aldo: Ok so he's gotten rid of the women with the 1 million, so they are eliminated?
Gordon: Yes
Chico: They're gone. They're non-issues.
Travis: Unless there's another Big Twist.
Travis: Indeed.
Aldo: Then he's playing for love. If he was in it for the money he leaves the chick there and if she chooses him its theirs. He's leaving all the women with small checks cause he truly likes them.
Gordon: Hmmm... they both made errors on this one. Travis didn't mention that there can be a buy out which raises the values of the check, while Aldo didn't mention that the major women left who he likes are worth $1.
Travis: What buy out? Are we watching the same show?
Gordon: Yes - and don't argue with the judge
Chico: Next week's show.
Travis: ...
Chico: Technically, he doesn't "like" Rachel.
Gordon: (Putting on Dr Phil Papaya Hat) Unless we need to take a time out.
Chico: That's next week's show, Gordon!
Travis: Neglecting to mention something that hasn't happened isn't really an error.
Gordon: No matter - I happen to agree with Travis, despite the fact that he didn't do his coming attractions homework, so I give him the point, which ties up the score.


Gordon: You should use ALL info to your advantage, and therefore, I will challenge you with this...
Chico: I did say "Don't be afraid to kill"
Travis: Thank you, Obi-wan Gordon. How many topics?
Chico: Three more.
Gordon: The week after the 4th of July Weekend, The Amazing Race and Big Brother will debut in a 3 hour (90 minute for each show) block. Which show will be the better one? Aldo gets to start.
Travis: Aw, dammit... (Coin flip for the last one?)
Chico: yep.
Gordon: Yah.
Travis: This is EASY MONEY.
Aldo: The Amazing Race will be better. Different teams trying to race from point to point with the slowest team being eliminated. Seeing people mess up, get eliminated because of other members mistakes will cause some serious funny and angry moments, like Beg Borrow and Deal did on ESPN.
Travis: So, you're using the show's rules to say it's better?
Aldo: The idea is better
Travis: That's like saying Jeopardy is better than Wheel because Jeopardy has Daily Doubles. It's an unfair comparison.
Aldo: Big brother is similar to Last Comic Standing, everyone living in a house, it's better to have everyone traveling in different environments and cities
Travis: Hey, don't poach on my turf, please.
Aldo: That idea is worn out, put a bunch of people in a house
Travis: BB is so not like LCS it's not funny. Tell me, Aldo, have you seen any of these programs?
Aldo: I've seen BB.
Travis: Have you seen "Last Comic Standing"? Or "The Race"?
Aldo: last comic standing
Travis: Thanks, it's hard to read all lowercase type. Can I play now?
Aldo: go
Travis: I was asking Gordon.
Gordon: yes - rebut
Travis: Thank you. Frankly, I enjoy "The Race" lots, and I anxiously await it's return. But I'm defending Big Brother, so here goes. With the Race, you've got teams hauling ass from country to country, and there's not really a chance for a team to really mess up the plans of another team. That kind of interpersonal gamesmanship is RAMPANT in Big Brother. Sure, it starts off easy, where everyone is in awe of the situation, but after a few eliminations, the alliances and lying are exposed, and it boils over. Then it gets good. The Race is usually decided halfway through, Big Brother is dramatic from start to finish. Rebut finished.
Gordon: The judges are having an argument. But Chico is the main judge, so he rules on this.
Travis: C'mon, out with it!
Chico: Interpersonal dynamics and manipulating versus using straight rules... Forgetting to include Allison Irwin hurt both of you, Aldo more than Travis, so... point, Travis.
Travis: Oh, damn. I was trying to forget that uberbitch existed.


Travis: And I get to see her AGAIN. Dammit dammit dammit.
Gordon: Its a popular uberbitch
Chico: Can't forget the uberbitch!
Travis: She didn't WIN. She can't be that popular.
Chico: Did she, Travis? Did she? She slept with every guy in the house...
Travis: She screwed her way into $50,000. What about Jack?
Chico: He doesn't count. He's ... was married
Travis: Screw you, he doesn't. :-) Ah, well, yes, there is that. New topic!
Chico: Screw you, hippie :-)
Gordon: And she slept with Mr. Genital Warts
Travis: Oh, Gawd, that was painful to watch.
Chico: Okay, before this turns into Smutfest 2004... Topic #4: Ken Jennings has been one of the better players to ever go on Jeopardy!. QUESTION: Has he made the show more watchable? Travis, begin when ready.
Travis: I would argue that he's made the show popular for the unwashed masses, much like Thom McKee did for "Tic Tac Dough." Jeopardy is second behind Wheel. Not a whole lot of room to grow. J! is already watchable, Ken is just icing on the cake. So, I have to go with a "qualified no," as Larry Blyden would say.
Chico: Alright, Aldo has a "qualified yes" then.
Travis: ;-)
Aldo: Yes Ken has made it more popular. That's like saying someone breaking a record isn't good for sports. He's in uncharted territory in the likes of which most of us haven't seen before and probably will never see again. Everyday more and...
Travis: The home run record Barry Bonds broke didn't make baseball more watchable.
Aldo: People find out about his streak and tune in to see if today is the day he loses or will it continue.
Travis: You have to be a likeable person for that to work.
Aldo: If it wasn't more watchable, then why did ESPN keep interrupting all its shows to show him batting?
Travis: Because ESPN is the "Network for Gigantic Tools".
Aldo: McGwire and Sosa brought the sport back, Ripken too.
Travis: Hey, pro wrestling has it's heels, too.
Aldo: He's doing something we haven't seen on Jeopardy
Travis: Winning?
Aldo: Ken was even on ESPN in Pardon the Interruption.
Travis: The only reason we haven't seen it is because the rules didn't permit it to happen.
Aldo: So now sports people are watching in like wow
Travis: When Carpenter won the million bucks, he got big popularity. The first to do anything is huge.
Aldo: There aren't many people capable of winning 15 days in a row, and he's still going, forget bout 48
Travis: John Hatten. Leland Young. Pat and Liz McCarthy. Ruth Horowitz.
Aldo: Were they on ESPN? Don't think so.
Gordon: I'm enjoying this battle.
Chico: Me too.
Travis: ESPN hadn't been INVENTED YET. I don't see how ESPN has anything to do with any of this.
Gordon: Uh Travis... yes it was.
Chico: ESPN in 1980, Pat and Liz's run on Blockbusters in 1981
Travis: OK... But Blockbusters wasn't exactly pulling big ratings because of 20 game winners. Ken on ESPN is a shameless grab for the GS contingent. Very transparent.
Aldo: Ken Jennings has invaded the sports genre through ESPN showing his streak, getting sports people to watch.
Gordon: That didn't hurt you - the fact that you were giving out info that helped Aldo did. Point to Aldo.
Travis: What info helped Aldo?
Gordon: First of all, the fact that you were quantifying all of these people that didn't do anything while Jennings has been everywhere didn't help - and the fact that you were using Thom McKee, who was EVERYWHERE during that run.
Travis: Didn't do anything? They were on a game show, and won. And won big.
Gordon: And Aldo just out-facted you - the thing that sealed the deal was Jennings all over ESPN.
Chico: Final round! Gordon, please.
Travis: Out facted?
Gordon: and they didn't get any other press. Only McKee did - a feat not repeated until Carpenter - and Jennings
Travis: If you're just going to give the point to whoever picked the side you agree with, it's silly to have this segment.


Gordon: Especially connecting Jennings with Bonds. I gave you the point though I didn't agree with it the first time.
Travis: Connecting? I made a disconnection. Ken is likeable. No matter. Final topic.
Chico: This is for the vat of cheddar and the year's worth of fish
Gordon: Yes - and the problem is that that statement helps Aldo, which you did a few times - FINAL SUBJECT... Each of you have your own genre of shows that you like. Travis likes the classic game shows, while Aldo likes the reality and sports shows. QUESTION - Which show is your favorite in your genre - and why should we like it over the other person's choice?
Chico: And let me flip here. Aldo, call it.
Aldo: tails.
Chico: Heads. Travis, please start.
Travis: I do like the adventure shows, but I am a Classic fan through and through.. Especially the early 80s. Big money, flashy sets and rockin' themes. The one show that I think exemplifies all that is one that we imported... "Sale of the Century." A quick-fire quiz that everyone can play along with is interspersed with Jim Perry's masterful salesmanship during the Instant Bargain and tense reading of the Fame Game questions and Speed Round. Add to that one of the most difficult decisions in all of game shows, whether to take what you won, or go for everything, is part of what made this show One for The Ages.
Chico: Done?
Travis: Hm... Yes.
Chico: Okay, Aldo.
Aldo: He said himself that he's a big fan of the classic game shows of the 80's. The one constant thing in this world is change, people change and ideas change. One of the few classic style game shows that has introduced in the past few years is Millionare. Reality shows in the meantime are owning the rating. And basically that's what being successful is about, ratings. American Idol, Survivor and Fear Factor are the new shows of today. People now want to see others. You call them "reality shows." What's real about them?
Aldo: in compromising situations because its more entertaining. People want to see people embarrassed or angry because its funny and is more entertaining. We are seeing girls from the city who are used to pampering in Outback Jack living in the outback in Australia
Travis: And that's real?
Aldo: Seeing their everyday lives, their Real lives now in a compromised situation that they haven't been in before. You are questioning the definition of a reality show and that is not the topic.
Travis: But that's not REAL. That's putting people in a contrived situation. No, I'm challenging that the shows are deserving of the sobriquet "reality."
Aldo: So to you what is a reality show
Travis: There's no such thing.
Gordon: I think I touched some nerves with that question - lol
Chico: You evil man =p
Travis: You have adventure games, talent contests, job interviews made into a 13-week series, but NONE of that is reality.
Aldo: Seeing people live out their lives is reality. The bachelor a man making a decision trying to find a wife.
Travis: But they're not living their lives, they're playing a game, singing, or trying to secure a job.
Aldo: That isn't reality?
Travis: Oh, for crying out loud. The Bachelor is about as far from reality as you can get.
Aldo: How so
Chico: Oh man, we should have friends over often!
Gordon: Did you pop open the marshmallows, Chico? I have the campfire started
Aldo: So what do you guys think?
Travis: I wish to high heaven that I had a line of freakin' hot women lining up to go out on intimate dates with me. But I don't.
Chico: Travis: Forgot the key point, that without classics, we wouldn't have many of the reality adventures we see today. Mark Burnett even went so far as to call Survivor "a different kind of game show." Aldo: Forgot to mention the many genre's shortcomings as development. And you were basically squelching the popularity of the genre while giving little to no credit to the participants themselves.
Travis: And he didn't name a favorite one, either.
Chico: Travis: Questioned Aldo right off the bat. Also SOTC. Aldo: Not really questioning Travis. Also cited Outback Jack.
Gordon: Travis actually jumped in on Aldo before Aldo could mention the show.
Travis: He has a chance now. Aldo, what's your favorite 'reality show'?
Chico: Actually, he went to me, therefore, it's my turn now.
Aldo: Yeah.
Travis: So he did...
Chico: But basically, you both went off track and never really answered the question so this is going to be a double fault. I'm going to have to like both of them equally forever now. Thanks :-)
Travis: You mean...
Aldo: lol
Travis: a TIE GAME?
Chico: Yep. Draw.
Gordon: I have to agree
Travis: Screw this, I'm outta here... :-)
Gordon: The question was - which was their favorite - and why should it be better than the other person's choice. You both went after the genre - but NEITHER of you went after the show.
Travis: Reality shows don't offer anything that the classic ones had.
Gordon: And by jumping on Aldo early before he mentioned a show, you both went after the genres - which was a great argument, but not the one that I asked you to argue.
Travis: The question asked why my choice was better than his. Without knowing his choice, I can't argue it.
Gordon: I say we have to bring them back next time
Chico: Just to settle it.
Gordon: To reargue - lol
Travis: Only if I get $250 for the tie game, if I end up losing.
Chico: We'll work out the details. Right now we have a break. Coming up, the BEEEG FEEENEEEESH
Gordon: Yes - you both get $250
Travis: See, that was a throwback to Tic Tac Dough...
Chico: Didn't even think of that.
Gordon: I did - lol - but your show was SOTC
Travis: I should get a +1 for that. Yes, but just because I listed one show doesn't mean I can't make jokes about other ones.
Gordon: no plus one for referencing a game show that wasn't the one you were defending
Travis: And SOTC didn't have replaying tie-games, just a single question.
Gordon: But what fun would that be if everything was settled immediately? lol
Travis: Twenty-one wouldn't be nearly as exciting.
Gordon: ok - onto the break...
Chico: You have to love this guy's logic.

(This break has been sponsored by the Fear Factor Edition of Sale of the Century - where you can win $50,000 if you can score $750 - and complete three challenges -- Featuring the $10,000 or moldy pizza Instant Bargain and the Insect Prize Bug Board)

Chico: Now featuring Joe Rogan Fame Game board! Okay, Big Finish! Your favorite three shows this summer. Go.
Gordon: That I've seen of that I will see?
Chico: that you've seen
Gordon: Celeb Poker, Extreme Dodgeball, Action Jack - you?
Chico: Action Star, Dodgeball, FLOM. Although Julielinh couldn't kick my ass if she had an ass-kicking machine (thanks, Chris!)
Gordon: That was just awful - will LCS2 get funny for the right reasons?
Chico: I hope so. They have the audience to back it up. And they will not be pleased.
Gordon: They haven't been yet, seeing the 94% vs. 6% in the first results show.
Chico: We'll see. Who Wants to Marry My Dad... Does anyone care anymore?
Gordon: I do care - its fun stuff - and it should get ratings
Chico: I just think it's schmaltz. I don't want to see schmaltz!
Gordon: Where you see Schmaltz, I see dirty little secrets =)
Chico: You would you closet Freudian, you
Gordon: Yep - quick thoughts on AR 5 and BB5?
Chico: Always a fan of both. Should see good things.
Gordon: Agreed - anything else?
Chico: Your Face or Mine. On MTV for the last two weeks... Does MTV have a winner?
Gordon: It lasted for 2 weeks - gotta be a good start
Chico: Alright. Big thanks to Aldo Villalona and Travis Eberle for stopping on by. We'll be back next time for more of what they call in Belgium: "Gordon and Chico go to White Castle".
Gordon: and Aldo and Travis - if we can find them
Chico: Next time, we'll cage them. But for now, he's Gorgeous Gordon Pepper...
Gordon: and he's the Charming Chico Alexander
Chico: We're available for bar mitzvahs and weddings. But until next time, good night and gaaaaaaaameover...

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